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Naval Battle of Navarino painted by Garneray
Greece gains independence from the Ottoman Empire at the Battle of Navarino .
Jacques Laurent Agasse, The Nubian Giraffe, 1827
The giraffe Zarafa sent by Ali Pasha inspires a new fashion in Paris.
Anton of Saxony in a painting by Carl Christian Vogel von Vogelstein, 1827
Anton succeeds his brother
Friedrich August I
to the throne of Saxony .
1827 in other calendars
Armenian calendar 1275/76 (July turn of the year)
Ethiopian calendar 1819/20 (11/12 September)
Bengali solar calendar 1232/33 (beginning of the year April 14 or 15)
Buddhist calendar 2370/71 (Southern Buddhism); 2369/70 (alternative calculation according to Buddha's parinirvana )
Chinese calendar 75th (76th) cycle

Year of the Fire Pig丁亥 ( at the beginning of the year Fire Dog丙戌)

Chula Sakarat (Siam, Myanmar) / Dai calendar (Vietnam) 1189/90 (New Year's April)
Dangun era (Korea) 4160/61 (October 2nd/3rd)
Iranian calendar 1205/06
Islamic calendar 1242/1243 (July 24th/25th)
Jewish calendar 5587/88 (21/22 September)
Coptic calendar 1543/44 (September 11/12)
Malayalam calendar 1002/03
Seleucid era Babylon: 2137/38 (April turn of the year)

Syria: 2138/39 (October turn of the year)

Vikram Sambat (Nepalese calendar) 1883/84 (April)


politics and world affairs

Greek War of Independence

Other events in Europe and North Africa

  • April 29: Three blows with a fly -feather by Algiers ruler Hussein Dey to French consul Pierre Deval at a reception after his flippant answer about the debt problem has late consequences. Three years later, under the pretext of restoring France's honor, French troops land and occupy Algeria .
  • May 5: Change of throne in Saxony. King Friedrich August I was succeeded by his brother Anton .
  • October 13: Russian troops capture Yerevan , capital of Armenia .



  • Anuvong Rebellion : The Lao tributary kingdoms of Vientiane and Champasak rebel against Siamese overlordship. In February, their troops are able to advance close to Bangkok, but are then repulsed and suffer a decisive defeat in the shaft at Nong Bua Lam Phu on May 1-4. A few days later, Siamese troops take the capital Vientiane.


science and technology

Passenger traffic III. Class and freight in a contemporary graphic

culture and society


music and theatre

The Marriage of Camacho , piano reduction 1828


  • June 30: Zarafa , the first modern giraffe in Europe, arrives in Paris.
  • December 13: Delmonico's Restaurant opens as a café in New York City.
  • The Berlin Chess Society is founded. It is Germany's oldest chess club and still exists in Berlin under the exact name Berliner Schachgesellschaft 1827 Eckbauer e. V



The Great City Fire of 1827, lithograph by CA af Scheele
  • September 4: Turku , at that time the largest city in Finland , is almost completely destroyed by a major fire.


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