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Kai Brodersen (born June 6, 1958 in Tübingen ) is a German ancient historian .


Kai Brodersen, a son of the chemist Klaus Brodersen , studied ancient history, classical philology and Protestant theology as a scholarship holder of the Maximilianeum Foundation and the German National Academic Foundation in Erlangen , Munich and Oxford . In Munich he received his doctorate in 1986 under Hatto H. Schmitt and his habilitation in 1995 . From 1996 he was a full professor of ancient history at the University of Mannheim , where he worked for more than ten years in the university management (dean of studies, dean and dean of household and six years as prorector).

In December 2005, Brodersen was elected Rector by the University Council of the University of Tübingen . However, the Senate refused to confirm the election. Since 2008 Brodersen has been Professor of Ancient Culture at the University of Erfurt ; in January 2008 the committees of the University of Brodersen unanimously elected President for six years. For health reasons, he did not run for another term in 2014.

Brodersen was visiting professor at several universities, so in Newcastle (2000/01), St. Andrews (2001/02) and Royal Holloway / London (2006/07) as well as Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Oxford (2007/08), then at the Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu ( Hermannstadt ) (2014) and at the University of Western Australia in Perth (2015). Since 2010 he has been a full member of the Academy of Charitable Sciences in Erfurt and of the philological-historical class of the Saxon Academy of Sciences in Leipzig. In 2019/2020 he is a Senior Fellow at the Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg Greifswald .

Brodersen has published research on Greek and Roman historiography and geography, on ancient inscriptions, oracles and miraculous texts and on the economic and impact history of antiquity - including Asterix - and translations of ancient works and modern specialist literature. Among other things, he is the editor of the book series Geschichte Kompakt - Antike and editor-in-chief of the journal Historia .

Brodersen is married and has four grown children.

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