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Olaf B. Rader at the 2013 Book Fair

Olaf Bruno Rader (born April 23, 1961 in Bad Freienwalde (Oder) ) is a German historian .

Olaf B. Rader grew up in Berlin-Pankow . He belonged to the opposition in the late GDR and was a founding member of the Democratic Awakening (DA). Rader studied history and archival science at the Humboldt University of Berlin (HU). There he received his doctorate in 1991 on the document system of the archbishops of Magdeburg until the death of Wichmann von Seeburg in 1192. He then worked as a documentary for the Südwestfunk Baden-Baden.

Rader has been a research assistant at Monumenta Germaniae Historica (MGH) at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences since 1992 . As an employee of the MGH office, Rader completed his habilitation at the HU Berlin, however, as a cultural scientist and not as a medieval historian with the work grave and rule. Political death cult from Alexander the Great to Lenin . The illustration was translated into Spanish in 2006. Rader teaches cultural history as a private lecturer at Berlin's Humboldt University.

In 2005 Rader published a brief account of the history of Dresden from the first settlement to the present. Rader was the co-editor and editor of the two-volume standard work on the Golden Bull of Emperor Charles IV of 1356, which was published by Akademie Verlag in 2009 . Rader is one of the best connoisseurs of the sources on Friedrich II. With his biography, published in 2010 and in multiple editions, he presented a standard work on Friedrich II. He wanted to understand the ruler's numerous behaviors from a “south-Mediterranean perspective”. In 2012, Rader published a brief introduction to the ruler Friedrich II.

Together with Arne Karsten , Rader published the book Great Sea Battles in 2013 . The Battle of Salamis in 480 BC is an example. Handled twelve naval battles until the battle of the Skagerrak in 1916. Rader wrote the chapters on antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Battle of Trafalgar . In April 2014, allegations of plagiarism arose : The book Große Seeschlachten contains numerous text passages taken from Wikipedia with only minimal changes in wording and without citing the source. A subsequent review of the book by the publishing house ( CH Beck ) exonerated Karsten and partially confirmed the allegations against Rader. In addition to the unrecognized takeovers from Wikipedia, in particular the reference to an article “Myth of Trafalgar” published by Thomas Siebe on the Internet in 2003 was viewed as problematic. As a consequence, CH Beck took the book out of the program. In addition, Rader was accused of having incorrectly identified individual passages of text taken over from other authors in his biography of Friedrich II. The book about the naval battles was positively discussed in a specialist meeting of the Zeitschrift für Geschichtswwissenschaft despite the publisher's delivery stops.



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