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Börsenblatt - weekly magazine for the German book trade
Logo Börsenblatt
description Trade journal for the German book trade
publishing company MVB Marketing and Publishing Service of the Buchhandels GmbH, Frankfurt a. M.
First edition January 3, 1834
Frequency of publication weekly
Sold edition 10,000 copies
( Media data )
Editor-in-chief Torsten Casimir
editor Exchange Association of the German Book Trade
executive Director Ronald shield
Web link www.boersenblatt.net
ISSN (print)

The Börsenblatt - weekly magazine for the German book trade , until 2002 Börsenblatt for the German book trade , is the association organ of the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels . The publication, founded in 1834, is the German book industry's magazine with the highest number of ads and circulation . It came out once at first, later twice a week, and even daily for many years. The Börsenblatt appears at the marketing and publishing service of the book trade . It informs the specialist public and private readers about news on the book market . Since January 2013, the trade magazine has been published alternately as Börsenblatt Magazin and Börsenblatt Spezial. The Börsenblatt Spezial illuminates the trends within the various product groups. Current industry reports are published on the magazine's homepage.

The Börsenblatt publishes various bestseller and bestseller lists, including the audio book best list , the non-fiction book , the bestseller lists with the best-selling titles from fiction and non-fiction and, since spring 2018, the independent charts for publications from smaller, independent publishers.

Editor-in-chief is Torsten Casimir , previously head of the features section of the Rheinische Post


The Exchange Association of German Booksellers in Leipzig founded the Börsenblatt in 1834. From the year 1835 onwards, it became the property of the Börsenverein and was now labeled "Official Journal of the Börsenverein" on the title page. The printing was done by B. G. Teubner in Leipzig, on Augustusplatz , at the beginning of 1835 . The Börsenblatt initially appeared weekly, from 1867 daily. In 1945 the Börsenblatt was temporarily suspended.

In the western occupation zones it appeared from 1945 under the same title (or Börsenblatt for the German book trade ) with the addition "Frankfurter Ausgabe". In the Soviet zone of occupation , the Börsenblatt was published again at a weekly rhythm from 1946 onwards.

In 1990, both Börsenblätter were published in separate editions for the last time (Leipzig: 157th year). Since the unification of the two stock exchange associations on January 1, 1991, only one stock exchange paper has appeared a week. The Leipzig year census was adopted.

In April 2020 the Saxon State Library - Dresden State and University Library made the volumes 1834 to 1945 available as full text free of charge.


In 1977, the Börsenblatt founded the Alfred Kerr Prize for literary criticism , which is awarded annually.

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