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Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & Co. Limited partnership

legal form GmbH & Co. KG
founding 1964
Seat Baden-Baden , Germany
management Alfred Hoffmann, Wolfgang Bonin
Number of employees 142
Branch Specialist book trade
As of December 31, 2018

The Nomos is under this name since 1964. With each year more than 850 new releases and reissues and more than 50 journals publishing one of the largest scientific publishers in the legal, social and human sciences in the German-speaking world. Almost the entire publishing program is also available electronically. Nomos Verlag has been part of the Beck Group since 1999, but is independent of the other publishers in the group in terms of program development. There are close cooperative relationships with partner publishers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Great Britain and other countries.

The development of the publisher


The Nomos is from the resident in Baden-Baden since 1953 Publisher August Lutzeyer emerged. In the years after the Second World War, this had established itself as a legal specialist publisher with a special focus on loose-leaf text editions. The collection “German Federal Law” was of central importance. Since the adoption of the Treaty of Rome in 1957, European legislation has also been documented.

In 1963 August Lutzeyer Verlag was bought by the shareholders of Suhrkamp Verlag Siegfried Unseld and the Swiss brothers Reinhardt. After Suhrkamp's takeover of Insel Verlag shortly before, they were interested in the printing company belonging to the publishing house, which also specializes in small print runs, but also saw the science publisher as an investment.

Nomos as part of Suhrkamp

About a year after the takeover, the name was changed to Nomos Verlag . The publisher's name is derived from the ancient Greek term for "law" ( νόμος ). In the loose-leaf collection “Das deutsche Bundesrecht” and other collections of texts such as the “Handbuch des Europäische Rechts” (European Law Handbook ”), however, numerous explanations were found right from the start, from which the publisher gradually built up a program of comments and handbooks. At the same time, a scientific program of dissertations, habilitation theses and other monographs as well as anthologies developed. Special focus was initially on public law and European and international law on the one hand, and government doctrine, European politics and international relations on the other. Little by little, other specialist areas were added.

The takeover by CHBeck

At the end of the 1990s, the then shareholders decided (probably also in view of a reform of inheritance tax law) to sell Nomos Verlag . In 1998, Nomos was initially sold to the (scientific) Springer Verlag . Shortly thereafter, Springer was taken over by Bertelsmann , and Bertelsmann immediately sold Nomos to the shareholders of the Munich-based CH Beck publishing house , Hans-Dieter and Wolfgang Beck. They are still the owners of the publishing house and the printer. The managing directors of Nomos are Alfred Hoffmann and Wolfgang Bonin.

Expansion since 2009

Since 2009, Nomos Verlag has taken over several smaller science publishers with a program focus on the social sciences and humanities: It all began with the takeover of Verlag Reinhard Fischer, which was integrated into the Nomos Verlag program as Edition Reinhard Fischer . Edition Sigma , which had been based in Berlin until then, has belonged to Nomos Verlag since 2015 and has been continued as Imprint since then . This also applies to further acquisitions, namely Tectum Verlag (previously Marburg, takeover in early 2017), Ergon Verlag (previously Würzburg, takeover in mid-2017) and Academia Verlag (previously St. Augustin, takeover in early 2018).

Program focus

Nomos is one of the few publishers with a full-line program that enables the interdisciplinary presentation of current topics. The publishing house publishes more than 850 books every year. The program ranges from classic scientific literature to manuals and commentaries to study literature.

Science literature

The publishing focus today is on the publication of scientific works in the fields of law, social sciences and humanities. With almost 700 new publications per year, these works also make up the largest proportion of the publishing program in terms of numbers. The science program is divided into more than 330 active series. Law is completely covered, including basic subjects, comparative law and references to neighboring disciplines. In the social sciences and humanities, the program focuses on political and European studies, sociology, and media and communication studies, as well as classical economics, but also social work and the social economy. In recent years, other program areas have been expanded significantly, e. B. Modern history, health, cultural studies, philosophy and religious studies. Quality assurance is carried out on the one hand through a strict preselection (dissertations are generally only published if they have been rated at least magna cum laude ) and on the other hand through a peer review by the respective series editor. In addition to qualification papers and other monographs as well as anthologies on individual topics, there is a large number of scientifically founded handbooks that are aimed at students, researchers and teachers as well as practitioners in business, administration, associations etc. Nomos often works with the distribution of works with an international reference Partner publishers from Austria and Switzerland, but also from other European countries together. This applies in particular to the growing proportion of academic papers in English. Here Nomos cooperates with leading British science publishers.

Legal literature for practitioners

A comprehensive range of books for legal practitioners has emerged from the legal text documentation. The range of comments, manuals, forms and individual presentations on practically relevant topics has been significantly expanded since 2000 and today covers the entire federal law, considerable parts of national law as well as the law of the European Union and international law. The legal practitioner program is divided into several series, e.g. B. the large, sometimes multi-volume Nomos comments , the more compact hand comments and - especially for social law - the teaching and practical comments. There are also solitaires such as von der Groeben on European Union law and new formats such as the keyword comments or the commented process forms . There are also manuals, form books and shorter introductory works. Since 2010 Nomos has been publishing a large number of English-language commentaries and manuals on selected topics of European and international law together with its sister publisher CH Beck and the English publisher Hart Publishing . In 2012, the publisher withdrew the book Legal Working Techniques and Methods , as more than a third of the text consisted of plagiarism.

Study literature

Starting in 2008, Nomos Verlag has produced a wide range of legal study literature. In addition to the main series Nomos Textbook , Nomos Studium and Nomos Referendariat, there are study books and compendia on state law as well as numerous introductions to legal topics for non-lawyers. In the field of social sciences, the courses on political science, sociology and social work should be mentioned as well as a large number of other textbooks on various topics in the program spectrum. Between 2010 and 2016, part of the social science textbook program and other legal textbooks were handled by the Uni-Taschenbücher (utb) distribution group. Nomos ended its membership at utb at the end of 2016, and since 2018 the publisher has been selling social science study literature under the label #SOWIWir again independently. Since then, new series of textbooks have been added to the existing courses , including the Media & Communication course and the Social Economy course.

Trade journals

Nomos publishes over 50 specialist journals. The offer extends across all program areas and from magazines for practitioners to specialized science magazines. Many of the journals are leaders in their field. So z. B. the magazine for copyright and media law (ZUM), the magazine for environmental law (ZUR), the magazine Medien & Kommunikation (M&K), the sheets of welfare or the social world . Numerous inter- and intradisciplinary journals, such as Leviathan , Management Revue , the magazine for refugee research (Z'Flucht), Critical Justice and Law are also part of the publishing program.

Electronic publications

Almost the entire publishing program is also available electronically. Books and magazines that are primarily aimed at legal practitioners are published via the NomosOnline database . The KiJuP-Online module is now an offer that was developed together with the German Institute for Youth Welfare and Family Law - DIJuF . Further cooperation modules are to follow. The science program, the textbooks and comments in English are accessible via the publisher's own platform Nomos eLibrary . This bilingual platform, which is primarily geared towards the needs of academic libraries and their users, is now also used by other specialist publishers, some of which make their works available via the Nomos eLibrary (e.g. Velbrück , the Wiesbadener Kommunal- und Schulverlag or the legal department of CH Beck ) or use your own instance of the platform (e.g. Vahlen or the aesthetic area of ​​CH Beck ). The Nomos eLibrary is explicitly designed as an open access platform. Here Nomos works with the Max Planck Digital Library , among others .

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