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First edition 1971
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Uni-Taschenbücher ( UTB ) is a scientific paperback series that is published under the joint umbrella of UTB GmbH based in Stuttgart , a working group of currently 15 publishers (as of 2018) from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The target group are scientists and students .


In 1970, eleven specialist book publishers, initiated by Roland Ulmer and Wulf D. von Lucius, founded the UTB GmbH for Science in order to enable inexpensive study and specialist literature in the times of the boom in paperback fiction . However, this cooperation also enabled a joint appearance and simplified distribution in the academic book trade .


The first 14 university paperbacks were published as early as the spring of 1971, and by 1980 1,000 different titles were published. After licenses for hardcover editions were mainly published by the shareholder publishers in the first few years , UTB increasingly published original and first editions , now 95% of the entire publisher's output.

UTB publishes specialist literature in the following areas:

and a total of over 30 departments.

In order to provide information more quickly, CD-ROMs were also temporarily published under the series name UTB-electronic . UTB titles have been appearing digitally since 2009 in the UTB's own online library utb-studi-e-book, which now includes over 1000 textbooks. A growing number of UTB titles are also available in EPUB format via the usual e-book platforms. Since 2013, UTB has also been selling titles from the main academic program of UTB publishers in the online library scholars-e-library.

Over the years, many publishers were included, others left, mostly due to a change of ownership or a change in the company structure.

UTB GmbH is responsible for the joint distribution and marketing, but does not itself take on the publishing duties for the individual titles. The individual volumes in the series appear in the responsibility of one of the partner publishers, who is also listed in the imprint of the respective volume. The titles are given an ISBN from the respective publisher; Moreover, get more new titles for several years in addition a second ISBN with the publisher's number of UTB, which serves as a common UTB-order number.

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