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The publisher number (also publisher abbreviation ) is part of the International Standard Book Number (ISBN). It follows the group number that identifies the language area. For the German-speaking area, it is awarded by the MVB, the marketing and publishing service of the book trade in Frankfurt. In connection with the group number-publishing can be based on the publisher's number Verlag identify a book. The shorter the publisher's number, the larger the publisher or the higher the actual number of publications or the number of publications expected upon application.

The Publishers' International ISBN Directory lists all publisher numbers worldwide. It is published as a book and CD-ROM. There are also directories for different countries (see bibliography).

Number ranges (without special cases)

The ISBN agency for German-speaking countries currently has the following areas of publisher numbers available for allocation.

Group number 3
From To
2 digits 3-00-xxxxxx-x 3-02-xxxxxx-x
3 digits 3-030-xxxxx-x 3-033-xxxxx-x
4 digits 3-0340-xxxx-x 3-0369-xxxx-x
5 digits 3-03700-xxx-x 3-03999-xxx-x
2 digits 3-04-xxxxxx-x 3-19-xxxxxx-x
3 digits 3-200-xxxxx-x 3-699-xxxxx-x
4 digits 3-7000-xxxx-x 3-8499-xxxx-x
5 digits 3-85000-xxx-x 3-89999-xxx-x
6 digits 3-900000-xx-x 3-949999-xx-x
7 digits 3-9500000-x-x 3-9539999-x-x
5 digits 3-95400-xxx-x 3-96999-xxx-x
7 digits 3-9700000-x-x 3-9899999-x-x
5 digits 3-99000-xxx-x 3-99999-xxx-x

For example, there cannot be an ISBN with a two-digit publisher number in the form 3-94-XXXXXX-X, as this would be indistinguishable from the ISBN with a six-digit publisher number 3-94XXXX-XX-X.

Number ranges (special cases)

There are some special cases in the area of ​​group number 3 for German-language books:

  • 00 - collective number for individual titles, from around 1986
  • 01 - several publishers, mainly used by the Austrian National Library; as 3-01 * -... also from small publishers
  • 02 - not taken
  • 030 - 033 * collective number for individual titles, from 034 * Swiss publishers
  • 04 - not taken
  • 200 - Individual ISBN area Austria (Each ISBN from this area is assigned to a different publisher.)

English language number ranges

For literature in English - from the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. - the publisher numbers are assigned according to the following scheme (group numbers 0 and 1):

Group number 0 Group number 1
From To From To
2 digits 0-00-xxxxxx-x 0-19-xxxxxx-x 1-00-xxxxxx-x 1-09-xxxxxx-x
3 digits 0-200-xxxxx-x 0-699-xxxxx-x 1-100-xxxxx-x 1-399-xxxxx-x
4 digits 0-7000-xxxx-x 0-8499-xxxx-x 1-4000-xxxx-x 1-5499-xxxx-x
5 digits 0-85000-xxx-x 0-89999-xxx-x 1-55000-xxx-x 1-86979-xxx-x
6 digits 0-900000-xx-x 0-949999-xx-x 1-869800-xx-x 1-998999-xx-x
7 digits 0-9500000-x-x 0-9999999-x-x 1-9990000-x-x 1-9999999-x-x


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