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The Birkhäuser Verlag from Basel was a Swiss science and specialist book publisher .

The architecture and design titles were sold to the Spanish publisher Actar in 2009 . After its bankruptcy , De Gruyter took over these program segments in 2012 and continues to use the Birkhäuser imprint for them .

The important programs of natural science books and journals (mathematics, history of science, bio and earth sciences) remained with Springer Basel AG (now Springer International Publishing ), which uses the Birkhäuser Science imprint for these titles .


Emil Birkhäuser (1850–1930) came from Thuringia ; He came to Switzerland as a young typesetter and founded his own small printing company in Basel in 1879, from which the publishing house developed shortly before 1900. After he had been naturalized in Basel in 1884 , he wanted to create a "patriotic work ... of lasting value" as a thank you to Switzerland, which enabled him to work successfully. He did this by printing and publishing the pictures from the history of Switzerland by the history painter Karl Jauslin .

In the beginning, Birkhäuser mainly produced regional literature, followed by specialist journals , monographs and textbooks in the 1920s . In the 1940s, the science program was greatly expanded because many authors from Germany could no longer publish there for political reasons, and it soon achieved worldwide renown . Later publications on engineering were also added. The establishment of foreign branches in Stuttgart at the beginning of the 1950s for Germany and then in Cambridge / Massachusetts (USA) in 1989 increased the company's presence on the American market, in particular by focusing on mathematics and theoretical physics .

In 1985 the Birkhäuser Verlag was sold to the Springer-Verlag , the printing works went to the Basler Zeitung Medien , which it merged with the graphic companies Coop to form Birkhäuser + GBC AG in 1990 . In 1995 Birkhäuser took over the architecture program from Artemis - Verlag für Architektur and integrated it into the publishing house. In 2002 the design magazine form was taken over.

At the end of 2009 Springer sold the architecture and design division to the Spanish architecture publisher Actar  (Barcelona) (new name: ActarBirkhäuser Group). Since then Springer has managed the Birkhäuser Science imprint and ActarBirkhäuser the Birkhäuser imprint . Bankruptcy proceedings were opened against the latter on March 6, 2012 . On April 24, 2012, the Berlin publisher De Gruyter announced that it was taking over the Birkhäuser publishing house as an imprint. Since then he has been part of the De Gruyter Group ; the seat of Birkhauser continues in Basel.

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