Contributions to archeology

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The contributions to antiquity (BzA) are a series of specialist books in the field of classical antiquity .

The series, which has been published by De Gruyter since 2006 and previously by KG Saur Verlag , was founded in 1990 by BG Teubner . It is characterized by a particularly rich volume of publications, 340 volumes had been published by mid-2015. The series primarily publishes dissertations from the field of classical philology and ancient history , but also editions of the works of ancient authors, commemorative publications, congress volumes and monographs. Generally the language of publication is German, but there are also volumes in English and Italian. Michael Erler , Dorothee Gall , Ludwig Koenen and Clemens Zintzen are currently the editors of the series .

Many important scholars have published monographs in the series, such as Martin L. West , Heinz-Günther Nesselrath , Jürgen Blänsdorf , Georg Doblhofer , Tassilo Schmitt , Bruno Bleckmann , Carl Joachim Classen , Kurt Latte , Jürgen von Ungern-Sternberg and Dieter Timpe . Ancient authors are represented by Tertullian , Theophrast , Lucan and Konon , among others .

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