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An anthology is a collection of texts in one cover .


In contrast to anthology and blossom harvest , the term is also used for scientific publications. In the technical terminology of bookbinding , an anthology is the binding together of different, not necessarily coordinated, independent individual fonts at the request of the client. In contrast, the term is used synonymously in scientific colloquial language with the collective work, in which the editor oversees a collection of individual contributions conceived as a complete work already in the creation process. A monograph is to be distinguished from this , the individual work by one or more authors who are then jointly responsible for the entire text. Various individual documents put together for a specific reason are called bundles .

A distinction must be made between the anthology and the collective edition , in which several original independent publications are published together in one edition by a publisher.

Differentiation from the collection of articles

An essay collection is a compilation of several scientific contributions by one or more authors, written individually. The term also includes collective dissertations and post-doctoral theses, but not congress volumes, for which the term conference proceedings is used in libraries. If the text is written jointly by the authors, it is called a monograph instead . The collection of articles must also be distinguished from the anthology , which also contains individual works by various authors, but not scientific but fiction texts. Essay collection is a term from the controlled vocabulary of the German National Library .



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