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Burnoos from the front
Burnoos from behind

A burnous (Arabic burnus , also selham ) is the wide hooded coat of the North African men (both Bedouins and sedentary farmers). Burnoos usually have no sleeves and are worn open at the front.

The burnous is worn over the undergarment. Since the Napoleonic campaign in Egypt and the French conquest of Algeria in 1830, the word has been borrowed from European languages.


A burnous woven from coarse sheep's wool mixed with goat hair was originally a weatherproof, simple, hooded throw for shepherds and farmers; only later did it develop into a garment for all kinds of festive occasions - sewn together from finely woven cotton or even silk fabrics by urban tailors .


In Upper Austria in particular , the word is still used today to denote coats and jackets .

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