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The jacket is a fundamental part of outer clothing in many cultures. It covers the upper body and arms and is open in front from the neck downwards. This opening can hang open or be closed with various methods such as buttons, hooks or ribbon loops. Jackets typically only extend slightly above the buttocks; longer pieces of clothing of a similar shape are more likely to be referred to as a coat .

Cardigans are also known regionally as vests; normally a vest is understood to mean a sleeveless jacket.

The distinction between blouse or shirt and jacket is mainly based on the fact that blouses or shirts are usually made of lighter material and are worn directly on the skin (possibly over an undershirt and / or under a jacket), while jackets tend to be off heavy and / or warm fabric and possibly lined. Above all, however, jackets are usually worn in such a way that they do not touch the skin directly (that is, there is an undergarment underneath), so that they do not or only rarely have to be washed. In fact, many jackets are not washable due to their construction or choice of fabric.


The jacket ( old French : jaquee  = tunic ) has been known as a padded tunic or colored leather dress since the 14th century. The jacket is also a traditional costume of the peasants and the poor. The long-cut skirt is more like today's jacket . In the Middle Ages, the French peasants were nicknamed jacques after another meaning , as this first name was very common at that time. The peasant uprising of 1358 in France was probably also called Jacquerie for these reasons . The name jacque comes from this time without imagination, later jaquette - the typical piece of clothing for jacques. (etc.)

Types of jackets

  • Anorak - Originally an Eskimo jacket. Today it is understood to be a hip-length jacket with a hood that is worn as protection against wind and moisture, in a lined version also against the cold. The German term windbreaker is less common. A parka is a long, often lined anorak.
  • Blazer - Originally dark blue navy or club jacket with gold buttons. The term is broader today.
  • Blouson - Blouson -wide jacket worn by women and men that reaches to the waist andendsthere in a close-fitting cuff . Special forms of blousons are flight jackets , bomber jackets and college jackets .
  • Bolero - Jacket mainly worn by women that reaches no more than the waist. Like the jackets of the bullfighters, by which it is oriented, the bolero often cannot be closed at the front.
  • Caraco - A tight-fitting women's jacket with an attached peplum, widespread in the 18th century.
  • Chamarra - A hip-length leather jacket that closes at the front and is decorated with geometric patterns from Latin American Indians. ( See also: Evo Morales , Sanbenito )
  • Down jacket
  • Field jacket - worn by soldiers in the field.
  • Tailcoat - amen's jacket developedfrom the Justaucorps in thelate 18th century, which is only waist-length at the front, but has about knee-length laps ( dovetail )at the back.
  • Janker

  • Joppe (also Jobs or Juppe, in Switzerland also Tschoope) - a waistless men's jacket made of thick wool ; made of flannel or loden as a house jacket. It is a traditional part of the Bavarian men's costume. The term comes from the Arabic “dschubba” for “upper garment” (cf. French “la jupe” for “skirt”).
  • Leather jacket
  • Sakko (from English sack coat ) - an originally (19th century) casual, now formal men's jacket with lapels pulled far down. Combined with trousers made from the same outer fabric, it forms a suit .
  • Cardigan

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