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Emil Huebner

Ernst Willibald Emil Huebner (born July 7, 1834 in Düsseldorf , † February 21, 1901 in Berlin ) was a German classical philologist and epigraphist .


Emil Hübner was the son of the painter, professor and gallery director Julius Hübner and his wife Pauline , née Bendemann (a sister of the painter Eduard Bendemann ). His youngest brother Eduard (1842–1918) studied painting, his brother Hans Hübner (1837–1884) later became professor of chemistry in Göttingen. Emil Hübner's sons Heinrich (1869–1945) and Ulrich (1872–1932) also became painters, and his third son Rudolf (1864–1945) became a legal historian. Hübner's wife Marie (1839-1896), the godchild of Hübner's mother Pauline, was a daughter of the historian Johann Gustav Droysen .

Emil Hübner attended grammar school in Dresden and studied in Berlin and Bonn since 1851. He received his doctorate from Friedrich Ritschl in Bonn in 1854 with a dissertation on Quaestiones onomatologicae Latinae and completed his habilitation in Berlin in 1859 with the text De senatus populique Romani actis . He carried out epigraphic research trips to Italy, Spain and Portugal and in 1863 became associate professor, in 1870 full professor of classical philology at the Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Berlin .


Hübner was particularly active in the field of Latin epigraphy . He was one of Theodor Mommsen's most important collaborators at the Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum and published its volumes 2 with the inscriptions of the Hispanic peninsula (1869, with a supplement 1892) and 7 with the inscriptions of Britain (1873), plus a special volume with illustrations (1885) . He was also the editor of the magazine Hermes , but had to resign from this position in 1881 after a dispute with Mommsen and Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff . He also wrote articles for the real encyclopedia of classical antiquity .


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