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Joseph Kürschner (born September 20, 1853 in Gotha ; † July 29, 1902 near Windisch-Matrei ) was a German writer and lexicographer .


Joseph Kürschner worked for a number of years as a practical technician, then studied for several years at the University of Leipzig and, starting his literary career, settled in Berlin. As early as 1872 he had published the theater history brochure Konrad Ekhofs Leben und Wirken (Vienna) and subsequently worked primarily on the area of theater history . After a Theatrical Nekrologie (Berlin 1875), Kürschner had two years of a chronology of the theater (Berlin 1876 and 1877) followed by two years of a yearbook for the German theater (Leipzig 1878-79) and others.

In 1881 he took over the editing of the monthly Vom Fels zum Meer in Stuttgart, where he also edited the Spemann collection and the German National Literature, and was appointed professor by Duke Ernst zu Coburg-Gotha in the same year . At the same time, Kürschner edited the official organ of the German authors' association “Neue Zeit” until 1882 and the German writer newspaper from 1885–86 , published a pocket conversation lexicon (Stuttgart 1884) and published (from the 5th year onwards) the general German literary calendar (Stuttgart 1882 ff.) And from 1886 the Richard Wagner yearbook published .

Kürschner wrote articles for magazines, compilations, encyclopedias and theater history, completed the new edition (7th edition) of Pierer's universal encyclopedia of the present and past (with keyword translations into twelve languages) and founded numerous reference works. With Fedor von Zobeltitz and Gotthilf Weisstein he founded the Society of Bibliophiles in Weimar in 1899 .

Kürschner's grave is located in the main cemetery in Eisenach . Kürschner was a co-founder of the Wagner Museum in the Wartburg city.

In Gotha, a memorial plaque at Querstraße 6 reminds that he was born here.

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Fonts (selection)

  • Quart lexicon . Stuttgart 1888.
  • Universal conversation lexicon . Berlin, Eisenach, Leipzig around 1895.
  • German Reichstag. Biographical-statistical manual . Berlin and Leipzig.
  • Manual of the press. For writers, editorial offices, publishers, and in general for everyone who is related to the press . Berlin 1902.


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