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Kürschner's handbooks , originally published by Joseph Kürschner (1853–1902), are a series of biographical reference works . Many entries are based on self-reports. Since the takeover by Saur-Verlag, Munich, a self-suggestion is also possible. The series emerged from Kürschner's German Literature Calendar , which first appeared in 1879.


The following are to be mentioned in the current edition:

Literature and science

Fine arts, music and theater

  • Kürschner's graphic artist handbook Germany, Austria, Switzerland. Illustrators, commercial artists, typographers , ed. by Charlotte Fergg-Frowein, 2nd, expanded edition, Berlin: de Gruyter, 1967
  • Kürschner's Handbook of Fine Artists. 2 volumes. Saur Verlag, Munich (2nd year) 2007, ISBN 978-3-598-24737-8 . (With biographical data, address, teaching activity, exhibiting galleries, among others, of 6,700 living visual artists: painting, graphics, sculpture, book art, action and media arts and (a selection) architecture, photography and handicrafts.)
  • Kürschner's manual for musicians. 2 volumes. Saur Verlag, Munich (5th year) 2007, ISBN 978-3-598-24212-0 . (Over 12,000 soloists, conductors, composers, university teachers.)
  • Kürschner's biographical theater manual: drama, opera, film, radio. Germany, Austria, Switzerland . de Gruyter, Berlin 1956 (series thus discontinued).


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