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Map of the Gallic Tribes

The Gabalians ( Latin Gabali ; Greek Γαβαλεῖς) were a Celtic tribe in Gallia Aquitania and Gallia Narbonensis , who settled as a clientele of the Arverni in this mountainous region from which Oltis ( Lot ) and Elaver ( Allier ) originate.

In a work by the historian Konrad Mannert from 1804, the Gabalier silver mines are mentioned. A Roman tombstone from Narbo ( Narbonne ) names a veteran named Titus Valerius Titulus, who belonged to the Gabalier tribe. In his biography of Caesar, Plutarch mentions the Gabalians among the tribes who joined Vercingetorix in the all-Gallic uprising against the Romans under the leadership of the Kadurk prince Lucterius.



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