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A collection of antidote auto-injectors of the US military

The antidote or antidote (from Greek αντίδοτον from αντί anti "against" and δίδωμι dídōmi "give") is a (stoffliches) antidote to poisons , toxins , drugs or other substances that a body influence.

Working principles

The antidote can

An antidote can have one or more of these abilities and thus reduce or eliminate the danger of the condition for the affected organism. Antidotes can themselves also have a toxic effect, so that their prophylactic use is limited.


Areas of application

Antidotes were originally used for civil therapeutic purposes. With the development of weapons of mass destruction , which, for example, enable biological or chemical warfare, the military importance of antidotes also increased. This is why soldiers are increasingly being equipped with auto-injectors so that they can administer an antidote themselves in appropriate cases.

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