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KFC Uerdingen 05
Logo of the KFC Uerdingen 05
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Surname Krefeld football club
Uerdingen 05 e. V.
Seat Krefeld , North Rhine-Westphalia
founding November 17, 1905
Colours Blue red
Members 750 (July 1, 2018)
president Mikhail Ponomarev
Website kfc-uerdingen.de
Football company
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Surname KFC Uerdingen 05 Football GmbH
Shareholder 97.5%: KFC Uerdingen
Entertainment GmbH
→ 100%: Michail Ponomarew

0 2.5%: KFC Uerdingen 05 e. V.
(majority of votes at the eV)
Managing directors Frank Strüver
Nikolas Weinhart
First team
Head coach Stefan Krämer
Venue Merkur Spiel-Arena , Düsseldorf
Places 51,500
league 3rd league
2019/20 13th place

The Krefeld football club Uerdingen 05 e. V. (from 1953 to 1995 FC Bayer 05 Uerdingen ), usually called KFC Uerdingen for short , is a football club founded in 1905 in the then independent city of Uerdingen , which is based in what is now the Krefeld district of Uerdingen. The club won the DFB Cup in 1985 and the Niederrhein Cup three times (1982, 2001 and 2019 ). The licensed players department, which has been competing in the third division since the 2018/19 season , was spun off as KFC Uerdingen 05 Fußball GmbH.


The club, which was founded in 1905 as FC Uerdingen 05 , merged with the company sports group of the Bayer chemicals group in 1953 . Until 1995 the club was called FC Bayer 05 Uerdingen . Since Bayer AG withdrew from sponsoring the football department, it has operated under its current name. The KFC Uerdingen 05 is the legal successor of the former club; the other departments have since been organized as SC Bayer 05 Uerdingen . The colors of both clubs, blue and red, correspond to the Uerdingen city colors.

Beginning and advancement (1905–1971)

Away win in the DFB Cup at Holstein Kiel (1-0), October 26, 1974

FC Uerdingen 05 was founded by 12 citizens on November 17, 1905 in the Hotel Kellner on Oberstrasse in Uerdingen am Rhein. After it was founded, he joined the West German Football Association and was first division A-class champion in 1921. The club grew very strongly during this time, also because other sports were offered in addition to football. There was now a steady ups and downs in football. From the end of the 20s, FC only played in the district class. From October 1, 1941 until the end of World War II, FC Uerdingen 05 formed the KSG Uerdingen war gaming community together with rival VfB Uerdingen in 1910 . In July 1945, both clubs merged to form the game association 05/10 Uerdingen. On April 20, 1948, however, VfB Uerdingen split off again - the game association became FC Uerdingen 05. In 1953, the club merged with the Uerdingen factory sports groups of Bayer AG and was henceforth FC Bayer Uerdingen 05. The footballers of the first team from “Bayer 05 ”was promoted several times in the following decades: in 1956 in the regional league, in 1963 in the association league Niederrhein and in 1971 in the then second-class Regionalliga West.

Regional league and Bundesliga (1971–1983)

Bayer 05 was able to keep up in professional football in the Regionalliga West and, thanks to good placements, was accepted into the newly created 2nd Bundesliga North from 1971 to 1974 (seventh, third, third). In the 1974/75 season they finished second and could prevail in the promotion games against the second from the south, the FK Pirmasens .

After promotion to the Bundesliga in 1975, the club rose again immediately in 1976. As a second division team, the club caused a sensation in the 1977 DFB Cup. After home wins over the Bundesliga clubs 1. FC Kaiserslautern (3: 1), Werder Bremen (2: 0) and Eintracht Frankfurt (6: 3 a.s.) Hertha BSC (0: 1) only turned out to be stronger in the semi-finals . Bayer 05 was promoted again in 1979, but relegated again in 1981.

Most successful period (1983–1995)

In 1983, the Uerdingen was promoted to the Bundesliga for the third time. The highly favored FC Schalke 04 were defeated in the relegation games . Under the new coach Timo Konietzka , Bayer Uerdingen managed to stay in the league with ease and finished in 10th place, a place in the midfield that was hardly thought possible before the season. But after only one season Konietzka left the “blue-reds” and became a coach in Dortmund. Under his successor Karl-Heinz Feldkamp , however, the greatest successes in the club's history were to be celebrated.

1985 won the Uerdinger the DFB Cup by the first final at Olympic Stadium the Bayern München with 2: defeated. 1 The 7: 3 against Dynamo Dresden in the quarter-finals of the following competition in the European Cup Winners' Cup will not be forgotten . After a 2-0 defeat in the first leg in the GDR and a 1: 3 break, the game could be turned on March 19, 1986 in a legendary second half by the so-called miracle of the Grotenburg . Instead of the necessary five goals, even six goals were scored in the second half. More than 200 journalists, players and coaches voted this German-German encounter in January 2007 in a survey by 11 Freunde magazine as the greatest football game of all time. In the semifinals they lost to Atlético Madrid . In the Bundesliga, the Uerdingen team took a sensational third place behind Bayern Munich and Werder Bremen . In 1987 Feldkamp left Uerdingen to become a trainer at Eintracht Frankfurt. Uerdingen finished eighth in the Bundesliga, and in the DFB Cup, after victories against VfB Stuttgart , 1. FC Nürnberg and 1. FC Köln in the quarter-finals, Borussia Mönchengladbach put it 2: 9 . They also reached the UEFA Cup eight finals, in which they were defeated by FC Barcelona. In 1988 the club won the DFB indoor cup .

Feldkamp's successors Horst Köppel , Rolf Schafstall and Horst Wohlers could not build on these successes. From July 1, 1990 to January 15, 1992 Felix Magath was a manager in Uerdingen and hired Stéphane Chapuisat , among others . In the 1990/91 season Bayer Uerdingen was relegated to the 2nd Bundesliga. Under Friedhelm Funkel , who had taken over the coaching position towards the end of the season, the direct rise was achieved. In 1993 the class could not be held again, but the return to the Bundesliga succeeded again in 1994. On the last match day, Uerdingen was able to secure relegation with 15th place.

Internationally, the Krefeld team were particularly successful in the Intertoto Cup at a time when UEFA did not yet see it as a separate competition - they won it four times at the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s.

During this time, the club's youth footballers were also successful. In 1987 both the A-youth and the B-youth became German champions. In the following year, the A-youth won the DFB-Junior-Pokal.

Separation from Bayer AG and crash into the amateur leagues (1995–2008)

Ticket for the 1996/97 season

Although in the 1994/95 season under coach Friedhelm Funkel the class (Bundesliga) was held, Bayer AG separated from the club at the end of the season. This was renamed KFC Uerdingen 05 and ran into financial difficulties due to the loss of the main sponsor. In 1996 05 got relegated to the second division. In 1998 under coach Jürgen Gelsdorf the license for the coming season was only obtained at the last attempt. The following personal bloodletting (including the dissolution of the amateur team) led in the 1998/99 season under the later coach of Ajax Amsterdam , Henk ten Cate , to a fall in the third division. In the Regionalliga Nord , the coaches Jos Luhukay and Claus-Dieter Wollitz managed to rebuild with great difficulty. In 2004/05, however, license conditions were violated; The DFB therefore withdrew the club's license on May 25, 2005 for the season that was still running at that time and was quite successful in terms of sport. This meant relegation to the fourth-class Oberliga Nordrhein .

The team was completely reformed for the 2005/06 season under the most difficult financial conditions and without a main sponsor under the coach Wolfgang Maes (from the second half of the season: Jürgen Luginger ). After a good start with just one win in the second half of 2006 and 11th place, the goal of the Regionalliga promotion was clearly missed. Part of the rescue measures against the impending bankruptcy throughout 2005 was the friendly match against the Bundesliga team of FC Bayern Munich that was played in the Grotenburg Stadium on January 21, 2006 . 18,886 paying spectators saw the game, which was also the highlight of the celebrations for the club's 100th anniversary, against the German record champions, who had played with numerous national players.

The 2006/07 season was also characterized by rebuilding after another personal bloodletting (including ex-national player Stephan Paßlack who ended his active career). At the end of July 2006, after a year and a half, the KFC was able to present a new main sponsor with a bare chest. The insolvency proceedings were successfully completed in early summer, and the association was largely free of debt for the first time in ten years. Furthermore, through the fan campaign 1905% fans, more than 1,300 supporters of the association could be induced to become financially committed, whereby the association gained a shirt sleeve sponsor after the new chest sponsor. In terms of sport, the season goal of a single-digit position in the table was achieved almost over the entire course of the season; Only on the last match day did the team slip to 10th place in the table. An even better performance was prevented by the away weakness of the team that had played the best season in years at their home in Grotenburg Stadium.

The declared goal for the 2007/08 season was a place in the top four, i.e. qualification for the new three-pronged regional league. If this goal was missed, there was a risk of crashing into the then fifth-class NRW League or (from 12th place) even into the Association League Niederrhein. At the beginning of April 2007, another well-known major sponsor from the region was presented with the mechanical engineering company Siempelkamp . Main sponsor Josef Hendrichs extended his financial commitment for another year. Trainer Jürgen Luginger switched to Rot-Weiß Oberhausen and was replaced by Aleksandar Ristic .

The start of the new season was mixed for the KFC, u. a. with a 0: 6 away debacle and 1: 2 or 1: 3 home defeats against the "promotion" competitors from Mönchengladbach , Bonn and Essen . The start of the second half of the season also failed entirely. The original season motto Die Vier im Visier was removed from the club's website in winter. At the end of August 2007 there was a leadership conflict in the association, in the course of which several board members resigned. From October 2007 coach Ristic also faced constant criticism. The ongoing sporting decline resulted in his release on March 22, 2008. Klaus Berge was his successor until the end of the season .

In November 2007, club president Ralf Houben had to admit a budget shortfall of 250,000 euros. On December 17, 2007, the association filed for insolvency proceedings for the third time after 2003 and 2005. Because of the liquidity problems, Houben called on politics and business to help. A few weeks later he resigned and the Chairman of the Board of Directors Olaf Stiller temporarily took over the post of First Chairman. With friendly games against Rot-Weiß Oberhausen and MSV Duisburg and not least thanks to numerous rescue operations by the fans, the KFC was finally able to avert the impending bankruptcy and continue the season. Stiller vacated his office for the Meerbusch entrepreneur Agissilaos "Lakis" Kourkoudialos, who with a loan of 100,000 euros played a major role in averting insolvency. Another “rescue game” took place on Easter Tuesday, March 25th, against Eintracht Frankfurt , the team of Uerdingen's record player and coach Friedhelm Funkel . Despite the efforts and the meanwhile 9th place in the table, the KFC Uerdingen rose from the Oberliga Nordrhein and had to compete in the sixth class Niederrheinliga in the 2008/09 season .

The "Lakis" era (2008-2016)

In the first season they landed there on the 8th place in the table. In early December 2009, the KFC made headlines when chairman “Lakis” Kourkoudialos announced the signing of Aílton . Furthermore, were Erhan Albayrak (32 years) and Ersan Tekkan obligation (24 years). Kourkoudialos wanted promotion from sixth to third division in a period of five years. The season 2009/10 ended the Krefeld in 3rd place, so they had to spend another year in the sixth division.

At the end of the 2010/11 season, the KFC secured the championship of the Lower Rhine League on May 29, 2011 (38th matchday) with a 2-1 win at Wuppertaler SV Borussia II and rose to the NRW League. Competitor Turu Düsseldorf also had 84 points at the end of the season, the better goal difference was the decisive factor for the KFC. Jochen Höfler , who became the top scorer with 29 goals , made a decisive contribution to this . The Uerdinger's ascent into the NRW League was the club's first in 17 years (back then into the Bundesliga ). Just two days later, Lakis Kourkoudialos announced that he was aiming for a direct march into the regional league.

The promotion to the newly introduced Regionalliga West was missed in the 2011/12 season. With 8th place in the NRW League, the KFC qualified for the better-placed second representatives of the third division teams of Alemannia Aachen and Arminia Bielefeld for two relegation games against the champions of the Lower Rhine League, FC Kray, due to the promotion ban . The Krefeld favorites, who are considered favorites, lost both games against the Essen district club (0: 1 at home, 0: 2 away), so that they had to compete in fifth class in the 2012/13 season - after the dissolution of the NRW League, however, in the Oberliga Niederrhein . The KFC mastered the first half of the league season 2012/13 without defeat and was on April 24, 2013 prematurely as a climber in the Regionalliga West.

The 2013/14 season was bad. On September 20, 2013, it came against Sportfreunde Lotte with a 0: 7 to the highest home defeat in the club's history. Previously, the KFC had already been denied the first win of the season against SG Wattenscheid 09 because too few U23 players were in the squad. On March 28, 2014, Eric van der Luer was on leave with immediate effect and replaced by Erhan Albayrak . After only five days on duty, Albayrak took the KFC players Kosi Saka , Benjamin Baltes and Assimiou Touré on leave and was dismissed on April 14, 2014, just two weeks after he took office, after differences with the club's management. Sports director Ersan Tekkan temporarily took over the training. On April 22nd Murat Salar , the former assistant coach of Erhan Albayrak, became the new sporting director. At the end of the season, the KFC only finished 17th, which would actually have meant relegation. Since Bayer Leverkusen canceled its U23 team from the Regionalliga West and only one club (two clubs were planned) was allowed to move up from the Oberliga Mittelrhein (Arminia Bielefeld II had applied for the license, but was not allowed to move up because of the relegation of the first team) and to Fortuna Cologne prevailed just the rise duel for the third league match against FC Bayern Munich II, the KFC remained still in the Regionalliga. Out of gratitude, the KFC presented Fortuna Cologne with a barrel of beer on June 5th. On May 8, 2015, the West German Football and Athletics Association (WFLV) announced that the KFC would not receive approval for the 2015/16 regional league season. On May 13, 2015, the decision was revised by the WFLV, but the sporting descent prevented him from remaining in the regional league.

Back in the Oberliga Niederrhein, the club missed promotion to the regional league in second place in the 2015/16 season .

Entry of Mikhail Ponomarew and return to professional football (since 2016)

On June 25, 2016, the incumbent President Agissilaos "Lakis" Kourkoudialos resigned from his position as 1st Chairman. His successor was Mikhail Ponomarew , who in the following years pursued the goal of leading the club back into professional football. Another step was taken on November 15, 2017 when the licensed players department was outsourced to KFC Uerdingen 05 Fußball GmbH , for which the members voted on September 5, 2017. In February 2018, Ponomarew took over about 97.5 percent of Fußball GmbH through KFC Uerdingen Entertainment GmbH. The remaining 2.5 percent is held by e. V., who has the majority of votes in the Fußball GmbH to maintain the 50 + 1 rule . Since Ponomarew is also president of the e. V. is, the Fußball GmbH has been effectively controlled by him ever since.

In the 2016/17 season , KFC Uerdingen presented itself with a renewed management floor. André Pawlak , who had previously made it from the Oberliga to the Regionalliga with SSVg Velbert and SG Wattenscheid 09 , was hired for the coaching position . He managed this masterpiece in the following season with the KFC Uerdingen. After the season had been a head-to-head race between KFC Uerdingen and SpVg Schonnebeck , KFC Uerdingen won the direct duel in Schonnebeck with a goal by Danny Rankl with 1-0 and thus ensured a preliminary decision in the promotion race . Mathematically perfect was the promotion on the 31st matchday with a 4-0 away win at TV Jahn Hiesfeld . Despite the very successful season, André Pawlak had to leave KFC Uerdingen after the season due to disagreements with the club's management.

For the season 2017/18 took Michael Wiesinger , the sporting management of KFC Uerdingen. In addition to the new commitment on the coaching bench, large parts of the promotion team were also replaced. The new signings included Christopher Schorch , Mario Erb and René Vollath, as well as the Bundesliga experienced players Christian Müller and Maximilian Beister . The first half of the season was very successful in terms of sport, including nine games in a row (from September 16, 2017 - 0-0 at SC Verl to November 4, 2017 - 1-0 at Wuppertaler SV ) without conceding a goal, scoring during this time but only five own goals. On November 10, 2017, the KFC finished their last game of the first half of the season with a 2-1 win against SC Wiedenbrück and thus won the autumn championship of the 2017/18 season in the Regionalliga West. Despite an outstanding balance sheet, the shape curve clearly showed a downward trend. After leaving the Niederrhein Cup in the meantime with a 2-0 draw against Rot-Weiß Oberhausen and a 2-2 draw at Rot-Weiss Essen on March 13, 2018, coach Michael Wiesinger was dismissed despite only two defeats this season and second place in the table. On March 15, 2018, Stefan Krämer was introduced as the new trainer. The first game under his direction, the KFC won 7-0 against Westfalia Rhynern. This was followed by nine more wins and one draw, which allowed KFC Uerdingen to regain the lead that had meanwhile been lost to FC Viktoria Köln . On May 13, 2018, the Blue-Reds made the second championship in a row, after the 2017 league championship, with a 5-0 win at SC Wiedenbrück, which also meant qualifying for relegation to the third division. The relegation opponent, determined by drawing lots, was SV Waldhof Mannheim as second in the table in the Südwest Regional Football League . For security reasons, the game was played on May 24, 2018 in Duisburg's Schauinsland-Reisen-Arena and won 1-0 through Maximilian Beister's goal. The second leg on May 27, 2018 in Mannheim's Carl Benz Stadium was canceled at the score of 1: 2 due to spectator riots in the 82nd minute. and rated 2-0 for Uerdingen; With that, the KFC returned to professional football after ten years in terms of sport, and on June 4, 2018, the DFB also confirmed the third division license for final.

The home games in the 2018/19 season were played in the Schauinsland-Reisen-Arena in Duisburg . On January 28, 2019, the club announced the immediate release of head coach Stefan Krämer. Although the Uerdingen had finished the first half of the season with 3rd place in the table, they clearly lost the last competitive game before and the first after the winter break with a total of 0: 7 goals. He was succeeded by Norbert Meier , who signed a contract until 2021 a few days after Stefan Krämer's dismissal. For a short time, the team was looked after by co-trainer Stefan Reisinger . After seven games without a win, in which KFC Uerdingen only scored three points, Norbert Meier was released on March 15, 2019. On March 16, 2019, the club announced that the previous assistant coach Frank Heinemann would take over the team as head coach on an interim basis until the end of the season. On April 30, 2019, Heiko Vogel was signed as the new head coach. Despite some notable reinforcements in the winter break, the KFC were the weakest team in the second half of the season, at the end of the season they finished 11th in the table.

In February 2019 it became known that Uerdingen 05 will play its home games in the Merkur Spiel-Arena in Düsseldorf for the 2019/20 season . Following the 9th matchday, Vogel was dismissed in Krefeld after the team was on a relegation zone with nine points, and Reisinger took over again temporarily. On October 5th, the KFC announced the engagement of Stefan Effenberg as Manager Sport. Danielsteueragel , most recently coach of Kickers Offenbach , took over the team that was ranked 16 in the table on October 16, 2019. In February 2020 it was announced that KFC Uerdingen 05 would also be in the Merkur Spiel- Arena will play its home games, as the local Grotenburg Stadium is still not suitable for the third division.

At the beginning of March 2020, Stefan Krämer took over as coach again.


League membership of the KFC Uerdingen

From the 2008/09 season, the KFC Uerdingen played in the Niederrheinliga (within the Niederrhein Football Association, the highest and the sixth highest men's division in Germany), which was formerly known as the Niederrhein Association League. In 2011, after a three-year absence, the KFC rose again to the fifth-class NRW league. In 2012, Uerdingen was incorporated into the fifth-class Oberliga Niederrhein after the NRW League was dissolved .

Club crest history

Trainer since 1970

1 as an interim trainer

Personal details

Squad 2020/21

As of August 27, 2020

Squad season 2020/21
No. Nat. * player birthday at KFC since Contract until Games for the KFC ** Goals for the KFC ** Last club
01 AustriaAustria Lukas Königshofer March 16, 1989 2019 2021 28 0 SpVgg Unterhaching
29 GermanyGermany Julius Paris August 22, 2001 2018 2023 00 0 SV Straelen
NetherlandsNetherlands Hidde Jurjus February 9, 1992 2020 2022 00 0 [[PSV Eindhoven | PSV Eindhoven ]] NetherlandsNetherlands 
02 LithuaniaLithuania Edvinas Girdvainis 17th January 1993 2020 2021 12 1 LatviaLatvia FK RFS
04th GermanyGermany Jan Kirchhoff (C)Captain of the crew October 1, 1990 2019 2021 21st 2 1. FC Magdeburg
05 Congo Democratic RepublicDemocratic Republic of Congo Assani Lukimya January 25, 1986 2019 2021 49 3 China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China Liaoning FC
06th GermanyGermany Kevin Grosskreutz July 19, 1988 2018 2021 45 0 SV Darmstadt 98
07th GermanyGermany Christian Dorda December 6, 1988 2017 2021 1020 3 Hansa Rostock
13 BulgariaBulgaria Stefan Welkow December 12, 1996 2020 00 0 NetherlandsNetherlands FC Den Bosch
15th GermanyGermany Leon Schneider June 19, 2000 2020 2021 (loanee) 00 0 1. FC Cologne II
18th SloveniaSlovenia Dominic Maroh March 4th 1987 2018 2021 42 1 1. FC Cologne
23 GermanyGermany Omar Haktab Traoré February 4, 1998 2020 2023 00 0 SV Rödinghausen
08th NetherlandsNetherlands Peter van Ooijen February 16, 1992 2020 2022 00 0 NetherlandsNetherlands VVV-Venlo
10 GermanyGermany Kolja Push February 12, 1993 2020 2022 00 0 AustriaAustria FC Admira Wacker Mödling
14th GermanyGermany Tim Albutat September 23, 1992 2020 2022 00 0 MSV Duisburg
16 GermanyGermany Gino Fechner September 5, 1997 2020 2021 00 0 1. FC Kaiserslautern
17th Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina Rijad Kobiljar April 8, 1996 2020 2021 05 1 SloveniaSlovenia NK Rudar Velenje
22nd GermanyGermany Fridolin Wagner September 23, 1997 2020 2022 00 0 Prussia Munster
28 GermanyGermany Manuel Konrad April 14, 1988 2018 2021 59 1 Dynamo Dresden
09 GermanyGermany Mike fig chip 5th August 1995 2020 2021 00 0 Eintracht Braunschweig
11 GermanyGermany Christian Kinsombi August 24, 1999 2019 2022 28 1 1. FSV Mainz 05 II
19th GermanyGermany Hans Anapak February 10, 2001 2020 2023 00 0 Bayer 04 Leverkusen U19
20th GermanyGermany Ali Ibrahimaj August 18, 1991 2018 2021 29 5 SV Sandhausen
21st GermanyGermany Heinz Moerschel August 24, 1997 2020 2022 00 0 Prussia Munster
35 EnglandEngland Osayamen Osawe 3rd September 1993 2019 2021 38 9 FC Ingolstadt 04
39 GermanyGermany Adriano Grimaldi April 5, 1991 2019 2021 14th 2 TSV 1860 Munich
* In the case of dual nationality, the country for which the player last played international matches is named.
**Only league games are taken into account. (As of August 13, 2020)
U19 Also in the A-youth squad

Trainers and supervisors

As of August 3, 2020

  • GermanyGermany Stefan Krämer (head coach)
  • GermanyGermany Stefan Reisinger ( Team Principal )
  • AustriaAustria Wolfgang Wimmer (goalkeeping coach)
  • GermanyGermany Patrick Dippel (Assistant Trainer / Video Analysis)
  • GermanyGermany Fabian Illner (athletic trainer)
  • GermanyGermany Ruben Solis (athletic trainer)
  • GermanyGermany Nikolas Weinhart (Manager)
  • GermanyGermany Andreas Bosheck (functional team)

Transfers of the 2020/21 season

As of August 27, 2020

Accesses Departures
Summer 2020
a. borrowed
wa was borrowed



Biggest home win : 8-0 against Cronenberger SC ( Oberliga Niederrhein 2016/17 )

Biggest home defeat: 0: 7 against Sportfreunde Lotte ( Regionalliga West 2013/14 )

Biggest away win: 7-0 at Wacker 04 Berlin ( 2nd League North 78/79 )

Biggest away defeat: 7-0 at Bayer 04 Leverkusen ( 2nd division North 77/78 )

Highest average attendance: 17,349 ( Bundesliga 94/95 )

Most goals by a player in one game: five (scored by Daniel Teixeira in a 7-1 away win at TeBe Berlin , Regionalliga Nord 2000/01 )

Youngest goalscorer (in professional football): Sebastian Hahn , 17 years, 7 months, 19 days (in a 4-1 away win in Chemnitz , 2. Bundesliga 93/94 )

Oldest goalscorer (in professional football): Sigfried Held , 38 years, 7 months, 0 days (in a 2-3 defeat in Stuttgart , Bundesliga 80/81 )

Youngest player used: Stefan Wanneck, 17 years, 2 months, 0 days (in a 1: 2 defeat in Bocholt , Oberliga Nordrhein 2005/06 ) [Wanneck was used for the first time in a competitive game on December 7, 2005, when he was substituted on for Markus Ehrhard in the 77th minute in the 5-0 home win against Yurdumspor Cologne (and he was only 16 years and 347 days old), but since all Cologne's games were canceled, it is now "only still "an unofficial record]

Oldest player used: Agissilaos Kourkoudialos, 47 years, 5 days (in a 2-0 win against Ratingen in the Oberliga Niederrhein 2012/13 , the then president played for a few minutes on the last match day, when the promotion was already certain [and missed a penalty ])

(only league games were taken into account)

Record players (all competitive games)
rank player Games Gates
1 GermanyGermany Friedhelm Funkel 476 137
2 GermanyGermany Norbert Brinkmann 436 12
3 GermanyGermany Franz Raschid 401 58
4th GermanyGermany Ludger van de Loo 271 16
5 GermanyGermany Paul Hahn 262 17th
6th GermanyGermany Wolfgang Sparkle 245 42
7th GermanyGermany Dietmar Klinger 242 17th
8th GermanyGermany Ludwig Lurz 240 16
9 GermanyGermany Matthias Herget 238 35
10 GermanyGermany Bernd Dreher 217 0
42 GermanyGermany Christian Dorda 114 4th
Record goal scorers (all competitive games)
rank player Gates Games
1 GermanyGermany Friedhelm Funkel 137 476
2 SwedenSweden Jan Mattson 69 125
3 GermanyGermany Franz Raschid 58 401
4th GermanyGermany Wolfgang Lüttges 55 126
5 TurkeyTurkey Emrah Uzun 54 125
6th GermanyGermany Stefan Kuntz 43 115
7th GermanyGermany Wolfgang Sparkle 42 245
8th GermanyGermany Jochen Höfler 41 55
9 GermanyGermany Markus Feldhoff 39 111
LebanonLebanon Issa Issa 39 81
GermanyGermany Manfred Burgsmüller 39 52
73 EnglandEngland Osayamen Osawe 10 38

(As of August 9, 2020)

Known players (selection)

During its 14 first division years, KFC / FC Bayer had German and foreign national players in its ranks. Other players emerged from the club's youth and then developed into top players after switching to financially stronger clubs. The club was and is a training center or transit station for talented footballers who can then prove their skills at the clubs of the three highest football classes. A complete list of all ex-players of the club represented on Wikipedia can be found on this page: Category: Soccer players (KFC Uerdingen 05) .


The mascot of the KFC Uerdingen 05 is the “Grotifant” (derived from the Grotenburg Stadium and suitcase word with “ elephant ”) and is considered one of the most famous football mascots in the country. The “notorious mascot” ( 11 friends ) regularly managed to generate national attention through arguments with the referee, fans or even players of the opposing team. For fourteen years Andreas Bosheck, known as "Bossi", was in the costume of the Grotifanten before he switched to the club's supervisory staff for the 2017/18 season.


The KFC Uerdingen has a large fan scene, which despite numerous relegations in the meantime, is now growing again. The KFC has been able to increase its audience numbers again in recent years. An average of 3,000 spectators came to the home games in Grotenburg in the promotion year 2017/18. The city derby "at" VfR Fischeln (except for one city derby took place in the Grotenburg due to lack of space) in the 2009/10 season even attracted 7,500 spectators in the first leg. Uerdingen 05 was always accompanied by several hundred spectators in the Oberliga. An ultra scene developed in the mid-1990s, which has found a home in the "Ultras Krefeld" since 2000.

In 1995 the Krefeld hip-hop band Hörzu published the fan song “Bayer Uerdingen” in cooperation with the club, which was broadcast on “ Sat 1-Ran! The football hits 2 ”sampler and shortly thereafter reissued as a maxi CD“ KFC Uerdingen ”. Hörzu played the song in the sold-out Grotenburg Stadium during the half-time break of a game against Bayern Munich.

Prominent fans of the club include rock musician Pete Doherty , who lived in Krefeld for a few years in his youth, TV presenter Elton and humorist and presenter Johannes Floehr , who for a while after home games did the "fan talk" Moderated players. The author Christian Krumm is also a KFC fan and in 2019 wrote the book " 111 reasons to love KFC Uerdingen: A declaration of love to the greatest football club in the world ", published by Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf .

Since the 2017/18 regional league season , the fans have been voting for the player of the season together with the Radio BlauRot fan radio . This award is called "Kalle of the Year" based on the well-known fan Kalle Krahn. Previous winners are Maximilian Beister (17/18), Christopher Schorch (18/19) and René Vollath (19/20).


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