Chemnitzer FC

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Chemnitzer FC
Club logo
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Surname Chemnitzer Football Club e. V.
Seat Chemnitz , Saxony
founding January 15, 1966
Colours Light blue and white
Members 2,707 (January 31, 2019)
Board Romy Polster (Chair)
Siegfried Rümmler
Armin Causevic
Michael Reichardt
Football company
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Surname Chemnitzer FC Football GmbH
Shareholder Chemnitzer FC e. V.
Ten other shareholders
executive Director Michael Reichardt
First team
Head coach Daniel Berlinski
Venue Stadium on Gellertstrasse
Places 15,000
league Regionalliga Northeast
2019/20 17th place ( 3rd league )  

The Chemnitz Football Club e. V. , Chemnitzer FC or CFC for short , is a German football club from Chemnitz . It was founded on January 15, 1966 as the Karl-Marx-Stadt football club . In 1990 the name was changed to Chemnitzer Fußballclub e. V. changed. Chemnitzer FC plays its home games in the stadium on Gellertstrasse , which holds 15,000 spectators.

The club's greatest successes include winning the GDR championship in 1967 and making it into the round of 16 of the 1989/90 UEFA Cup .

The former captain of the German national team , Michael Ballack , emerged from the club's youth work . Today, Chemnitzer FC has a youth performance center certified by the German Football Association and offers young talents the opportunity to pursue a sporting and school education in an elite football school.

Since January 1, 2019, the football department has been outsourced to Chemnitzer FC Fußball GmbH , whose shares are owned by Chemnitzer FC e. V. and are held by eight other shareholders .


Structural development

When, after the Second World War, the Soviet occupying power had permanently smashed all previous sports clubs due to Directive No. 23 of the Allied Control Council , Chemnitz lost its importance as a Saxon football stronghold for a long time. Until the 1940s, both the police SV Chemnitz and the Chemnitzer BC represented the city in the Gauliga Sachsen , one of the 16 highest German football leagues at the time. A new beginning began in the course of 1946 with loosely organized sports communities that were initially only allowed to hold sports competitions at the local level. Several of these sports associations were also launched in Chemnitz, and SG Chemnitz Nord was the most successful in soccer.

As part of the introduction of the system of company sports associations, Fewa-Werke Chemnitz took over SG Nord in 1948 and converted it into BSG Fewa Chemnitz. After the founding of the central sports association for the chemical industry, the BSG was renamed Chemnitz Chemnitz in January 1951. On May 10, 1953, Chemnitz was renamed Karl-Marx-Stadt, and so the BSG also adopted the new name Chemie Karl-Marx-Stadt.

When the sports associations began to form their own sports priorities and the previous BSG Chemie became the sponsorship of the Fritz Heckert heavy machinery factory , the BSG was converted into the Motor Karl-Marx-Stadt sports club on March 3, 1956 . From 1963 the addition "engine" was dropped. In the course of promoting GDR football, the football section was finally separated from the sports club and re-established as the Karl-Marx-Stadt football club on January 15, 1966 . After this long series of structural and name changes, FC Karl-Marx-Stadt remained in existence until the end of the GDR.

After the social and economic changes as a result of German reunification, the East German sports clubs had to transform themselves into civil associations. At first, Chemnitz considered reviving the traditional Chemnitzer BC, but finally on June 12, 1990, as the successor to the FC Karl-Marx-Stadt, the Chemnitzer FC was entered in the city of Chemnitz's register of associations (renamed on June 1, 1990).

Logo history

Sporting development

After the Second World War

From 1946 on, SG Chemnitz Nord took part in the Chemnitz district soccer relay, in which it took first place in 1947 and third in 1948. When the soccer district played in two seasons in the 1947/48 season, SG Nord won its season, but lost in three finals for the Chemnitz championship of SG unit Meerane (1: 3, 2: 1, 2: 3). In 1950, the successor BSG Fewa came second in the East District Relay and thus qualified for the second-rate GDR league introduced in 1950/51 .

1950s and 1960s

From January 1951, the BSG entered under the name "Chemistry" and in 1954 made it into the GDR league . After relegation in 1957 , the now SC Motor played again in the first GDR league and was immediately passed through to the third-class II GDR league. After the immediate resurgence in 1962 succeeded in returning to the league. In 1958, local rival Motor West Karl-Marx-Stadt was briefly integrated into SC Motor as the second team. After the relegation of the first team to the 2nd GDR league, the second team became independent again as BSG Motor West in 1959. In the mid-1960s, the players wore sky-blue jerseys for the first time , which are still the club's trademark today.

The championship season 1966/67
Within three years, coach Horst Scherbaum , who had been with FCK since 1963, had managed to form a homogeneous team peppered with young talents around the experienced players Albrecht Müller and Dieter Erler, who came from SC Wismut Karl-Marx-Stadt in 1963 . In Scherbaum's third season, FCK started a series of 16 unbeaten league games in a row in the summer of 1966, so that at that point they were already at the top of the league table. At the end of the season, the Karl-Marx-Städter were seven points ahead of 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig, the new GDR soccer champions. Throughout the season, Scherbaum was able to play a regular eleven in which none of the players played fewer than 22 of the 26 point games:

Manfred Hambeck (28 years old / 26 point games)
Claus Rüdrich (26/18), Fritz Feister (24/26), Peter Müller (20/26)
Albrecht Müller (27/24), Joachim Posselt (22/26)
Rolf Steinmann ( 24/23), Dieter Erler (27/21)
Eberhard Schuster (26/26), Manfred Lienemann (20/21), Eberhard Vogel (23/24)

During the season, Claus Kreul (9 games), Friedrich Hüttner (7), Manfred Matyschik (6), Hans-Heinrich Wolf (2) and Volker Benes (1) were also used. Rolf Steinmann was the top scorer with 10 goals.

Record of the championship season: 14 wins, 9 draws, 3 defeats / 39:23 goals / 37–15 points

In the following season the Himmelblauen competed in the European Champions Cup , but were already defeated in the first round by the Belgian representative RSC Anderlecht with 1: 2 and 1: 3. This began the gradual decline of the surprise champions from 1967. In the following two years, the team ended up with the ranks 6 and 7 only in the midfield.

1970s and 1980s

In 1970 , the FCK rose again from the league, but succeeded in the following game series, the immediate rise. At the end of the 1971/72 season, FCK surprisingly won the one-time Fuwo Cup . In the seventies and eighties, the FC Karl-Marx-Stadt played continuously in the league and was mostly in the middle of the table at the end of the season. In the Eternal Table of the GDR Oberliga, the FCK takes twelfth place. After third place in the 1988/89 season, the Himmelblauen returned to the international stage. In the UEFA Cup in 1989, FCK eliminated Boavista Porto and FC Sion , only in the third round the Karl-Marx-Städter were eliminated after two defeats (0-1, 1-2) against eventual cup winners Juventus Turin .

Balance of the FDGB cup games

The SC / FC Karl-Marx-Stadt made it to the semi-finals of the GDR soccer cup competitions eight times. He reached the final three times, but the Karl-Marx-Städter never won the FDGB Cup. The terminus were

  • 1960: 1: 7 against SC Motor Jena in the semi-finals
  • 1969: 0: 4 against 1. FC Magdeburg in the final
  • 1970: 1: 2 against FC Vorwärts Berlin in the semi-finals
  • 1972: 0: 1 against FC Carl Zeiss Jena in the semifinals
  • 1983: 0: 4 against 1. FC Magdeburg in the final
  • 1984: 1: 2 against FC Dynamo from Berlin in the semi-finals
  • 1987: 1: 3 against 1. FC Lok Leipzig in the semi-finals
  • 1989: 0: 1 against FC Dynamo from Berlin in the final

1990s to 2010

Old logo - new name: Jens Schmidt , Tino Müller , Detlef Müller and Lars Hermel in the 1989/90 season

In 1990 the club was runner-up in the GDR due to the worse goal difference compared to Dynamo Dresden . In the 1990/91 UEFA Cup, after two 2-0 defeats against Borussia Dortmund, the game ended in the first round. With the fifth place in the table in the last league season 1990/91 , the Chemnitz qualified for the 2nd Bundesliga and finished the first season in 1992 with a respectable fourth place. In 1993 the CFC made it into the semi-finals of the DFB Cup . After the team had previously thrown Werder Bremen out of the competition, they failed against the surprise team Hertha BSC Amateurs . After five years of membership, the Chemnitz team were relegated from the second division in 1996. The club played in the Regionalliga Nordost for the next three years . In 1997 and 1998 the club was able to win the Saxony Cup twice in a row and thus secure participation in the DFB Cup the following year. The Himmelblauen then finished the 1998/99 season as champions, prevailed in the promotion games against VfL Osnabrück (0: 1, 2: 0) and thus returned to the 2nd Bundesliga. Only two years later, however, after a desperate season, CFC rose from bottom of the table with just three wins from 34 games ( all-time table of the 2nd Bundesliga : 46th place). Then the club played in the Regionalliga Nord and fought there regularly against relegation. In the 2005/06 season they rose from bottom of the table in the Oberliga Nordost / Süd. In the same season, the Sachsenpokal was won for the third time and qualified for the DFB-Pokal . In the 2006/07 season they were eliminated in the first round of the DFB Cup against the former Bundesliga club Alemannia Aachen . The club finished second behind FC Energie Cottbus II and barely missed promotion to the regional league. In the 2007/08 season, the club qualified second for the new three- tier regional league . As the winner of the Sachsenpokal 2009/10, he qualified for the DFB-Pokal 2010/11 .

The time from 2010 - return to professional football

In the first main round of the DFB-Pokal of the 2010/11 season they met Bundesliga club FC St. Pauli . The CFC surprisingly won the game 1-0 and thus moved into the second main round, where they met Bundesliga club VfB Stuttgart . There the CFC lost in front of 17,145 spectators in the stadium on Gellertstraße with 1: 3 after extra time. On the 33rd matchday in the Regionalliga Nord, the CFC made the promotion to the 3rd division perfect with a 1-0 win over RB Leipzig and thus celebrated his return to German professional football.

In the following season , the Himmelblauen were initially permanently in the lower half of the table in the first half of the season . However, thanks to a series of 16 unbeaten games, they were able to work their way up to the relegation place in the second half of the season. However, the 3rd place in the table could not be held and so the CFC finished the season as the best climber in 9th place. In addition, they managed to qualify for the DFB Cup for the next season with a 5-4 win after extra time in the Sachsenpokal against VfL 05 Hohenstein-Ernstthal .

During the 2012/13 season , Chemnitzer FC was able to position itself permanently in the upper midfield of the 3rd division . This made it possible to stay in the third division for the coming season. On May 15, 2013, the 2011 Sachsenpokal final was held again, in which RB Leipzig and Chemnitzer FC faced each other in the Red Bull Arena . After Chemnitzer FC were already 2-1 ahead at halftime, the final was lost 4-2.

The 2013/14 season , third season for the CFC in the 3rd division, was the weakest to date. After the team was in danger of relegation and the long-time coach Gerd Schädlich on matchday 12, after a disastrous team performance in the 4-0 home defeat against Preußen Münster , at the press conference immediately after the game, the team took their new place Head coach Karsten Heine was 12th at the end of the season. Also due to the commitment of the new sports director Stefan Beutel, who replaced Jörg Emmerich during the winter break , the club again made positive headlines. In addition to staying up, the club celebrated their seventh win of the Saxony Cup with a 3-2 win after extra time against FC Oberlausitz Neugersdorf .

The CFC got off to a promising start in the 2014/15 third division season . The team from Chemnitz also caused a sensation in the 2014/15 DFB Cup : In the legendary first round match against Bundesliga club 1. FSV Mainz 05 it was 3: 3 after 90 minutes and 5: 5 at the end of extra time. The club won the penalty shoot-out 5-4. In the second round, the Chemnitz Werder Bremen lost 2-0. At the beginning of the second half of the season, the CFC lost its good starting position in the league game. In the end it was enough with 5th place for the most successful result in the 3rd division. The Saxony Cup has already been won for the 8th time.

The fans of the Himmelblauen experienced a mixed season in the 2015/16 season . In the DFB Cup, Borussia Dortmund was drawn for the first main round . The Chemnitz team lost their home game with 0: 2 despite a good performance. In the Sachsenpokal they were eliminated in the round of 16 against Dynamo Dresden . In the point games, the team could not convince either. After the 28th matchday and the 2-0 defeat against SG Sonnenhof Großaspach , coach Karsten Heine was dismissed due to unsuccessfulness; the team had now slipped to 17th place in the table. Sven Köhler took over his position and thanks to a strong final spurt, 6th place in the table could be achieved.

The 2016/17 season, which marked the 50th anniversary of winning the GDR championship in 1966/67, was, contrary to expectations, rather modest. The first full season under head coach Sven Köhler and his assistant coach Ulf Mehlhorn ended with 8th place in the table, although the club was never in a relegation place during the season, but with only two game days in place 3 in the table, it was not able to intervene in the promotion race . On August 2, 2016, the new stadium was officially opened with a friendly match against Borussia Mönchengladbach . Unrest in the environment arose on the one hand due to increasing criticism of head coach Sven Köhler, individual comments by players also suggested a disturbed relationship with the team. There was further unrest for financial reasons when the new commercial director Dirk Kall discovered a large financial deficit in the sky blue. Game operations could continue after the city council approved a payment of 1.26 million euros due to the premature termination of a long-term lease in the course of the new stadium construction and the energy supplier Eins Energie in Saxony provided equity capital of 1.5 million euros, which was paid within of 10 years is to be repaid. The board of directors and the supervisory board resigned and were newly elected. Steffen Ziffert became the new head of sport and put the previous sporting director Stefan Beutel on leave towards the end of the season. Chemnitzer FC and head coach Sven Köhler agreed after a mutual agreement not to extend the expiring contract. The license for the 2017/18 season was in great danger and could only be obtained under strict conditions through an immense effort by all those involved. After all, the Sachsenpokal was won 2-1 in the final against 1. FC Lok Leipzig, which entitles them to participate in the DFB-Pokal. The German record champions FC Bayern Munich were drawn as a lucky ticket for the first round of the DFB Cup .

Bankruptcy 2018

On April 10, 2018, the association announced its bankruptcy. The current season was difficult in terms of sport. The club was in the 3rd division in 18th place in the relegation battle with 7 points behind in 17th place and five matchdays outstanding. The Cologne lawyer Klaus Siemon was appointed as the insolvency administrator . The deduction of 9 points due under Section 6 of the DFB rules of play was imposed by the DFB on April 23, 2018 and became legally binding on May 2. This resulted in relegation to the regional league. Thomas Sobotzik was announced as the new sporting director on May 3, 2018.

Further developments in 2019

After a long dispute between the club management and the city of Chemnitz about the amount of the stadium rent in the event of the expected promotion to the 3rd division, this was finally left at the level of regional league membership by city council resolution on March 6, 2019. Chemnitzer FC rose to the 3rd division after the 2018/2019 season and relegated to the regional league on July 4, 2020.

Controversial memorial service in honor of Thomas Haller

After the death of the hooligan Thomas Haller, who was active in the right-wing extremist scene , a mourning operation was carried out in the stadium before the game against VSG Altglienicke on March 9, 2019. Haller was the founder of HooNaRa , and its security company also worked for the association until 2007. Haller's picture was displayed on the video wall and a banner with a cross was spread over the fan block. Pyrotechnics were used. The stadium announcer also read a text. There was a minute of mourning. The player Daniel Frahn held up a t-shirt of the hooligan scene after a goal. The entire campaign received a lot of media attention.

As a result, Thomas Uhlig resigned his office on March 10, 2019. On March 11, 2019, the club separated from its fan representative and SPD deputy in the city council, Peggy Schellenberger, who had expressed condolences on Facebook . The stadium announcer and a member of the communications department were also released from their duties. The player Frahn received a fine from the club for the unsettled action, he was also banned by the association for two games and is on probation for two more. The association filed a criminal complaint "against unknown persons for all offenses under consideration". While the insolvency administrator continued to speak of a blackmail situation and coercion, the local police authority was not aware of such a situation. The media also reported an internal chat process in which u. a. Peggy Schellenberger and Thomas Uhlig were involved. Although there were some concerns that Thomas Haller was an explosive personality and that a memorial service in his honor was therefore critical, this did not lead to the prohibition of the actions carried out later, but rather were classified as controllable and the image of Mr. Haller has been rehabilitated as meanwhile.

Names and numbers

Championship placements since 1950

Season dates 1950–1959

season League No. league Place (of) Points Gates
1950/51 2 GDR League (South Season) 06 (10) 20-16 35:24
1951/52 2 GDR League (Season 2) 02 (12) 32-12 51:19
1952/53 2 GDR League (Season 1) 07 (13) 24-24 39:34
1953/54 2 GDR League (Season 1) 01 (14) 41-11 59:22
1954/55 1 DDR-Oberliga 10 (14) 25-27 34:43
1955 * 1 DDR-Oberliga 14 (14) 06-20 16:42
1956 * 1 DDR-Oberliga 09 (14) 23-29 24:48
1957 * 1 DDR-Oberliga 14 (14) 16-36 31:62
1958 * 2 1st GDR League 14 (14) 14-38 33:52
1959 * 3 2nd GDR League (Season 4) 01 (14) 44- 08 77:23
* Between 1955 and 1960, the game was played in the calendar year according to the Soviet model.

Season dates 1960–1969

season League No. league Place (of) Points Gates
1960 * 2 1st GDR League 08 (14) 27-25 47:43
1961/62 2 1st GDR League 02 (14) 59-19 73:48
1962/63 1 DDR-Oberliga 12 (14) 23-29 39:44
1963/64 1 DDR-Oberliga 04 (14) 29-23 31:29
1964/65 1 DDR-Oberliga 11 (14) 23-29 36:41
1965/66 1 DDR-Oberliga 07 (14) 28-24 29:33
1966/67 1 DDR-Oberliga 01 (14) 37-15 39:23
1967/68 1 DDR-Oberliga 06 (14) 25-27 33:30
1968/69 1 DDR-Oberliga 07 (14) 26-26 35:36
1969/70 1 DDR-Oberliga 13 (14) 19-33 27:42
* Between 1955 and 1960, the game was played in the calendar year according to the Soviet model.

Season dates 1970–1979

season League No. league Place (of) Points goal
1970/71 2 GDR League (South Season) 01 (16) 50-10 72:16
1971/72 1 DDR-Oberliga 12 (14) 19-33 34:48
1972/73 1 DDR-Oberliga 05 (14) 30-22 33:32
1973/74 1 DDR-Oberliga 09 (14) 24-28 42:46
1974/75 1 DDR-Oberliga 10 (14) 22-30 28:38
1975/76 1 DDR-Oberliga 11 (14) 21-31 25:41
1976/77 1 DDR-Oberliga 09 (14) 22-30 35:39
1977/78 1 DDR-Oberliga 07 (14) 24-28 34:37
1978/79 1 DDR-Oberliga 08 (14) 22-30 32:38
1979/80 1 DDR-Oberliga 11 (14) 19-33 26:38

Season dates 1980–1989

season League No. league Place (of) Points Gates
1980/81 1 DDR-Oberliga 09 (14) 21-31 37:54
1981/82 1 DDR-Oberliga 09 (14) 24-28 50:38
1982/83 1 DDR-Oberliga 09 (14) 26-26 41:41
1983/84 1 DDR-Oberliga 06 (14) 30-22 37:34
1984/85 1 DDR-Oberliga 09 (14) 21-31 39:48
1985/86 1 DDR-Oberliga 08 (14) 26-26 33:32
1986/87 1 DDR-Oberliga 08 (14) 24-28 27:34
1987/88 1 DDR-Oberliga 08 (14) 25-27 40:45
1988/89 1 DDR-Oberliga 03 (14) 30-22 38:36
1989/90 1 DDR-Oberliga 02 (14) 36-16 35:20

Season dates 1990-1999

season League No. league Place (of) Points Gates
1990/91 1 NOFV-Oberliga 05 (14) 29-23 24:23
1991/92 2 2nd Bundesliga (group south) 04 (12) 36-28 35:30
1992/93 2 2nd Bundesliga 07 (24) 50-42 64:56
1993/94 2 2nd Bundesliga 09 (18) 39-37 34:44
1994/95 2 2nd Bundesliga 09 (18) 34-34 47:50
1995/96 2 2nd Bundesliga 15 (18) 42 43:51
1996/97 3 Regionalliga Northeast 04 (18) 64 60:27
1997/98 3 Regionalliga Northeast 08 (18) 51 54:36
1998/99 3 Regionalliga Northeast 01 (18) 77 59:12
1999/2000 2 2nd Bundesliga 11 (18) 43 42:49

Season dates 2000-2009

season League No. league Place (of) Points Gates
2000/01 2 2nd Bundesliga 18 (18) 16 24:78
2001/02 3 Regionalliga North 06 (18) 51 53:40
2002/03 3 Regionalliga North 11 (18) 44 47:55
2003/04 3 Regionalliga North 11 (18) 43 31:49
2004/05 3 Regionalliga North 14 (19) 40 33:38
2005/06 3 Regionalliga North 19 (19) 21st 35:78
2006/07 4th NOFV-Oberliga Süd 02 (16) 57 48:19
2007/08 4th NOFV-Oberliga Süd 02 (16) 57 55:25
2008/09 4th Regionalliga North 07 (18) 45 50:42
2009/10 4th Regionalliga North 03 (18) 61 58:34

Season dates 2010–2019

season League No. league Place (of) Points Gates
2010/11 4th Regionalliga North 01 (18) 82 82:23
2011/12 3 3rd league 09 (20) 55 47:43
2012/13 3 3rd league 06 (20) 55 56:47
2013/14 3 3rd league 12 (20) 49 43:46
2014/15 3 3rd league 05 (20) 59 44:36
2015/16 3 3rd league 06 (20) 55 52:46
2016/17 3 3rd league 08 (20) 52 54:51
2017/18 3 3rd league 19 (20) 22 (31) 48:74
2018/19 4th Regionalliga Northeast 01 (18) 77 82:36
2019/20 3 3rd league 17 (20) 44 54:60

blue and bold → (East) German champions

  • ↓ descended
  • ↑ ascended
  • successes


    SaxonySaxony SFV


    • Saxony Cup winner: 1997, 1998, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017 , 2019 , 2020 - Saxon record cup winner


    Germany Democratic Republic 1949GDR DFV



    GermanyGermany DFB



    European Cup balance sheet

    season competition round opponent total To Back
    1967/68 European Champions Cup 1 round BelgiumBelgium RSC Anderlecht 2: 5 1: 3 (H) 1: 2 (A)
    1989/90 Uefa cup 1 round PortugalPortugal Boavista Porto 3: 2 1: 0 (H) 2: 2 a.d. (A)
    2nd round SwitzerlandSwitzerland FC Sion 5: 3 1: 2 (A) 4: 1 (H)
    Round of 16 ItalyItaly Juventus Turin 1: 3 1: 2 (A) 0: 1 (H)
    1990/91 Uefa cup 1 round Germany Federal RepublicFederal Republic of Germany Borussia Dortmund 0: 4 0: 2 (H) 0: 2 (A)
    Legend: (H) - home game, (A) - away game, (N) - neutral place, (a) - away goal rule , (i. E.) - on penalties , (n. V.) - after extra time

    Overall record: 10 games, 2 wins, 1 draw, 7 defeats, 11:17 goals (goal difference −6)

    Coach history

    A chronological overview of the club's coaches since 1952.

    No. Term of office Trainer
    01 .001952– .001953 Karl Haueisen
    02 .001953-04.1955 Heinz Hartmann
    03 08.1955-12.1955 Rolf Kukowitsch
    04th 02.1956-12.1957 Walter Fritzsch
    05 02.1958-05.1958 Fritz Wittenbecher
    06th 05.1958-09.1960 Hans Höfer
    07th 09.1960-02.1961 Siegfried Seifert
    08th 03.1961- .001963 Heinz Werner (1)
    09 .001963– .001968 Horst Scherbaum
    10 .001968– .001970 Bringfried Müller
    11 .001970- .001971 Heinz Weber
    12 .001971-12.1974 Gerhard Hofmann
    13 12.1974-08.1975 Dieter Erler
    14th 09.1975-03.1976 Herbert Naumann
    15th 04.1976-12.1980 Manfred Coppersmith
    16 01.1981- .001985 Manfred Lienemann (1)
    17th .001985- .001988 Heinz Werner (2)
    18th .001988- .001993 Hans Meyer
    19th .001993-05.1996 Reinhard Häfner
    20th 05.1996-09.2000 Christoph Franke (1)
    No. Term of office Trainer
    21st 09.2000-11.2000 Josip Kuže
    22nd 11.2000-12.2000 Manfred Lienemann (2)
    23 12.2000-08.2001 Dirk Karkuth
    24 08.2001-10.2002 Matthias Schulz
    25th 10.2002-11.2002 Dirk Barsikow (1)
    26th 11.2002- .002003 Joachim Mueller (1)
    27 .002003-09.2004 Frank Rohde
    28 09.2004-03.2005 Dirk Barsikow (2)
    29 03.2005-12.2005 Dietmar Demuth
    30th 12.2005-04.2007 Joachim Mueller (2)
    31 04.2007-04.2008 Tino Vogel
    32 04/2008–06/2008 Christoph Franke (2)
    33 07/2008–10/2013 Gerd Schädlich
    34 10.2013–03.2016 Karsten Heine
    35 03.2016-06.2017 Sven Koehler
    36 07.2017–01.2018 Horst Steffen
    37 01.2018-09.2019 David Bergner
    38 09.2019–07.2020 Patrick Glöckner
    39 from 07.2020 Daniel Berlinski

    Presidential history

    No. Term of office president
    01 .000000-.000000 Alfred Bernhardt
    02 .000000-.000000 Erich Baumgärtel
    03 .000000-.000000 Herbert Voigtländer
    04th .000000-.000000 Werner Günther
    05 Until 1956 Heinz Gensel
    06th .001956- .001959 Karl Schneider
    07th .001959- .001966 [NN] Illing
    08th .001966- .001970 Werner Thomßen
    09 .001970- .001976 Karl-Heinz Müller
    10 .001976- .001981 Hans Groschwald
    11 .001981- .001990 Roland Hauschild
    12 .001990-09.1990 Karl-Heinz Friedrich
    13 .001991- .001994 Werner Thomßen
    No. Term of office president
    14th .001994-07.1997 Winfried Maier
    15th 07.1997-02.2000 Lutz Waszik (1)
    16 05.2000 Klaus Schreiter
    17th 06.2000-11.2000 Claus-Peter Nofri
    18th 11.2000 Eberhard Langer
    19th 11.2000-12.2001 Lutz Waszik (2)
    20th 12.2001-06.2002 Bernd Robert Leichthammer
    21st 05.2003–10.2006 Frank Kapp
    22nd 10.2006-11.2017 Mathias Hänel
    23 02.2018-08.2019 Andreas Georgi
    24 08.2019–01.2020 vacant
    25th Since 01.2020 Romy upholstery

    Sponsor history

    Overview of the shirt sponsors since 1990:

    First team

    Current squad

    • As of January 31, 2020
    No. Nat. Surname birthday In the team since
    01 Czech RepublicCzech Republic SlovakiaSlovakia Jakub Jakubov 02/01/1989 2018
    22nd GermanyGermany David's wish 03/04/2003 2017
    30th GermanyGermany Sönke Günther 06/18/2001 2019
    33 GermanyGermany TurkeyTurkey Isa Dogan 09/22/1999 2020
    03 AustriaAustria Niklas Hoheneder (C)Captain of the crew 08/17/1986 2018
    05 SloveniaSlovenia Jovan Vidović 01/06/1989 2020
    19th GermanyGermany Lukas Aigner 04/19/1996 2020
    21st GermanyGermany Robert Zickert 03/23/1990 2020
    23 GermanyGermany Nils Koehler 07/25/1993 2020
    31 GermanyGermany Paul Milde 01/25/1995 2018
    ? GermanyGermany Felix Schimmel 07/15/1999 2020
    06th GermanyGermany GreeceGreece Joannis Karsanidis 06/25/1993 2018
    07th GermanyGermany Christian Bickel 01/27/1991 2020
    08th GermanyGermany TurkeyTurkey Okan Kurt 01/11/1995 2020
    10 PolandPoland GermanyGermany Riccardo Grym 06/13/1999 2020
    14th GermanyGermany Tim Campulka 04/28/1999 2014
    17th GermanyGermany Lukas Knechtel 02/09/1994 2020
    18th GermanyGermany Stanley Keller 01/23/2002 2007
    20th GermanyGermany Roman Bekö 05/25/2001 2019
    27 GermanyGermany Theo Ogbidi 02/02/2001 2020
    38 GermanyGermany Tobias Müller 05/31/1993 2018
    09 GermanyGermany Danny Breitfelder 02/29/1997 2020
    13 GermanyGermany Alexander Dartsch 08/29/1994 2020
    16 GermanyGermany Kevin Freiberger 11/16/1988 2020
    29 GermanyGermany Simon Roscher 02/04/2002 2011

    Trainers and supervisors

    Surname function
    Daniel Berlinski Head coach
    Christian Tiffert Assistant coach
    Thomas Koehler Goalkeeping coach
    Torsten Bittermann Team supervisor
    Dirk Harlos Team doctor
    Jörg Leibiger Team doctor
    Sebastian Lange Physiotherapist
    Olaf Renn Physiotherapist
    Florian Braband Physiotherapist

    Transfers of the 2020/21 season

    Nat. Surname donating club Transfer period
    GermanyGermany David's wish own offspring Summer 2020
    GermanyGermany TurkeyTurkey Isa Dogan Adanaspor
    GermanyGermany Robert Zickert 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig Summer 2020
    SloveniaSlovenia Jovan Vidović SC switch Flensburg 08
    GermanyGermany Lukas Aigner Wacker Burghausen
    GermanyGermany Nils Koehler SV Lippstadt 08
    Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina GermanyGermany Adis Omerbasic Bonner SC
    GermanyGermany Felix Schimmel 1. FC Nuremberg II
    GermanyGermany Theo Ogbidi 1. FC Magdeburg Summer 2020
    GermanyGermany Christian Bickel FSV Zwickau
    GermanyGermany Lukas Knechtel Wuppertal SV
    PolandPoland GermanyGermany Riccardo Grym without a club
    GermanyGermany Stanley Keller own offspring
    SlovakiaSlovakia Roman Bekö own offspring
    GermanyGermany TurkeyTurkey Okan Kurt Adanaspor
    GermanyGermany Alexander Dartsch ZFC Meuselwitz Summer 2020
    GermanyGermany Danny Breitfelder ZFC Meuselwitz
    GermanyGermany Simon Roscher own offspring
    GermanyGermany Kevin Freiberger Sports fanatic Lotte
    Nat. Surname receiving club Transfer period
    GermanyGermany Joshua Mroß Alemannia Aachen Summer 2020
    BulgariaBulgaria Kostadin Welkow SV Atlas Delmenhorst Summer 2020
    GermanyGermany Soeren Reddemann Hallescher FC
    GermanyGermany Clemens Schoppenhauer FC Oberneuland
    GermanyGermany United StatesUnited States Lennard Maloney 1. FC Union Berlin
    GermanyGermany ItalyItaly Sandro Sirigu SG Sonnenhof Großaspach
    GermanyGermany Nils Blumberg Alemannia Aachen
    GermanyGermany Pascal Itter unknown
    Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina GermanyGermany Adis Omerbasic unknown (contract termination at the request of the player)
    GermanyGermany Tarsis Bonga VfL Bochum Summer 2020
    GermanyGermany Matti Langer FC Carl Zeiss Jena
    GermanyGermany Erik Tallig TSV 1860 Munich
    GermanyGermany Florian Krebs Borussia Dortmund II
    GermanyGermany Rafael García Doblas SV Waldhof Mannheim
    GermanyGermany Daniel Bohl unknown
    GermanyGermany Maximilian Oesterhelweg FC Carl Zeiss Jena
    AustriaAustria Philipp Sturm unknown
    AustriaAustria Philipp Hosiner Dynamo Dresden Summer 2020
    GermanyGermany Davud Tuma Kickers Offenbach
    GermanyGermany Dejan Bozic SV Meppen

    Former players

    SC / FC Karl-Marx-Stadt

    see also: List of GDR top division players of FC Karl-Marx-Stadt

    Eberhard Vogel was the FCK player with the most international appearances

    GDR national team

    The following players wore the jersey of the GDR national team during their time at the club :

    Ulf Mehlhorn, 1990

    Other major players

    Michael Ballack was a CFC player until 1997

    Chemnitzer FC

    Second team

    As district champion of Karl-Marx-Stadt , the second team of the FCK was able to immortalize itself several times in the annals of GDR football . Most recently, the Reserve elf succeeded in 1983/84 the title in the Karl-Marx-Städter district league , after the first of the season 1, the ASG Vorwärts Plauen , was defeated in the two finals of the district championship following the victory in season 2 . In the promotion games for the second-rate league , however, the team could not prevail and remained third-rate until the team's withdrawal in the summer of 1989. The district league place was awarded to the BSG Motor "Fritz Heckert" Karl-Marx-Stadt , which took this place with its second team. Thus the second strongest city rival at the time suddenly had a team each in the second and third highest DFV league.

    In the 1970s , the Karl-Marx-Städter's second representation succeeded in making the leap into the lower house in the course of the expansion of the league to 60 teams in five seasons through the 1972 district championship. After rank 8 in 1972/73 , the team had to relegate back to the district league as bottom of the table in 1973/74 (each in season D). For another season, 1975/76 and this time in season E, FCK II was among the participants in the league. In the course of the provisional dissolution of the 2nd teams or their conversion into the teams of the junior league in the summer of 1976, three seasons with 66 games and a 121st place are recorded in the Eternal Table of the GDR League for the FCK reserve.

    After reunification , the second team of Chemnitzer FC initially succeeded in Saxony's football: in 1991/92 the team won the title in the Chemnitz district league (5th division). The following year, the CFC amateur eleven won the Sachsen Landesliga and qualified for the third-class amateur league in the NOFV area . The leap into the 1994 re-introduced regional league as the third highest division succeeded the CFC reserve as 14th of the season south of the NOFV amateur league 1993/94 but not. For three seasons the team was able to hold in the fourth-class league , before relegation to the state league in 1996/97 and a year later in the Chemnitz district league had to be acknowledged.

    The second team, mainly with players up to 23 years of age in the squad, was canceled by Chemnitzer FC for the 2015/16 season. She played in her last season in the five-class league .

    Women's soccer

    The roots of the women's football department of Chemnitzer FC lie with the BSG Wismut Karl-Marx-Stadt. In 1980 the team won the “Best Determination”, the GDR's unofficial championship. In 1983, 1985, 1987 and 1990 they became runner-up and in 1988 they won the “Cup of the Democratic Women's Association ”. As fifth in the top division season 1990/91 you missed the leap into the Bundesliga . After the season, the section was taken over by Chemnitzer FC and was relegated from the Oberliga Nordost in the first season . In the years that followed, the CFC's women's team became the elevator team and was promoted to the regional league four times and relegated just as often. Only between 2004 and 2007 was the team able to hold out in the Regionalliga Nordost for a longer period of time.

    In the 2010/11 season, the team played in the Landesliga Sachsen, which was completed in first place, and rose to the regional league northeast for the sixth time in the club's history after the following relegation games against SC 1903 Weimar . In 2011/12, after a coach change during the winter break, Markus Seiler became the new head coach, and a strong second half of the season, they were still able to stay up. The 2012/13 season ended in twelfth and last place in the NOFV Regionalliga. Only on the last match day was relegation sealed with a 2-1 defeat at BSC Marzahn .

    In July 2011 the CFC women became German champions in beach soccer . In summer 2012 they lost the final and became runner-up.

    The most successful and best-known footballer who was in the service of the “Himmelblauen” is the national player and world champion Anja Mittag , who is now active at VfL Wolfsburg .


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    Commons : Chemnitzer FC  - Collection of images, videos and audio files

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