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As a specialist pharmacists are pharmacists referred to in one of the below branches of Pharmacy have developed further and here on an exam have passed. As part of professional training , pharmacists can acquire the title of specialist pharmacist in the following areas :

Areas of specialization

The legal basis for further training to become a specialist pharmacist is formed by the further training regulations of the individual regional chambers of pharmacists . The training takes place through seminars, project work and intensive supervision by a specialist pharmacist, practical activities and working through the curriculum of the competency catalog of the respective chamber of pharmacies. The standard training period is at least three years and ends with a final examination.

After completing the further training, the pharmacist may henceforth use the professional title z. B. lead specialist pharmacists for clinical pharmacy .

Areas of specialization

In addition to training as a specialist pharmacist, you can also specialize in the following areas :

The title is only to be used as an additional designation for specialist pharmacist. (e.g. specialist pharmacist for clinical pharmacy and infectious diseases)

The further training regulations of the individual state pharmacy chambers form the legal basis for further training in the area specializations .


In Switzerland, further training as a specialist pharmacist is compulsory according to the Medical Professions Act in order to be able to work independently in the dispensing or clinic.

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