VSG Altglienicke

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VSG Altglienicke
Basic data
Surname Volkssport Gemeinschaft
Altglienicke e. V.
Seat Altglienicke , Treptow-Koepenick , Berlin
founding 1946 (1883)
Colours blue White
Members 1,000
Website vsg-altglienicke.de
First soccer team
Head coach Karsten Heine
Venue Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Sports Park
Places 19,708
league Regionalliga Northeast
2019/20 2nd place

The Volkssport Gemeinschaft Altglienicke , VSG Altglienicke for short , is an association with over 1000 members from the Berlin district of Altglienicke in the Treptow-Köpenick district . The club is one of the few in the former East Berlin that was able to keep its traditional club name over the GDR era and did not disappear under the umbrella of a sponsoring company as a company sports association, as was politically desired at the time.

In addition to football , the club has sports departments for gymnastics , volleyball , handball , dancing, badminton and senior sports . His first soccer team managed to move up from the district league B to the regional league between 2004 and 2017 , to which it has belonged ever since. It plays its home games in the Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark in the Prenzlauer Berg district in the Pankow district .

season league Place (of)
(...) (...) (...)
1992/93 District league A 08. (16)
1993/94 District League 08. (16)
1994/95 District League 02. (16)
1995/96 National league 09. (16)
1996/97 National league 16. (16)
1997/98 District League 15. (16)
1998/99 District league A 13. (16)
1999/00 District league A 16. (16)
2000/01 District League B 13. (16)
2001/02 District League B 09. (16)
2002/03 District League B 05. (16)
2003/04 District League B 02. (16)
2004/05 District league A 08. (16)
2005/06 District league A 14. (16)
2006/07 District league A 01. (16)
2007/08 District League 03. (16)
2008/09 District League 01. (16)
2009/10 National league 02. (16)
2010/11 Berlin League 02. (18)
2011/12 Berlin League 01. (19)
2012/13 Oberliga Nordost 09. (16)
2013/14 Oberliga Nordost 07. (16)
2014/15 Berlin League 05. (18)
2015/16 Berlin League 01. (18)
2016/17 Oberliga Nordost 01. (16)
2017/18 Regionalliga Northeast 15. (18)
2018/19 Regionalliga Northeast 14. (18)
2019/20 Regionalliga Northeast 02. (18)


1883 to 1945

The history of Altglienicker sport began on July 25, 1883 with the establishment of MTV Spieß as a civil gymnastics club. In the following decades there were constant changes for the sports business in Altglienicke due to the general social conditions. In 1906 the first workers' sports clubs such as B. BSC Freiheit 06. In 1909, the Altglienicker Ballspielclub 09 was founded as a pure football club and under the umbrella of the DFB . The workers' sports clubs united in 1913/1914 to form the Altglienicke 06 gymnastics and sports association, which was dissolved in 1933. The first tables of the footballers of the Altglienicker BC 09 are available from 1911. From 1932 onwards there are final tables of the handball players from the department of MTV Spieß. There is little information about the handball players of the TuSV Altglienicke 06. The MTV Spieß and the Altglienicker BC 09 were dissolved in 1945 by resolution of the Allied Control Council like all other clubs.

1946 to 1960

At the beginning of 1946, general sports were formed, which carried out their sport at the municipal level in the sports of gymnastics, handball, soccer, bowling, chess and fishing. The teams of the competition branches were mostly classified in the lower divisions of the associations. From April 1, 1949 associations were allowed to be founded again. The Altglienicker Sportverein (ASV) was founded. With the exception of the anglers, all branches of sport joined this. After the 1949/50 season, football was divided between East and West. In handball, this separation took place two years later.

From the time the GDR was founded, the sports management of the GDR tried to incorporate all clubs into the new state-owned companies. Already in October / November 1951 the BSG Chemie Adlershof tried to bring about a union with the Altglienicker sports club. This was rejected by the board of directors of the Altglienicker sports club and by all of the club's sports branches on October 9, 1951. The Altglienicker sports club remained a private club without any operational ties.

In 1952, the GDR sports leadership banned the designation "club". After long discussions about the new club name, the Altglienicker sports club renamed itself to Volkssport Gemeinschaft Altglienicke on July 1, 1952. The first letters formed the new club symbol VGA, which is still valid today. From this point on, the VSG footballers played in the 1st district class, while the handball players made it to the top division of East Berlin in the 1953 field handball championship. After the bowling alley in the Altglienicke Stadium was opened in 1951, the bowling department was able to set up a large number of teams that always played a very good role in the East Berlin championships. Until 1956, the VSG Altglienicke played in the 1st district class. Due to a division reform in 1956, you had to relegate sixth to the bottom division in Berlin football. In 1958, the footballers rose from the district class as runner-up to the first class. In the following year, as a first-class champion, he was even promoted to the city class, the second highest division in Berlin at the time.

1960 to 1991

In this division they played until the 1964/65 season, after the season it went back to the 1st district class. The next few years were an up and down. The VSG Altglienicke now shuttled back and forth between district class and 1st district class. The renewed promotion was only possible again in the 1969/70 season. The district class, as the city class was now called, could not be held, so that the VSG Altglienicke was immediately relegated. Between 1974 and 1982 the VSG Altglienicke changed the league several times, the promotion to the district class, then followed by relegation to the 1st district class. Only with the 1982/83 season was the team able to secure permanent membership of the district class.

In the 1960s there were further inquiries as to whether VSG Altglienicke would like to join a company after all. As in 1951, these requests are also rejected. The VSG remains a private association. In the 1988/89 season, the second place in the district class season B was achieved, which entitled to two promotion games in the district league - at that time Berlin's top division. The favorite BSG Einheit Pankow could be defeated in two exciting games . The first leg in Altglienicke was won 3-1, as was the second leg in Pankow. This time with 3: 2.

Thus, the VSG Altglienicke played for the first time in the club's history in the district league. In the district league season 1989/90 the 13th place was reached, which could prevent relegation. In the following season 1990/91 the 10th place in the Landesliga Ost was reached. After reunification, VSG Altglienicke became a registered association. The new name was voted on at a board meeting. From the arguments it became clear that the name VSG Altglienicke will be retained. The renaming in ASV was rejected, the name only existed about four years. In addition, the abbreviation ASV also reminded of the name of the former army sports clubs of the GDR.

Since 1991

The first season in joint play from East and West ended with relegation to the district league A. With eighth place in the 1992/93 season, promotion to the newly created district league (third highest Berlin division) was achieved. In the 1994/95 season, promotion to the national league was achieved. After finishing ninth in the national league in the 1995/96 season, the sporting descent began with three relegations in four years. In the 2000/01 season, the VSG Altglienicke only played in the district league B. Only when they were promoted to the district league A in 2003/04, better times began for the VSG Altglienicke. After the rise from the district league A in the 2006/07 season you played two years in the district league.

During the 2006/07 season, the VSG's second team hit the national headlines when they played against the TuS Makkabi Berlin reserve team . The players of the Jewish sports club Makkabi left the pitch before the end of the game after they were insulted by visitors in the Altglienicker Stadium with anti-Semitic chants like “Jude verrecke”, “ Synagogues must burn” or “U-Bahn to Auschwitz ”.

After the just missed promotion in 2007/08 as a promoter, promotion to the regional league followed after the 2008/09 season . In the 2009/10 regional league season they immediately took second place and were promoted to the Berlin league via two relegation games against the runner-up in the other regional league season . The newcomer reached second place behind BFC Viktoria 1889 at the end of the 2010/11 season . In the following season 2011/12, the VSG Altglienicke took first place for almost the entire season and on May 12, 2012 made it prematurely the Berlin championship and promotion to the NOFV-Oberliga, which is the greatest sporting event with the first promotion to national football Success marked the club's history.

In the first league season the VSG Altglienicke got off to a brilliant start with a series where it should take more than six games to concede a goal at all. In the first half of the season, the newcomer finished quite successfully with 5th place. In the second half of the season, however, apart from a small series of four successful games, they couldn't really get going and ended up in 9th place. Also in the following season, from a sporting point of view, they managed to stay in the league with 7th place, but the club decided to withdraw from the league for economic reasons. Having returned to the Berlin League, they initially achieved fifth place in the 2014/15 season. The following season 2015/16 the VSG Altglienicke was able to establish itself at the top of the table early on and secured the Berlin championship four game days before the end of the season. Two years after voluntarily withdrawing from the league, the club has declared that it will exercise its right of promotion and thus play a class higher again. Together with the former professional players Björn Brunnemann and Torsten Mattuschka , the VSG was able to top the table for the first time after just three match days. During the season Altglienicke competed with league competitor FSV Optik Rathenow for the top of the table. At the end of the season, VSG secured the championship with a 2-2 win at SV Lichtenberg 47 and one point ahead of Optik. This means that VSG Altglienicke will play in the Regionalliga Nordost for the first time in the 2017/18 season . Since their stadium does not meet the requirements of the NOFV for this league, the club has been playing its home games in the Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark since this season .

It was there that the greatest cup success in the club's history was achieved in the 2019/20 season, when FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin was defeated 6-0 on August 22, 2020 and the Berlin State Cup was won. In addition, 2nd place was achieved in the 2019/20 regional league season . This table position was determined using a quotient rule after the season was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic . According to the "unadjusted" table at the time of the end of the season, VSG Altglienicke was even in first place in the table due to the better goal difference - tied with 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig . Altglienicke, however, had played one more game, so that Lok Leipzig was crowned first in the table thanks to the quota system.

Squad 2019/20

As of September 5, 2019

No. Nat. player birthday Contract until Last club
01 Czech RepublicCzech Republic GermanyGermany Dan Twardzik Sep 15 1996 06/30/2019 without a club
12 GermanyGermany Johannes Dunkel Dec 20, 1999 06/30/2019 VSG Altglienicke U19
02 GermanyGermany Michael Junior Czyborra July 24, 1997 06/30/2019 Energy Cottbus
05 GermanyGermany Kevin Kahlert 0Aug 1, 1989 06/30/2019 Berlin AK 07
06th GermanyGermany Rico Steinhauer Jan 15, 1993 06/30/2019 BFC Dynamo
18th GermanyGermany Igloo Cami Apr 29, 1998 06/30/2019 Energie Cottbus U19
21st GermanyGermany René Pütt July 27, 1990 06/30/2019 TSG Neustrelitz
33 GermanyGermany Stephan Brehmer 0Dec. 4, 1992 06/30/2020 FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin
07th GermanyGermany Christian Skoda Oct 10, 1990 06/30/2021 FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin
11 GermanyGermany Nico Donner Oct 25, 1998 06/30/2019 CFC Hertha 06
16 GermanyGermany Christian Preiss Apr 13, 1987 06/30/2019 BFC Dynamo
20th GermanyGermany Lukas Müller 21 Sep 1997 06/30/2019 Energy Cottbus
22nd GermanyGermany Christopher Quiring Nov 23, 1990 06/30/2019 Hansa Rostock
04th GermanyGermany Patrick Kroll 0Sep 1 1987 06/30/2019 Grünauer BC
09 TurkeyTurkey GermanyGermany Tugay Uzan Feb. 27, 1997 06/30/2021 FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt
14th GermanyGermany Kevin Stephan July 23, 1990 06/30/2019 Berlin AK 07
32 GermanyGermany Benjamin Forster Nov 14, 1989 06/30/2020 Energy Cottbus

Trainer & Responsible 2019/20

As of September 5, 2019

Nat. Surname function
GermanyGermany Karsten Heine Head coach
GermanyGermany Torsten Mattuschka Assistant coach
GermanyGermany Roman Left Goalkeeping coach

Known players



  • Excerpts from the chronicle of the Altglienicke citizens' association "Stories from the village of Altglienicke"
  • Minutes of the board of the VSG Altglienicke

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Coordinates: 52 ° 25 ′ 9.1 ″  N , 13 ° 32 ′ 5.6 ″  E