FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin

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FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin
Logo of FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin
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Surname Football club Viktoria 1889 Berlin
Lichterfelde-Tempelhof e. V.
Seat Berlin - Lichterfelde
founding June 6, 1889
Colours Light blue and white
president Ullrich Brüggemann
Football company
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Surname FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin Football GmbH
Shareholder min. 51%: Viktoria 1889 Berlin
Shareholder GmbH
Tomislav Karajica
Zeljko Karajica

max. 49%: Viktoria Berlin e. V.
(majority of votes at the eV)
executive Director Ivan Barešić-Nikić
Website viktoria-berlin.de
First team
Head coach Benedetto Muzzicato
Venue Lichterfelde stadium
Places 4,300
league Regionalliga Northeast
2019/20 8th place

The FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin (officially: FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin Lichterfelde-Tempelhof eV ) is a sports club from the Berlin district of Lichterfelde in the Steglitz-Zehlendorf district , which was founded on July 1, 2013 through the merger of the BFC Viktoria 1889 and the LFC Berlin originated. It is Germany's largest active football division with more than 1,600 members in around 65 different teams. The first men's soccer team has been playing in the fourth-class Regionalliga Nordost since the 2013/14 season . The first women's team has been playing in the Regionalliga Nordost since the 2014/15 season . The U19 and U17 teams will play in the A-Juniors Bundesliga and B-Juniors Bundesliga respectively in the 2020/21 season .


Parent club BFC Viktoria 1889

Logo of the BFC Viktoria 1889

The club was founded on June 6, 1889 as Berliner TuFC Viktoria 89 and changed its name to Berlin FC Viktoria 89 Berlin on August 19, 1933 . On March 10, 1937, the company was renamed FC Viktoria 89 in Berlin . From 1944 the association formed the war syndicate KSG Lufthansa / Viktoria Berlin with Lufthansa SG Berlin , which was dissolved a year later. After the end of the war, the Tempelhof sports group emerged from which the BFC Viktoria 1889 was re-established on July 12, 1947 .

Before the First World War , Viktoria was one of the top clubs in German football. In 1908 and 1911 she won the German championship and was in the final in 1907 and 1909, respectively. After the war ended, the Viktoria lost the connection before the team reached the semi-finals of the German championship again in 1934 . After the Second World War, she reached the final round of the German championship again in 1955 and 1956 , before a sporty slide began, which culminated in 1983 in relegation to the district league.

Only after the turn of the millennium did the club experience a new sporting boom. In 2007 it made headlines nationwide when a final for the German championship against FC Hanau 93 planned for 1894 was rescheduled and this unofficial title was won. In 2011 he was promoted to the Oberliga Nordost , which was followed two years later by promotion to the Regionalliga.

In total, Viktoria provided eleven German national players. In addition to soccer, the club was also successful in cricket . While the men have won 21 German championships, the women have only won one championship so far.

Parent club LFC Berlin

Logo of the LFC Berlin

The LFC goes back to FV Brandenburg 1892 , founded on March 20, 1892 , which merged on June 4, 1972 with FC Lichterfelde 12, founded on June 18, 1912, to form FV Brandenburg-Lichterfelde , or BraLi for short . In the meantime, in 1951, the Lichterfelder SU was founded. On June 2, 1988, the FV Brandenburg-Lichterfelde and the Lichterfelder SU merged to form VfB Lichterfelde . On June 7, 2004 the club was renamed LFC Berlin.

The parent clubs of the LFC played at the top of Berlin amateur football in different eras. FC Lichterfelde 12 belonged to the Berlin Amateur League from 1952 to 1961 . The FV Brandenburg-Lichterfelde belonged to the Oberliga Berlin from 1978 to 1980 and in the 1986/87 season . The Lichterfelder SU even played in the second-class Berlin Regionalliga from 1965 to 1967 and was runner-up in Berlin in 1980. The VfB Lichterfelde in turn played from 1991 to 2004 and since 2006 in the Oberliga Nordost and was runner-up there in 1995 and 1996 respectively.

The soccer players of the LFC were promoted to the third-class Regionalliga Nordost in 2005 and secured the championship and the associated promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga in 2013 . The LFC and its predecessors did not have any national players, but with Ariane Hingst and Michél Mazingu-Dinzey they later produced national players.

After the merger

After a merger had failed in 2002, both clubs successfully made a new attempt in March 2013. At the end of May 2013, the members of both associations approved the merger effective July 1, 2013. The club took over the light blue jersey color of the BFC Viktoria 1889. Most of the coat of arms was also adopted, but the red of the LFC was added to the blue and white Viktoria logo. In the first season after the merger , the team reached eighth place. The first team has been playing in the Regionalliga Nordost since the 2013/14 season . In the first season, in addition to a respectable 8th place in the league, the final of the Berlin State Cup was reached. In this, Viktoria prevailed in the Jahn-Sportpark 2-1 against the Berlin league club Tasmania Berlin and thus qualified for the first main round of the DFB Cup in the following season. This started out rather mixed. Although the club was able to achieve an acceptable 0-2 against Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt in the DFB Cup , Berlin did not live up to expectations in the league, so that head coach Thomas Herbst was released on November 6, 2014, in 15th place . He was followed by Mario Block, who was dismissed at the end of March after he was unable to bring about the necessary change in the team. Until the end of the season, the team stayed in 15th place, but did not get relegated because VFC Plauen had to be relegated and 1. FC Union Berlin withdrew their second team from the game.

Also in the following season there was initially no consistency in the coaching position. Robert Jaspert , who was signed at the beginning of the season, canceled his contract at his own request after starting with only 6 points from 10 games. His successor was Ersan Parlatan, who previously worked in the TSG Neustrelitz coaching team and from 2010 to 2011 already coached the previous club, BFC Viktoria 1889 . Under his leadership, the third-best team in the second half of the season finished twelfth. In May 2018, the club announced the collaboration with the Advantage Sports Union (ASU) from Hong Kong , the Chinese investor Alex Zheng, who are also involved in the French first division club OGC Nice and the US second division club Phoenix Rising .

At the beginning of December 2018, the association filed for bankruptcy at the Charlottenburg District Court . The reason for this would have been "non-payment by the Chinese investor". Because of the bankruptcy application , nine points were deducted from the association. Worse could be prevented, so the insolvency administrator and the board of directors were able to secure bridging financing for the continuation of gaming operations at the end of January 2019. For this, however, numerous departures were necessary in order to reduce the costs of the management.

In the 2018/19 season, the club split on April 30th, three games before the end of the season in 9th place in the table in the Regionalliga Nordost, from coach Jörg Goslar, whose contract that was due at the end of the season had not been extended anyway. For the last league games and the final of the Berlin State Cup , the previous co-trainer Alex Arsovic took over the management. With a 1-0 win against Tennis Borussia Berlin, the club won the Berlin State Cup 2018/19. The new head coach was Benedetto Muzzicato on July 1, 2019.

Football GmbH

On June 26, 2018, 121 members present and entitled to vote voted at an extraordinary general meeting with 97.5 percent for a spin-off of the game operations of the 1st men's team and the associated commercial operations into a corporation . Almost one and a half years later, on 12 November 2019 which was FC Viktoria Berlin football 1889 GmbH in Charlottenburg District Court in the Commercial Register entered. This enabled the insolvency proceedings against the e. V. will end on December 10, 2019. In the course of this, the U19, the U17 and the first women's team were spun off into the GmbH. As the majority shareholder, e. V. incorporated Viktoria 1889 Berlin Shareholder GmbH . This is a subsidiary of SEH Sports & Entertainment Holding owned by Tomislav Karajica and his brother Zeljko Karajica . According to the 50 + 1 rule , however, the e. V. the majority of votes at the shareholders' meeting .


First team

Second team

More teams

Youth teams

In the first season after the merger, the A-Juniors of FC Viktoria Berlin played in the U-19 Regionalliga Nordost and reached 4th place. In the following season 2014/15 the promotion to the U-19-Bundesliga was fixed with the 2nd place behind Energie Cottbus . In this one started with 3 wins from the first 5 games, u. a. against the U-19 of Hamburger SV , but then hardly took any points and was relegated to 13th of 14 teams at the end of the season and has since played in the U-19 Regionalliga Nordost again.

FC Viktoria Berlin provides the largest youth division of all German football clubs, which goes back to its predecessor, LFC Berlin , which before the merger already had most of the youth players and teams within the DFB . Since the merger of the two clubs, the number has even increased.

Blind football

The blind soccer team of FC Viktoria has played in the league since the blind soccer Bundesliga was founded in 2008. First as SG Würzburg / Berlin , from the 2010 season independently as LFC Berlin for two years and from the 2012 to 2015 season as a syndicate with Eintracht Braunschweig . In 2016 the club played independently again as FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin. For the 2017 season, a syndicate was formed with TSV 1860 Munich .


The club's first women's team played in the 2nd Bundesliga North in the 2013/14 season thanks to the championship won by LFC Berlin in the Regionalliga Nordost . As the bottom of the table, the immediate relegation followed. The team has been competing in the third-class Regionalliga Nordost since the 2014/15 season . In 2018 Viktoria won the Berlin Cup with a 4-1 final victory over Blau-Weiß 90 Berlin . A year later , Viktoria was runner-up behind 1. FC Union Berlin . The 2019/20 season brought another runner-up, this time behind RB Leipzig .

Stadium & infrastructure

The first team plays their home games in the Lichterfelde stadium , which has 4,300 seats and previously served as the home ground for LFC Berlin . On the area around the stadium there are also two artificial turf pitches, which, like the main square, are floodlit. The club also has its office here, which was also taken over from the previous club. In the past, the larger Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg was used as an alternative for games of the first men . B. for the DFB Cup game against Eintracht Frankfurt , which was attended by over 10,000 spectators.

The A-Juniors play their home games in the Tempelhofer Friedrich-Ebert-Stadion , the old home of BFC Viktoria 1889 . There are also two more artificial turf pitches that are available to the club and its numerous teams. Further training grounds for various youth teams are located on Osdorfer Straße and Lippstädter Straße in Berlin-Lichterfelde .

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