Dallas Mavericks

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Dallas Mavericks
Dallas Mavericks logo
history Dallas Mavericks
since 1980
Stadion American Airlines Center
Location Dallas , Texas
Club colors Blue, navy, silver, black
league NBA
Conference Western Conference
division Southwest Division
Head coach Rick Carlisle
General manager Donnie Nelson
owner Mark Cuban
Farm teams Texas Legends
Championships 1 ( 2011 )
Conference title 2 ( 2006 , 2011 )
Division title 3 (1987, 2007 , 2010 )
Jersey colors
Jersey colors
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The Dallas Mavericks (often abbreviated Mavs ) are a team of the North American professional basketball league NBA . The team is owned by billionaire Mark Cuban . In the 2010/11 season , the Mavericks won their first NBA championship.


Logo of the Mavericks until 2001

Foundation of the Mavericks

The basketball tradition in the Texas city of Dallas was established in 1967 by the Dallas Chaparrals , a founding member of the American Basketball Association (ABA). The sport of basketball found little popularity in Dallas in the following years, after which the Chaparrals moved to San Antonio and were finally incorporated into the National Basketball Association (NBA) in 1976 under the name San Antonio Spurs . Against this background, the two business partners Don Carter and Norm Sonju asked those responsible for the NBA in 1979 for permission to set up a new basketball franchise in Dallas.

As part of the 1980 NBA All-Star Games, the acceptance of a new team was then approved and the franchise owners paid an entry fee of 12 million US dollars to participate in the game from the 1980/81 season . The name of the new team was chosen based on the Western series Maverick , which led to disputes with the University of Texas at Arlington , which also used this name. Even so, the Mavericks were incorporated into the Midwest Division of the Western Conference .

Promotion to Favorite (1980–1990)

As the first head coach was Dick Motta , the Washington Bullets in the 1977-78 season led to the championship, committed. With the first draft pick in their history, the Mavericks drew Kiki Vandeweghe, who was born in Wiesbaden, in the 1980 NBA draft . However, Vandeweghe refused to accrue for the franchise and was traded in in exchange for the rights to two future draft picks to the Denver Nuggets . With these picks Rolando Blackman and Sam Perkins were later drafted. Another event is the signing of Mark Aguirre , the first pick of the 1981 NBA draft .

Compared to other teams, which experience shows that it took a long time to build a powerful team, the Mavericks reached the playoffs for the first time in 1984. Led by young players like Aguirre and Blackman, the Mavericks only failed in the second round at the Los Angeles Lakers .

They proved a good choice in the NBA drafts and strengthened themselves with, among others, Derek Harper , Dale Ellis (both 1983), Sam Perkins (1984), Detlef Schrempf (1985) and Roy Tarpley (1986), all of whom are the core of the team belonged. Between 1984 and 1988, the "Mavs" regularly reached the playoffs, in 1988 the Western Conference final, where they were defeated only after seven games against the eventual champions, the Los Angeles Lakers.

The following year, the team strengthened with the "scoring machine" Adrian Dantley , who came in exchange for Aguirre from the Detroit Pistons . Schrempf, however, moved to the Indiana Pacers for Herb Williams . The team changeover and the fact that Tarpley only played 19 games resulted in the Mavericks missing the 1989 finals. With Blackman, Harper, Dantley, Perkins and Tarpley, they reached the first playoff round again in 1990 before the team began to gradually change.

Chronic unsuccessfulness (1991-1999)

In 1991/92 the stars of the Mavericks, Blackman, Harper and Williams had already passed 30 years. Sam Perkins left the team for the Lakers. The greatest hope, Tarpley, was banned from the NBA for several years for drug abuse and did not return to the Mavericks until 1994. After another incident in 1995, Tarpley was banned from the NBA for life. The Mavericks also had no sporting success for a long time. Without the Blackman and Harper, who had switched to the New York Knicks , the team finished the 1992/93 season with only eleven wins, in 1993/94 with 13 wins. The bad results of the past few years, however, resulted in high draft positions in the NBA drafts. With Jim Jackson (1992), Jamal Mashburn (1993) and Jason Kidd (1994) , the Mavericks drew three young players who caused a sensation in the 1994/95 season . The trio was reverently called "The 3 J's" or "Triple J".

Kidd in particular impressed many experts with his great understanding of the game and was named Co- Rookie of the Year alongside Grant Hill . The team increased to 36 wins, but could not qualify for the playoffs. Accordingly, the team started the new season with increased expectations, but only achieved 26 wins. Mashburn was seriously injured and only played 18 games. There were also disagreements between the young stars Jackson, Kidd and Mashburn. This led management to decide to sell all three players during the 1996/97 season . Mashburn was given to the Miami Heat , Jackson to the New Jersey Nets and Jason Kidd to the Phoenix Suns . In return, the Mavericks received Michael Finley and Shawn Bradley, among others . With the departure of the "Triple J" trio, the Mavericks fell back into insignificance. During the next two seasons, the Mavericks only won 44 of 132 games. It was only with the signing of Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki during the NBA draft in 1998 that a new sporting era began for the team. Already in the 1999/2000 NBA season , the Mavericks, led by Nowitzki, Nash and Finley, achieved 40 wins and narrowly missed the playoffs.

Playoffs permanent participant and beginning of the Cuban era (2000-2010)

In the 1999/2000 season, billionaire Mark Cuban took over the team for $ 285 million and made the Mavericks one of the best clubs in the league with great emotional and financial commitment. It was Cuban who donated its own aircraft ( Boeing 757 ) to his club .

The Dallas Mavericks have been able to qualify for the playoffs every year since 2001 and have had at least 50 wins each season. In 2003 they reached the Conference Finals for the first time since the late 1980s. The previous high point in team history was winning the 2011 NBA championship against the Miami Heat (4-2) and thus a successful revenge for the 2006 NBA Finals , in which they were defeated 4-2 by the Miami Heat after they had already were 2-0 up and led in double digits in the third game shortly before the end.

Dirk Nowitzki is now considered the best player in Mavs history

After the 2006/07 season began very badly for the Mavericks with four defeats in a row, they were able to celebrate 61 wins in the following 68 games (until March 31, 2007). A record that has not yet been set by any team in professional American sports (basketball, American football , ice hockey , baseball ). Club records in 2007 were: 17 wins (until March 12, 2007) and 23 home wins in a row (until March 7, 2007). In addition to this, the Mavericks were able to set up three series of at least twelve won games in the current season, which is an NBA record.

In the playoffs, however, the Mavs, as leaders of the Western Conference, were completely surprisingly eliminated with the eighth-placed Golden State Warriors 2: 4, which was one of the greatest sensations in NBA playoff history.

After a mixed 2007/08 season with seventh place after the regular season, Dallas was eliminated in the playoffs again in the first round, which led to a change of coach. Avery Johnson left the Mavericks and was replaced by Rick Carlisle , who was named Coach of the Year in the NBA in the 2001/02 season as coach of the Detroit Pistons .

The 2008/09 season was also mixed for the Mavericks. Sixth place in the regular season was only achieved by the Mavericks with a strong final spurt. After a 4-1 win in the first round against the San Antonio Spurs they had no chance in the Conference semifinals against the Denver Nuggets around Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups and were defeated 1: 4.

Before and during the 2009/10 season , the Mavericks made some player changes, so they secured the services of Shawn Marion and Brendan Haywood , Caron Butler and DeShawn Stevenson and gave it to Josh Howard and other players. After a good regular season, which they finished in second place behind the Los Angeles Lakers in the west , they surprisingly eliminated in the first round against the San Antonio Spurs .

According to Forbes Magazine , the Mavericks are currently the NBA's seventh most expensive franchise at around $ 466 million.

First time NBA champion (since 2010)

Before the 2010/11 season , the Mavericks signed the center Tyson Chandler to strengthen the defensive. After winning the second Conference title in the final of the Western Conference in May 2011, Dallas won against the Miami Heat , the 2011 NBA Finals . On June 12, 2011, the Mavericks won the best-of-seven series 4: 2 and thus became champions of the NBA for the first time. MVP of the Finals was Dirk Nowitzki .

Head coach Rick Carlisle led the Mavs to the 2011 NBA championship.

After the season, three important players left the team with Caron Butler , JJ Barea and Tyson Chandler . In addition, were Rudy Fernandez and Corey Brewer sent to Denver. Mark Cuban decided to take this step in order to create enough space below the salary ceiling for the team after the 2011/12 season and to be able to bring at least one more star to Dallas. The team was strengthened at the beginning of the 2011/12 season with Lamar Odom , Vince Carter and Delonte West, among others . Shortly before the end of the season, the Mavericks split from Odom and put him on the list of inactive players. After the Mavericks had finished the regular season in a disappointing seventh place in the Western Conference, they lost in the first round of the playoffs against the second-placed Oklahoma City Thunder in four games. Since the Miami Heat was eliminated in the 2007 playoffs, no reigning champions have lost in four games in the first round.

Before the 2012/13 season , Tyler Zeller was drafted in the first round and exchanged the same evening with Kelenna Azubuike for the rights to Jared Cunningham , Bernard James and Jae Crowder . Another trade involved Lamar Odom , who was eliminated from the roster at the end of the preseason , who was sent to the Los Angeles Clippers , where he once started his career. In addition, with Jason Terry ( Boston Celtics ) and Jason Kidd ( New York Knicks ) two top performers left the team and the so-called "amnesty clause" was used to dismiss Brendan Haywood . Meanwhile, team owner Cuban failed to bring stars Dwight Howard and Deron Williams to Dallas, for whom he had made room below the salary ceiling a year earlier. Nevertheless, the roster of the Mavericks was strengthened with Chris Kaman , Darren Collison , Elton Brand and O. J. Mayo , among others . Dahntay Jones , who joined the Mavericks at the start of the season, was traded against Anthony Morrow on February 21, 2013 . For the first time since Mark Cuban acquired the franchise, the Mavericks were below the luxury tax limit . On December 14, 2012, the game against the Toronto Raptors ended in a league-wide record series that had lasted since February 1999 with 1,108 games in a row, in which the team was able to convert at least one three-point throw. On February 22, 2013, a new franchise record was achieved in the home game against the New Orleans Hornets with 17  blocks . For the first time since the 1999/2000 season, the playoffs could not be reached.

At the beginning of the 2013/14 season there were some changes in the squad. Darren Collison and OJ Mayo left the Mavericks , as did Elton Brand and Chris Kaman . For it came José Calderón (four-year contract), Monta Ellis and Gal Mekel (each three-year contracts), Samuel Dalembert and Wayne Ellington (both two-year contracts) and DeJuan Blair and Devin Harris (each one-year contracts) new to the team. Shane Larkin and Ricky Ledo were also signed on on draft day . The Mavericks were only able to secure entry into the playoffs in the penultimate game of the season, where they were eliminated in seven games in the first round against the top seeded San Antonio Spurs .

During the summer of 2014, the Mavericks strengthened themselves with Chandler Parsons of the Houston Rockets. Center player Tyson Chandler was brought back from the New York Knicks via a trade , Calderón left the team for New York. The Mavericks were also strengthened with Al-Farouq Aminu , Richard Jefferson and Jameer Nelson . Vince Carter and Shawn Marion, however, left the Mavericks. In December 2014, the Mavericks surprisingly strengthened themselves with the multiple all-star point guard Rajon Rondo , who came from the Boston Celtics in a player transfer. In return, Nelson, Brandan Wright , Jae Crowder , and several draft picks moved to the Celtics. However, Rondo could not fit into the Mavericks squad as hoped and had problems getting used to the system of Rick Carlisle. As a further reinforcement, Forward Amar'e Stoudemire joined the team in spring 2015 , who had previously been sacked by the New York Knicks . With 50 wins and 32 losses, the Mavericks finished the regular season in 7th place in the Western Conference and met in the playoffs on the Texas rivals Houston Rockets . Against the Rockets with James Harden and Dwight Howard, the Mavericks were eliminated with 1: 4 wins in the first round of the playoffs.

Over the summer of 2015 they strengthened themselves with Wesley Matthews , Deron Williams and Zaza Pachulia . Rondo and Stoudemire, however, left the Mavericks again. Dallas finished the season with 42 wins in sixth place in the Western Conference. In the playoffs they met in the first round on the Oklahoma City Thunder , against which they were eliminated with 1: 4. For the 2016/17 season they strengthened themselves with Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut from the Golden State Warriors . After the Mavericks had no prospect of the playoffs in the middle of the season, they started a partial restructuring with younger players. The Mavs swapped Bogut for the young center Nerlens Noel to the Philadelphia 76ers and signed younger players like Yogi Ferrell and Seth Curry . For this Deron Williams was fired. The playoffs were clearly missed. In the 2017 NBA draft , the Mavericks strengthened themselves with young point guard Dennis Smith, Jr. , who was selected in 9th place. Besides him, Maxi Kleber was another German who joined Nowitzki to strengthen the Mavericks. However, they could not reach the playoffs for the second time in a row and got worse compared to the previous year, in which they achieved nine wins less with 24 wins than in the previous season.

For the 2018/19 season , the team was able to draft the Slovenian talent Luka Dončić into the team. Dončić was Nowitzki's Rookie of the Year last season . In the following season 2019/20 , after 21 years of the first without Nowitzki, Dončić was able to step out of his shadow and the team became one of the top teams in the Western Conference. On January 23, 2020, the team scored 22 threesomes in the game against the Portland Trail Blazers . In total, both teams had 43 threes, which set the previous NBA record.

Current squad

Dallas Mavericks squad for the 2019/20 season (as of July 7, 2020)
player Coaches
No. Nat. Surname position birth size info college
1 United StatesUnited States Courtney Lee Guard 10/03/1985 196 cm Cruz Roja.svg Western Kentucky
3 United StatesUnited States Antony Cleveland Guard 02/02/1994 198 cm G Southeast Missouri State
5 Puerto RicoPuerto Rico JJ Barea Guard 06/26/1984 183 cm Northeastern
6th LatviaLatvia Kristaps Porziņģis Forward / Center 08/02/1995 221 cm Latvia
7th CanadaCanada Dwight Powell Forward / Center 07/20/1991 211 cm Cruz Roja.svg Stanford
9 United StatesUnited States Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Forward 09/26/1993 201 cm Kentucky
10 United StatesUnited States Dorian Finney-Smith Forward 08/04/1993 203 cm Florida
11 United StatesUnited States Tim Hardaway Jr. Guard March 16, 1992 198 cm Michigan
13 United StatesUnited States Jalen Brunson Guard 08/31/1996 191 cm Cruz Roja.svg Villanova
23 United StatesUnited States Josh Reaves Guard 06/04/1997 196 cm G / R Penn State
30th United StatesUnited States Seth Curry Guard 08/23/1990 188 cm Duke
32 United StatesUnited States Trey Burke Guard 11/12/1992 185 cm Michigan
42 GermanyGermany Maxi glue Forward 01/29/1992 211 cm Germany
44 United StatesUnited States Justin Jackson Forward 03/28/1995 203 cm North Carolina
51 SerbiaSerbia Boban Marjanović center 08/15/1988 221 cm Serbia
55 United StatesUnited States Delon Wright Guard 04/26/1992 196 cm Utah
77 SloveniaSlovenia Luka Dončić Guard / Forward 02/28/1999 201 cm Slovenia
Nat. Surname position
United StatesUnited States Rick Carlisle Head coach
United StatesUnited States Darrell Armstrong Assistant coach
United StatesUnited States Jamahl Mosley Assistant coach
United StatesUnited States Larry Shyatt Assistant coach
United StatesUnited States Stephen Silas Assistant coach
United StatesUnited States Mike Weinar Assistant coach
United StatesUnited States Jenny Boucek Assistant coach
United StatesUnited States Brad Davis Assistant coach for player development
United StatesUnited States Mike Shedd Assistant coach for player development
United StatesUnited States Casey Smith Medical trainer
United StatesUnited States Dionne Calhoun Medical assistant trainer
Abbr. meaning
No. Jersey number
Nat. nationality
C. Team captain
R. Rookie
G Two-way contract
Cruz Roja.svg Inactivity due to injury

Honors and achievements worth mentioning

Dirk Nowitzki , NBA MVP 2007 and NBA Champion 2011.

The most important player in the history of the Mavericks is Dirk Nowitzki . Nowitzki was in the Mavs squad from 1998 to 2019 and was mainly used as a power forward . Between 2002 and 2012 as well as 2014, 2015 and 2019 he was elected a total of 14 times to the NBA All-Star Team . He received his most valuable individual award at the end of the 2006/07 season when he received the NBA Most Valuable Player Award . In addition, his services to winning the Mavericks title in the 2010/11 season were honored with the NBA Finals MVP Award . Despite other deserving players like Hall of Famer Steve Nash and Jason Kidd , he is primarily considered the figurehead of the franchise.

Jersey numbers that are no longer assigned
No. Nat. Surname position time
12 United StatesUnited States Derek Harper Guard 1983-1994, 1996-1997
15th United StatesUnited States Brad Davis Guard 1980-1992
22nd United StatesUnited States Rolando Blackman Guard 1981-1992
All stars
Nat. Surname position year
United StatesUnited States Mark Aguirre Forward 1984, 1987-1988
United StatesUnited States Rolando Blackman Guard 1985-1987, 1990
United StatesUnited States James Donaldson center 1988
United StatesUnited States Jason Kidd Guard 1996, 2010
United StatesUnited States Chris Gatling Forward 1997
United StatesUnited States Michael Finley Guard / Forward 2000-2001
CanadaCanada Steve Nash Guard 2002-2003
GermanyGermany Dirk Nowitzki Forward 2002–2012, 2014–2015, 2019
United StatesUnited States Josh Howard Forward 2007
Jason Terry was named NBA Sixth Man of the Year for the 2008-09 season
Individual awards
Surname Award year
Dirk Nowitzki NBA Most Valuable Player 2007
Dirk Nowitzki NBA Finals MVP 2011
Jason Terry NBA Sixth Man of the Year 2009
Antawn Jamison NBA Sixth Man of the Year 2004
Roy Tarpley NBA Sixth Man of the Year 1988
Jason Kidd NBA Rookie of the Year 1995
Luka Dončić NBA Rookie of the Year 2019
Jason Kidd NBA Sportsmanship Award 2012
Avery Johnson NBA Coach of the Year 2006

Head coach

The following head coaches had the Dallas Mavericks in their history:

  1. Dick Motta, 1980-1987
  2. John MacLeod, 1987-1989
  3. Richie Adubato, 1989-1992
  4. Gar Heard, 1992-1993
  5. Quinn Buckner, 1993-1994
  6. Dick Motta, 1994-1996
  7. Jim Cleamons, 1996-1997
  8. Don Nelson , 1997-2005, was elected to the list of the top 10 head coaches in NBA history for the 50th anniversary of the NBA
  9. Avery Johnson , 2005-2008, achieved a win rate of 73.5% and was named NBA Head Coach of the Year in the 2005-2006 season when he reached the NBA Finals with the Mavericks
  10. Rick Carlisle , 2008 – present, won the 2011 NBA Championship with the Mavericks


Beginning The End Stadion
1980 2001 Reunion Arena
2001 - American Airlines Center


Mavericks game against ALBA Berlin during the NBA Europe Live Tour 2012.
National Basketball Association seasons (as of April 2019)
year Victories: defeats Wins [%] Play-offs
1980/81 15:67 18.3 Not qualified for the play-offs
1981/82 28:54 34.1 Not qualified for the play-offs
1982/83 38:44 46.3 Not qualified for the play-offs
1983/84 43:39 52.4 1: 4 in the Western Conference semifinals against the Los Angeles Lakers
1984/85 44:38 53.7 1-3 in the first round against the Portland Trail Blazers
1985/86 44:38 53.7 2-4 in the Western Conference semifinals against the Los Angeles Lakers
1986/87 55:27 67.1 1: 3 in the first round against the Seattle SuperSonics
1987/88 53:29 64.6 3: 4 in the Western Conference Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers
1988/89 38:44 46.3 Not qualified for the play-offs
1989/90 47:35 57.3 0-3 in the first round against the Portland Trail Blazers
1990/91 28:54 34.1 Not qualified for the play-offs
1991/92 22:60 26.8 Not qualified for the play-offs
1992/93 11:71 13.4 Not qualified for the play-offs
1993/94 13:69 15.9 Not qualified for the play-offs
1994/95 36:46 43.9 Not qualified for the play-offs
1995/96 26:56 31.7 Not qualified for the play-offs
1996/97 24:58 29.3 Not qualified for the play-offs
1997/98 20:62 24.4 Not qualified for the play-offs
1998/99 19:31 38.0 Not qualified for the play-offs
1999/2000 40:42 48.8 Not qualified for the play-offs
2000/01 53:29 64.6 1: 4 in the Western Conference semifinals against the San Antonio Spurs
2001/02 57:25 69.5 1: 4 in the Western Conference semifinals against the Sacramento Kings
2002/03 60:22 73.2 2: 4 in the Western Conference Finals against the San Antonio Spurs
2003/04 52:30 63.4 1: 4 in the first round against the Sacramento Kings
2004/05 58:24 70.7 2-4 in the Western Conference semifinals against the Phoenix Suns
2005/06 60:22 73.2 2-4 in the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat
2006/07 67:15 81.7 2-4 in the first round against the Golden State Warriors
2007/08 51:31 62.2 1: 4 in the first round against the New Orleans Hornets
2008/09 50:32 61.0 1: 4 in the Western Conference semifinals against the Denver Nuggets
2009/10 55:27 67.1 2: 4 in the first round against the San Antonio Spurs
2010/11 57:25 69.5 NBA champions 4-2 against the Miami Heat
2011/12 36:30 54.5 0: 4 in the first round against the Oklahoma City Thunder
2012/13 41:41 50.0 Not qualified for the play-offs
2013/14 49:33 59.8 3: 4 in the first round against the San Antonio Spurs
2014/15 50:32 61.0 1: 4 in the first round against the Houston Rockets
2015/16 42:40 51.2 1: 4 in the first round against the Oklahoma City Thunder
2016/17 33:49 40.2 Not qualified for the play-offs
2017/18 24:58 29.3 Not qualified for the play-offs
2018/19 33:49 40.2 Not qualified for the play-offs
total 1572: 1578 49.9 91: 105 in the play-offs (46.4%) - 1 NBA championship

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