Eastern Conference (NBA)

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The Eastern Conference is next to the Western Conference one of the two Conferences in the highest North American basketball league, the NBA . It contains 15 of the 30 and thus half of the teams in the NBA and is further divided into three divisions , each with five teams. In the 2003/2004 season there were only two divisions per conference, each with seven or eight teams.

The conferences were introduced in the 1970/71 season. Previously there was only an Eastern and a Western Division (with the exception of a Central Division in the 1949/50 season ).

Playoff mode

The three division winners and the top five other teams advance to the Eastern Conference Playoffs . In the first round of these playoffs , the first place in the regular season will play against the eighth place, the second against the seventh etc. in a series of a maximum of seven games against each other. The team that is the first to record four wins ( best-of-seven mode ) goes to the next round. The winner of the Eastern Conference plays against the winner of the Western Conference for the title.


Locations of the NBA franchises
Atlantic Division

(on the card above in dark blue )

Central Division

(on the map above in green )

Southeast Division

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