Southeast Division (NBA)

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The Southeast Division is a division in the North American basketball league NBA , which is subdivided into the Eastern Conference and comprises five teams.

At the start of the 2004/05 season , the league expanded from 29 to 30 teams (the Charlotte Bobcats joined the NBA) in the Eastern Conference too many teams for only two divisions. While the Northwest Division and the Southwest Division were introduced in the Western Conference , the Southeast Division was created in the Eastern Conference .

The teams

The following teams play in the Southeast Division :


year Surname
2005 Miami Heat
2006 Miami Heat
2007 Miami Heat
2008 Orlando Magic
2009 Orlando Magic
2010 Orlando Magic
2011 Miami Heat
2012 Miami Heat
year Surname
2013 Miami Heat
2014 Miami Heat
2015 Atlanta Hawks
2016 Miami Heat
2017 Washington Wizards
2018 Miami Heat
2019 Orlando Magic