Midwest Division

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The Midwest Division was a division in the North American basketball league NBA , which was subdivided into the Western Conference and comprised seven teams.

At the start of the 2004/05 season there were by the expansion of the entire league from 29 to 30 teams (the Charlotte Bobcats joined the NBA) in the Western Conference too many teams for only two divisions. The teams of the Pacific Division and the Midwest Division were redistributed and in the course of this the Midwest Division was dissolved. The new Northwest and Southwest divisions were created . In the Eastern Conference , the Southeast Division was introduced in parallel .

The teams

Before its dissolution, the Midwest Division consisted of the following teams:


year Surname
1971 Milwaukee Bucks
1972 Milwaukee Bucks
1973 Milwaukee Bucks
1974 Milwaukee Bucks
1975 Chicago Bulls
1976 Milwaukee Bucks
1977 Denver nuggets
1978 Denver nuggets
1979 Kansas City Kings
1980 Milwaukee Bucks
1981 San Antonio Spurs
1982 San Antonio Spurs
1983 San Antonio Spurs
1984 Utah Jazz
1985 Denver nuggets
1986 Houston Rockets
1987 Dallas Mavericks
year Surname
1988 Denver nuggets
1989 Utah Jazz
1990 San Antonio Spurs
1991 San Antonio Spurs
1992 Utah Jazz
1993 Houston Rockets
1994 Houston Rockets
1995 San Antonio Spurs
1996 San Antonio Spurs
1997 Utah Jazz
1998 Utah Jazz
1999 San Antonio Spurs
2000 Utah Jazz
2001 San Antonio Spurs
2002 San Antonio Spurs
2003 San Antonio Spurs
2004 Minnesota Timberwolves