Northwest Division (NBA)

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The Northwest Division is a division of the Western Conference in the North American Basketball League National Basketball Association (NBA) that includes five teams. The hometowns of the teams in the Northwest Division are in the sparsely populated Northwest of the USA from Oregon to Utah to Colorado , but also in Oklahoma and Minnesota , the westernmost franchise of the teams based in the Midwest .

In the NBA, the introduction of the Northwest Division had become necessary in the course of the expansion of the league: At the start of the 2004-2005 season there were too many teams in the Western Conference for only two divisions. The Pacific Division and Midwest Division teams , which were subsequently disbanded, were split between the Northwest Division and Southwest Division . In the Eastern Conference , the Southeast Division was introduced in parallel .


The following teams play in the Northwest Division :


year Surname
2005 Seattle SuperSonics
2006 Denver nuggets
2007 Utah Jazz
2008 Utah Jazz
2009 Denver nuggets
2010 Denver nuggets
2011 Oklahoma City Thunder
2012 Oklahoma City Thunder
year Surname
2013 Oklahoma City Thunder
2014 Oklahoma City Thunder
2015 Portland Trail Blazers
2016 Oklahoma City Thunder
2017 Utah Jazz
2018 Portland Trail Blazers
2019 Denver nuggets