Central Division (NBA)

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The Central Division is one of the divisions in the North American Basketball League National Basketball Association (NBA). The teams of the league are divided into two conferences ( Eastern Conference and Western Conference ), which in turn are divided into divisions. A division consists of five teams and in a conference there are three divisions .

The division into divisions is based on the local situation of the teams. In the Central Division , the teams that are based in the Midwest east of the Mississippi in the northern interior of the USA , primarily in the Great Lakes region, play.

The Central Division has existed since 1970 with the introduction of the conferences . Before that there was an Eastern and a Western division with seven members each in place of the conferences . Only in the 1949/50 season was there a Central Division alongside the other two after the merger of the Basketball Association of America (BAA) and the National Basketball League (NBL) to form the NBA . It consisted of the teams of the Western Division of the previous year, namely the Rochester Royals , the Fort Wayne Pistons , the Minneapolis Lakers and the disbanded Chicago Stags and St. Louis Bombers .

The teams

The following teams play in the Central Division :

Former teams


year Surname
1971 Baltimore Bullets
1972 Baltimore Bullets
1973 Baltimore Bullets
1974 Capital bullets
1975 Washington Bullets
1976 Cleveland Cavaliers
1977 Houston Rockets
1978 San Antonio Spurs
1979 San Antonio Spurs
1980 Atlanta Hawks
1981 Milwaukee Bucks
1982 Milwaukee Bucks
year Surname
1983 Milwaukee Bucks
1984 Milwaukee Bucks
1985 Milwaukee Bucks
1986 Milwaukee Bucks
1987 Atlanta Hawks
1988 Detroit Pistons
1989 Detroit Pistons
1990 Detroit Pistons
1991 Chicago Bulls
1992 Chicago Bulls
1993 Chicago Bulls
1994 Atlanta Hawks
year Surname
1995 Indiana Pacers
1996 Chicago Bulls
1997 Chicago Bulls
1998 Chicago Bulls
1999 Indiana Pacers
2000 Indiana Pacers
2001 Milwaukee Bucks
2002 Detroit Pistons
2003 Detroit Pistons
2004 Indiana Pacers
2005 Detroit Pistons
2006 Detroit Pistons
year Surname
2007 Detroit Pistons
2008 Detroit Pistons
2009 Cleveland Cavaliers
2010 Cleveland Cavaliers
2011 Chicago Bulls
2012 Chicago Bulls
2013 Indiana Pacers
2014 Indiana Pacers
2015 Cleveland Cavaliers
2016 Cleveland Cavaliers
2017 Cleveland Cavaliers
2018 Cleveland Cavaliers
year Surname
2019 Milwaukee Bucks