Basketball Association of America

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Basketball Association of America

sport basketball
abbreviation BAA
League foundation June 6, 1946
League dissolution August 3, 1949
Country countries United States
Title holder Minneapolis Lakers

The Basketball Association of America ( BAA ) was a professional basketball league in the United States founded in 1946. In 1949 the league was merged with the NBL to form the NBA . The league consisted of 18 teams, two of which broke up before the game began. The remaining 16 teams played three seasons until the merger followed in 1949. The first champion was the Philadelphia Warriors , followed by the Baltimore Bullets and the Minneapolis Lakers . In the 2010-2011 NBA season , six teams play that used to be part of the BAA. The 1946–1947 season began with eleven teams, the next eight and last season twelve. The BAA also had several problems. Only a few points were scored in the games (as the shot clock did not yet exist), there were only few spectators and it was difficult to keep to the schedule, as the halls were also used by ice hockey clubs.


Walter A. Brown , then the owner of the Boston Bruins and owner of the Boston Garden , had the idea of ​​playing basketball games in larger halls.

On June 6, 1946, the members of the Arena Managers Association met in New York . These were all owners, officials or tenants of the largest halls in the USA. The professional basketball in their halls should be as successful as the events in college basketball and ice hockey .

Five of the six team owners from the National Hockey League (NHL) and six team owners from the American Hockey League agreed to provide a team. Maurice Podoloff , president of the American Hockey League, was elected chairman of the league.

The season consisted of 60 regular season games. This was followed by the play-offs and at the end the finals. The league also made some rule changes. A quarter lasted twelve minutes instead of ten, and the number of personal fouls allowed was increased from five to six. The defense system was changed from zone coverage to strict man coverage and otherwise the college rules were retained.

1946–1947 season

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1947–1948 season

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1948–1949 season

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Merger with the NBL

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On August 3, 1949, the NBA was founded after the NBL and BAA merged. The BAA was clearly financially stronger and therefore the BAA rules were adopted and Maurice Podoloff was of course appointed Commissioner. June 6, 1946 is therefore also regarded as the birth of the NBA.


BAA champions

Season 1946/47 to 1948/49
season winner Result loser
1946/47 Philadelphia Warriors 4: 1 Chicago Stags
1947/48 Baltimore Bullets 4: 2 Philadelphia Warriors
1948/49 Minneapolis Lakers 4: 2 Washington Capitols

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