BAA 1946/47

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Basketball Association of America
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Duration November 1, 1946 -
March 31, 1947
Season games per team Between 60 and 61
Number of teams 11
Top seed
Best record Washington Capitols
Top scorer Joe Fulks ( Philadelphia Warriors )
Eastern Division - Champion Philadelphia Warriors
Western Division - Champion Chicago Stags
BAA master Philadelphia Warriors

The 1946-47 BAA season was the first season of the Basketball Association of America , which later merged with the National Basketball League to form the National Basketball Association . Therefore, the season is also considered the first season of the NBA. In the first season there were 11 teams in the league and each team played 60 games. The first game took place on November 1, 1946 in front of 7090 spectators in the Maple Leaf Gardens . The New York Knicks defeated the Toronto Huskies 68:66 and Ossie Schectman of the Knicks scored the first basket in what is now the first basket in NBA history.

The regular season began on November 1, 1946 and ended after 331 games on March 31, 1947. A total of six teams qualified for the play-offs. The postseason began on April 2nd and ended on April 22nd with 4-1 final wins for the Philadelphia Warriors over the Chicago Stags .

Season Notes

  • Owners agreed on recommendations not to sign a college player before his expected graduation and to name teams by city rather than company (the Fort Wayne Pistons didn't give up their Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons name until late in the 1950s before moving to Detroit) .
  • The owners agreed before the season on 12-minute quarters, a salary limit of $ 55,000 including coach and coach, a meal allowance of $ 4 for away games, and a maximum team size of twelve players, of which at least eight had to compete, with Toronto being the Had permission to sign two additional Canadian players to increase interest in the game.
  • At the pre-season owners' meeting there was also a request for regulations that "could be interpreted as discriminatory with regard to player engagement" and the board of directors determined that such a regulation did not exist. The Gentlemen's Agreements of Major League Baseball and the National Football League were probably alluded to.
  • The 331 games were attended by an average of 3,142 viewers. Because of the poor audience figures, double headers were considered , which should prove difficult in the current season, and the possibility of 15-minute quarters was even discussed as an alternative.

Closing tables

Pl. = Rank, = qualified for the playoffs, Sp = number of games, S — N = wins and losses,% = win rate (wins divided by number of games played), GB = deficit on the leader of the division in number of wins , Home = home balance, exp. = Away balance, div. = Balance against the division opponents

Eastern Division

BAA 1946/47 (USA)
new York
new York
St. Louis
St. Louis
BAA 1946/47: Western Division in red, Eastern Division in blue
Pl. team Sp S-N % GB home Selection Div.
1. Washington Capitols 60 49-11 .817 - 29-10 20-10 21-50
2. Philadelphia Warriors 60 35-25 .583 14th 23-70 12-18 19-11
3. New York Knickerbockers 60 33-27 .550 16 18-12 15-15 11-17
4th Providence Steamrollers 60 28-32 .467 21st 19-11 09-21 12-18
5. Boston Celtics 60 22-38 .367 27 14-16 08-22 11-19
6th Toronto Huskies 60 22-38 .367 27 15-15 07-23 10-20

Western Division

Pl. team Sp S-N % GB home Selection Div.
1. Chicago Stags 61 29-19 .639 - 22-90 17-13 17-80
2. St. Louis Bombers 61 38-23 .623 1 22-80 16-15 20-50
3. Cleveland Rebels 60 30-30 .500 8.5 17-13 13-17 10-14
4th Detroit Falcons 60 20-40 .333 18.5 12-18 08-22 08-16
5. 00Pittsburgh Ironmen00 60 15-45 .250 23.5 11-19 04-26 06-18

Leading players in individual ratings

category player team value
Points Joe Fulks Philadelphia Warriors 1389
Throwing Rate Bob Feerick Washington Capitols 40.1%
Free throw rate Fred Scolari Washington Capitols 81.1%
Assists Ernie Calverley Providence Steamrollers 202
200 baskets required.
125 free throws required. Scolari hit 146 out of 180.
  • With 208 committed Stan Miasek of the Detroit Falcons most fouls .
  • Joe Fulks averaged 23.8 points per game. His free throw rate was 73%. He hit 439 of 601. A total of five of the top ten free throwers scored more free throws than Scolari.
  • Up until the 1968/69 season , the statistics in the " points " and " assists " categories were based on the overall performance and not the rate per game. Rebounds have only been recorded since the 1950/51 season .


Playoffs tree

  Quarter finals Semifinals BAA finals
  E1  Washington Capitols 2    
  W1  Chicago Stags 4th  
    E2  Philadelphia Warriors 4th
  W1  Chicago Stags 1
  W2  St. Louis Bombers 1      
E2  Philadelphia Warriors 2  
  E2  Philadelphia Warriors 2
  E3  New York Knickerbockers 0  
W3  Cleveland Rebels 1
  E3  New York Knickerbockers 2  

Playoff results

The best-placed teams in both divisions played a semi-finals in which the Washington Capitols had home rights due to the better season record. The semi-finals of the division's best and the BAA finals were held according to the “Best of Seven” mode. The quarter-finals and the semi-finals of the pursuers, however, according to the "best of three" mode. The division winners were determined in the semi-finals. The playoffs began on April 2nd.

Quarter finals

Philadelphia Warriors 2, St. Louis Bombers 1
Wednesday April 2: Philadelphia 73-68 St. Louis
Saturday April 5: St. Louis 73-51 Philadelphia
Sunday April 6: St. Louis 59-75 Philadelphia

New York Knickerbockers 2, Cleveland Rebels 1
Wednesday April 2: Cleveland 77-51 New York
Saturday April 5: New York 86-74 Cleveland
Wednesday April 9: New York 93-17 Cleveland


Chicago Stags 4, Washington Capitols 2
Wednesday, April 2: Washington 65 - 81 Chicago
Thursday, April 3: Washington 53 - 69 Chicago
Tuesday, April 8: Chicago 67 - 55 Washington
Thursday, April 10: Washington 76 - 69 Chicago
Saturday April 12th: Chicago 55-67 Washington
Sunday April 13th: Chicago 66-61 Washington

Philadelphia Warriors 2, New York Knickerbockers 0
Saturday April 12th: Philadelphia 82-73 New York
Monday April 14th: New York 53-72 Philadelphia

BAA finals

Philadelphia Warriors vs. Chicago Stags

Since the team foul limit was only introduced in the mid-1950s, the finals are remarkable from today's perspective due to the record number of fouls. There have never been more disqualifications in a final series of five games, namely nine by Philadelphia and eight by Chicago. Art Hillhouse holds the personal record with five in front of Chuck Gilmur from Chicago with four disqualifications, both top performers in their teams. The Warrior Hillhouse set a record until 1953 with his 25 individual fouls in this series.

The most final series points of a rookie per game Joe Fulks from Philadelphia scored on April 16 and 22, 1947 with 37 and 34 points. It was a record that was not broken until 1980 by Magic Johnson.

Final results:
Wednesday April 16: Philadelphia 84-71 Chicago
Thursday April 17: Philadelphia 85-74 Chicago
Saturday April 19: Chicago 72-75 Philadelphia
Sunday April 20: Chicago 74-73 Philadelphia
TuesdayApril22nd April: Philadelphia 83-80 Chicago

The Philadelphia Warriors become BAA champions for the first time with 4-1 wins . Since the NBA is viewed as a continuum of the BAA, the championship is historically also considered an NBA championship.

The Philadelphia Warriors' championship team

Philadelphia Warriors
Angelo Musi , Jerry Fleishman , Jerry Rullo , George Senesky , Ralph Kaplowitz , Joe Fulks , Howie Dallmar , Matt Guokas Sr. , Petey Rosenberg , Art Hillhouse

Head Coach: Edward Gottlieb

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