NBA 1957/58

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National Basketball Association
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Duration October 22, 1957 - April 12, 1958
Season games per team 72
Number of teams 8th
Top seed
Best record Boston Celtics
Season MVP Bill Russell ( Boston Celtics )
Top scorer George Yardley ( Detroit Pistons )
Eastern Division - Champion Boston Celtics
Western Division - Champion St. Louis Hawks
NBA champions St. Louis Hawks

The 1957/58 NBA season was the twelfth season of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and began on October 22, 1957 and ended regularly after 288 games on March 12, 1958. The postseason began on March 15 and ended on April 12 with 4 - 2 final victories of the St. Louis Hawks over the Boston Celtics .

Season Notes

Closing tables

Pl. = Rank, = qualified for the playoffs, Sp = number of games, S — N = wins and losses,% = win rate (wins divided by number of games played), GB = deficit on the leader of the division in number of wins , Home = home balance, exp. = Away balance, neuter. = Balance on neutral ground, Div. = Balance against the division opponents

Eastern Division

NBA 1957/58 (USA)
new York
new York
St. Louis
St. Louis
NBA 1957/58: Eastern Division in blue, Western Division in red, the Fort Wayne Pistons and the Rochester Royals move to Detroit and Cincinnati
Pl. team Sp S-N % GB home Selection Neuter Div.
1. Boston Celtics 72 49-23 .681 - 25-40 17-13 07-60 20-16
2. Syracuse Nationals 72 41-31 .569 08th0 26-50 09-21 06-50 21-15
3. Philadelphia Warriors 72 37-35 .514 12 16-12 12-19 09-40 17-19
4th New York Knicks 72 35-37 .486 14th 16-13 12-19 09-40 14-22

Western Division

Pl. team Sp S-N % GB home Selection Neuter Div.
1. St. Louis Hawks 72 41-31 .569 - 23-80 09-19 09-40 24-12
2. Detroit Pistons 72 33-39 .458 08th0 14-14 13-18 06-70 18-18
3. Cincinnati Royals 72 33-39 .458 08th0 17-12 10-19 06-80 17-19
4th 0Minneapolis Lakers0 72 19-53 .264 22nd 13-17 04-22 02-14 13-23
The Detroit Pistons won a coin toss against the Cincinnati Royals to determine home rights in the first round of the playoffs.


Leading players in individual ratings

category player team value
Points George Yardley Detroit Pistons 2001
Throwing Rate Jack Twyman Cincinnati Royals 45.2%
Free throw rate Dolph Schayes Syracuse Nationals 90.4%
Assists Bob Cousy Boston Celtics 463
Rebounds Bill Russell Boston Celtics 1564

230 baskets required. Twyman took 1,028 shots and hit 465 times, the 12th most.
190 free throws required. Schayes hit 629 out of 696.

  • With 311, Walter Dukes of the Detroit Pistons committed the most fouls and Vern Mikkelsen was the most fouled out with a total of 20 times (Dukes 17 times). Vern Mikkelsen led between 1954 and 1957 like George Mikan before him three times in a row the foul statistics and had the most total of NBA history with 127 disqualifications in his career.
  • Dolph Schayes of the Syracuse Nationals was the longest on the floor with 2918 minutes in 72 games. He surpassed George Mikan as the leader in the all-time scorer list in January .
  • Up until the 1968/69 season , the statistics in the categories " points ", " assists " and " rebounds " were based on the overall performance and not the rate per game.
  • Yardley's 2001 points - no one had ever scored more in a season before - averaged 27.8 points per game, the highest point rate. He had the 16th best throw rate out of the field with 41.4% with at least 230 baskets and the 18th best overall.
  • Jack Twyman had the best throw rate from the field with 45.2% with 465 field goals and 1237 points.
  • Dolph Schayes was only surpassed in the number of free throws by George Yardley with 655 in 808 attempts and a rate of 81.1%.
  • Hot on cousy's heels was Dick McGuire of the New York Knickerbockers with 454 assists. The Knickerbockers achieved the highest rate of all time with 31.9 free throws per game and had the most free throw attempts (as of 2018). Cousy once said of McGuire that McGuire was the better player but he (Cousy) had the better team.
  • In addition to Bob Pettit , Maurice Stokes and Dolph Schayes achieved over a thousand rebounds. Bill Russell also outperformed all three in 69 games with a significantly higher rebound rate of 22.7 rebounds per game. Starting this season, Russell should surpass the number of thousand rebounds twelve times in a row and increase the rebound rate of his career (minimum 400 games) to the second best in NBA history (as of 2018). On November 16, 1957, Russell scored against the Philadelphia Warriors at 49, the most rebounds in a game until then.

Playoffs tree

  Division semi-finals     Division Finals     NBA finals
  Western Division     W1  St. Louis Hawks 4th  
  W2  Detroit Pistons 2     W2  Detroit Pistons 1    
  W3  Cincinnati Royals 0         W1  St. Louis Hawks 4th
      E1  Boston Celtics 2
  Eastern Division     E1  Boston Celtics 4th    
  E2  Syracuse Nationals 1     E3  Philadelphia Warriors 1  
  E3  Philadelphia Warriors 2  

Playoff results

The playoffs began on March 15th and were played in the first round according to the "Best of Three" mode, the Division Finals and the NBA Finals according to the "Best of Seven" mode. The division winners had a bye in the first round.

The Celtics 'Bob Cousy gave 82 assists, Bill Russell got 221 rebounds and the Hawks' Cliff Hagan got 305 points in the postseason. George Yardley converted the most free throws in a two-game series at 21. Bill Russell, who should injure himself in the third game of the final series, scored on March 23, 1958 with 40 playoff rebounds, a record that should last nine years.

Eastern Division semi-finals

Philadelphia Warriors 2, Syracuse Nationals 1
Saturday March 15: Syracuse 86-82 Philadelphia
Sunday March 16: Philadelphia 95-93 Syracuse
Tuesday March 18: Syracuse 88-101 Philadelphia

Western Division semi-finals

Detroit Pistons 2, Cincinnati Royals 0
Saturday March 15: Detroit 100 - 83 Cincinnati
Sunday March 16: Cincinnati 104 - 124 Detroit

Eastern Division Finals

Boston Celtics 4, Philadelphia Warriors 1
Wednesday, March 19: Boston 107 - 98 Philadelphia
Saturday, March 22, Philadelphia 87 - 109 Boston
Sunday, March 23: Boston 106 - 92 Philadelphia
Wednesday, March 26: Philadelphia 112 - 97 Boston
Thursday March 27th: Boston 93-88 Philadelphia

Western Division Finals

St. Louis Hawks 4, Detroit Pistons 1
Wednesday, March 19: St. Louis 114-111 Detroit
Saturday, March 22: Detroit 96-99 St. Louis
Sunday, March 23: St. Louis 89-109 Detroit
Tuesday, March 25: Detroit 101-145 St. Louis
Thursday March 27: St. Louis 120-96 Detroit

NBA finals

St. Louis Hawks vs. Boston Celtics

Both Cliff Hagan, who was 17 on March 30, and Pettit who was 19 of 24 on April 9, set free throw records. Pettit's record lasted over 48 years. However, Dwyane Wade had to go into overtime with the Miami Heat against Dirk Nowitzki's Dallas Mavericks on June 18, 2006 to hit the last two of his 21 free throws converted from 25 attempts.

Bob Pettit turned it up in the last game of the series and set Bob Cousy's record of 50 points in a playoff game with 19 field goals (most in the finals up to then) and 12 free throws. However, Cousy had four overtimes to get his 50 points. The championship with the St. Louis Hawks was to be Pettit's only one.

Final results:
Saturday March 29th: Boston 102-104 St. Louis
Sunday March 30th: Boston 136-112 St. Louis
Wednesday April 2nd: St. Louis 111-108 Boston
Saturday April 5th: St. Louis 98-109 Boston
Wednesday April 9th: Boston 100-102 St. Louis
Saturday April 12th: St. Louis 110-109 Boston

The St. Louis Hawks become NBA champions for the first time with 4-2 wins .

The St. Louis Hawks championship team

St. Louis Hawks
Jack Coleman , Walt Davis , Cliff Hagan , Ed Macauley , Slater Martin , Jack McMahon , Dwight Morrison , Med Park , Worthy Patterson , Bob Pettit , Charlie Share , Win Wilfong

Head Coach Alex Hannum


  1. Frank Selvy finished the season after 26 games with the Minneapolis Lakers . Davis himself came from the Philadelphia Warriors for only 26 games . Morrison and Patterson played 13 and 4 games, respectively. The staff also included trainer Bernie Ebert and supervisor ("ball boy") Max Shapiro.

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