NBA 1953/54

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National Basketball Association
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Duration October 30, 1953 - April 12, 1954
Season games per team 72
Number of teams 9
Top seed
Best record Minneapolis Lakers
Top scorer Neil Johnston ( Philadelphia Warriors )
Eastern Division - Champion Syracuse Nationals
Western Division - Champion Minneapolis Lakers
NBA champions Minneapolis Lakers

The 1953/54 NBA season was the eighth season of the National Basketball Association and began on October 30, 1953 and ended regularly after 324 games on March 14, 1954. The postseason began on March 16 and ended on April 12 with 4 - 3 final wins by the Minneapolis Lakers over the Syracuse Nationals . For the first time a contract was signed with television.

Season Notes

Closing tables

Pl. = Rank, = qualified for the playoffs, Sp = number of games, S — N = wins and losses,% = win rate (wins divided by number of games played), GB = deficit on the leader of the division in number of wins , Home = home balance, exp. = Away balance, neuter. = Balance on neutral ground, Div. = Balance against the division opponents

Eastern Division

NBA 1953/54 (USA)
new York
new York
Fort Wayne
Fort Wayne
NBA 1953/54: Western Division in red, Eastern Division in blue. The Indianapolis Olympians broke up before the season.
Pl. team Sp S-N % GB home Selection Neuter Div.
1. New York Knicks 72 44-28 .611 - 18-80 15-13 11-70 24-16
2. Boston Celtics 72 42-30 .583 020 16-60 11-19 15-50 25-15
3. Syracuse Nationals 72 42-30 .583 020 27-50 10-19 05-60 21-22
4th Philadelphia Warriors 72 29-43 .403 15th 10-90 06-16 19-21 10-30
5. Baltimore Bullets 72 16-56 .222 28 12-20 00-20 04-16 11-29

Western Division

Pl. team Sp S-N % GB home Selection Neuter Div.
1. Minneapolis Lakers 72 46-26 .639 - 21-4 13-15 12-7 19-13
2. Rochester Royals 72 44-28 .611 020 18-10 12-15 14-3 22-10
3. Fort Wayne Pistons 72 40-32 .536 06th0 19-8 11-17 10-7 17-15
4th Milwaukee Hawks 72 21-51 .292 25th 10-14 06-17 05-20 06-26


Rookie of the Year 1953/54 : Ray Felix , Baltimore Bullets

Leading players in individual ratings

category player team value
Points Neil Johnston Philadelphia Warriors 1759
Throwing Rate Ed Macauley Boston Celtics 48.6%
Free throw rate Bill Sharman Boston Celtics 84.4%
Assists Bob Cousy Boston Celtics 518
Rebounds Harry Gallatin New York Knickerbockers 1098
210 baskets required. Macauley took 950 shots and hit 462 times.
180 free throws required. Sharman hit 331 out of 392.
  • With 303 Earl Lloyd of the Syracuse Nationals committed the most fouls , who was also the most fouled out with twelve times .
  • Neil Johnston was the longest on the floor with 3296 minutes. His 1759 points averaged 24.4 points per game. Up until the 1968/69 season , the statistics in the categories " points ", " assists " and " rebounds " were based on the overall performance and not the rate per game.
  • Neil Johnston had the best score at the third best throw rate of 44.9% for 591 baskets from the field in 1317 attempts.
  • Syracuse's Dolph Schayes was in second place behind Sharman with 82.7%, but scored 488 free-throws in contrast to Sharman's 392.

Division double round tournament

After the end of the regular season, the top three teams in a division played the two top seeds in a double round tournament to determine playoff participation and home rights. For this purpose, one of the three teams that came third in the double round tournament to be determined should be eliminated. In the run-up, the only rule was that in the event of a tie - including a three-fold tie with two wins each - the higher season position would decide. For this reason, the last game of the Western Division was no longer played, as both Rochester and Minneapolis had qualified for the division finals, Minneapolis would still have finished higher than the season best if Rochester had won the sixth game and the resulting tie.

In the Eastern Division, however, the sixth game had to be played, although New York was already beaten, because here it was still about the placement and thus a possible second home game, as the next round should be played in the "Best of Three" mode . Both Syracuse and Boston had finished the regular season behind New York with the same number of games and wins, but Boston had won a coin toss that would have come to fruition in a tie between the two. For both teams, the sixth game was about home rights against the other in the division finals. Boston had to tie the tie and Syracuse had to prevent it.

In the final, of course, the team that had the best record of the regular season had an additional home game possibly up to two further home games (i.e.: 1,1,2,2,2,1,1), as the best-of-seven mode was played.

All games in the double round tournament are considered playoff games and are included in the playoff statistics, as they are not a tie-breakers.

Seed team S. N
W1 Minneapolis Lakers 030 000
W2 Rochester Royals 020 010
Fort Wayne Pistons 000 04th0
Seed team S. N
E1 Syracuse Nationals 04th0 000
E2 Boston Celtics 020 020
New York Knicks 000 04th0

Tuesday, March 16: Rochester 82-71 Fort Wayne
Wednesday, March 17: Minneapolis 109-88 Rochester
Thursday, March 18: Fort Wayne 85-90 Minneapolis
Saturday, March 20: Minneapolis 78-73 Fort Wayne
Sunday, March 21 March: Fort Wayne 71-89 Rochester
Tuesday, March 23: Rochester - Minneapolis (canceled)

Tuesday, March 16: New York 71 - 93 Boston
Wednesday, March 17: Boston 95 - 96 Syracuse (n. V.)
Thursday, March 18: Syracuse 75 - 68 New York
Saturday, March 20: Boston 79 - 78 New York
Sunday March 21: New York 99-103 Syracuse
Monday March 22nd: Syracuse 98-85 Boston

Playoffs tree

  Division Finals NBA finals
E1 Syracuse Nationals 2    
E2 Boston Celtics 0  
E1 Syracuse Nationals 3
  W1 Minneapolis Lakers 4th
W2 Rochester Royals 1
W1 Minneapolis Lakers 2  

Playoff results

The division finals were held according to the “Best of Three” mode and the NBA finals according to the “Best of Seven” mode.

Eastern Division Finals

Syracuse Nationals 2, Boston Celtics 0
Thursday March 25th: Syracuse 109-94 Boston
Saturday March 27th: Boston 83-76 Syracuse

Western Division Finals

Minneapolis Lakers 2, Rochester Royals 1
Wednesday March 24th: Minneapolis 89-76 Rochester
Saturday March 27th: Rochester 74-73 Minneapolis
Sunday March 28th: Minneapolis 82-72 Rochester

NBA finals

Minneapolis Lakers vs. Syracuse Nationals

The Minneapolis Lakers repeated their coup of last year and became champions for the third time in a row and for the fifth time in the final pairing of 1950.

The final results:
Wednesday March 31: Minneapolis 79-68 Syracuse
Saturday April 3: Minneapolis 60-62 Syracuse
Sunday April 4: Syracuse 67-81 Minneapolis
Thursday April 8th: Syracuse 80-69 Minneapolis
Saturday April 10th: Syracuse 73-84 Minneapolis
Sunday April 11th: Minneapolis 63-65 Syracuse
Monday April 12th: Minneapolis 87-80 Syracuse

The Minneapolis Lakers become NBA champions with 4–3 wins .

The Minneapolis Lakers championship team

Minneapolis Lakers
Jim Pollard , Frank Saul , George Mikan , Dick Schnittker , Vern Mikkelsen , Slater Martin , Jim Holstein , Whitey Skoog , Clyde Lovellette

Head Coach John Kundla

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