NBA 1952/53

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National Basketball Association
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Duration October 31, 1952 - April 10, 1953
Season games per team Between 69 and 71
Number of teams 10
Top seed
Best record Minneapolis Lakers
Top scorer Neil Johnston ( Philadelphia Warriors )
Eastern Division - Champion New York Knickerbockers
Western Division - Champion Minneapolis Lakers
NBA champions Minneapolis Lakers

The 1952/53 NBA season was the seventh season of the National Basketball Association , whose regular time began on October 31, 1952 and ended on March 18, 1953 after 351 games. The postseason began on March 17, 1953 and ended on April 10, 1953 with 4-1 final wins by the Minneapolis Lakers over the New York Knickerbockers .

Season Notes

Closing tables

Pl. = Rank, = qualified for the playoffs, Sp = number of games, S — N = wins and losses,% = win rate (wins divided by number of games played), GB = deficit on the leader of the division in number of wins , Home = home balance, exp. = Away balance, neuter. = Balance on neutral ground, Div. = Balance against the division opponents

Eastern Division

NBA 1952/53 (USA)
new York
new York
Fort Wayne
Fort Wayne
NBA 1952/53: Western Division in red, Eastern Division in blue.
Pl. team Sp S-N % GB home Selection Neuter Div.
1. New York Knicks 70 47-23 .671 - 21-40 15-14 11-50 30-10
2. Syracuse Nationals 71 47-24 .662 0.5 30-20 10-19 05-30 26-15
3. Boston Celtics 71 46-25 .648 1.5 21-30 11-18 14-40 28-13
4th Baltimore Bullets 70 16-54 .229 31 11-20 01-19 04-15 10-30
5. Philadelphia Warriors 69 12-57 .174 34.5 04-13 01-28 07-16 07-33

Western Division

Pl. team Sp S-N % GB home Selection Neuter Div.
1. Minneapolis Lakers 70 48-22 .686 - 24-20 16-15 08-50 26-14
2. Rochester Royals 70 44-26 .629 04th0 24-80 13-16 07-20 27-13
3. Fort Wayne Pistons 69 36-33 .522 11.5 25-90 08-19 03–50 18-22
4th Indianapolis Olympians 71 28-43 .394 20.5 19-14 04-23 05-60 15-26
5. Milwaukee Hawks 71 27-44 .380 21.5 14-13 04-24 09-12 15-26


Leading players in individual ratings

category player team value
Points Neil Johnston Philadelphia Warriors 1564
Throwing Rate Neil Johnston Philadelphia Warriors 45.24%
Free throw rate Bill Sharman Boston Celtics 85%
Assists Bob Cousy Boston Celtics 547
Rebounds George Mikan Minneapolis Lakers 1007
210 baskets required. Johnston took 1,114 shots and hit 504 times.
180 free throws required. Sharman hit 341 out of 401.
  • Don Meineke ( Fort Wayne Pistons ) committed the most fouls (334), and was also the most frequently fouled out with 26 times . Nobody was disqualified more often within a season.
  • Third place after Fred Scolari of the Fort Wayne Pistons was Dolph Schayes of the Syracuse Nationals with 82.7% and with 512 the most points by far in contrast to Sharman's 341 points. These figures provide information about the incidence of fouls in the course of the game in the 1952/53 season. So on November 15, 1952, eight Baltimore players and five Syracuse players were disqualified, a record. However, not a record in the course of the season. Four teams (Rochester, Fort Wayne, Baltimore and Milwaukee) top the all-time list of the most disqualifications per game this season alone (between 1.53 and 1.31). The game went into overtime with 60 individual fouls. Three days earlier, the Hawks had the most individual fouls of all time in a game without overtime in Baltimore with 55.
  • Neil Johnston was the longest on the floor at 3,166 minutes. His 1564 points resulted in an average of 22.3 points per game. Until the 1968/69 season , the statistics in the categories of points , assists and rebounds were based on the overall performance and not the rate per game. Neil Johnston had the best points and throw rates, as well as the most hits from the field. Second-placed Ed Macauley (Boston Celtics) had a throw rate of 45.23% with 451 hits.
  • Bob Cousy began his streak of eight assist season records in a row. Only John Stockton led the league between 1987 and 1996 ever in more years, namely nine.

Playoffs tree

  Division semi-finals Division Finals NBA finals
  E1 New York Knicks 2        
E4 Baltimore Bullets 0  
E1 New York Knicks 3
Eastern Division
  E3 Boston Celtics 1  
E2 Syracuse Nationals 0
E3 Boston Celtics 2  
E1 New York Knicks 1
  W1 Minneapolis Lakers 4th
W2 Rochester Royals 1    
W3 Fort Wayne Pistons 2  
W3 Fort Wayne Pistons 3
Western Division
  W1 Minneapolis Lakers 3  
W1 Minneapolis Lakers 2
  W4 Indianapolis Olympians 0  

Playoff results

The playoffs began on March 17th and were played in the division semifinals according to the "Best of Three" mode, the Division Finals according to the "Best of Five" mode and the NBA finals according to the "Best of Seven" mode.

The semifinals between Boston and Syracuse were remarkable. The second game, which had to go into the fourth extra time, had the longest playing time ever in the playoffs. Syracuse Nationals ' Red Rocha and Paul Seymour played for 67 minutes each, while the Celtics' Bob Cousy played for 66 minutes. At 30, he also threw the most free throws of all playoffs. His total of 50 points in a playoff game wasn't set until five years later. Record-breaking were also the fouls. Al Cervi came up with seven fouls in the second game, making it second in NBA history. Bob Lochmueller had a total of twelve fouls in the series and was disqualified in both games, in the first game after an incredible seven minutes.

Eastern Division semi-finals

New York Knickerbockers 2, Baltimore Bullets 0
Tuesday March 17: New York 81-62 Baltimore Bullets
Friday March 20: Baltimore Bullets 81-90 New York

Boston Celtics 2, Syracuse Nationals 0
Thursday, March 19: Syracuse 81 - 87 Boston
Saturday, March 21: Boston 111 - 105 Syracuse (n.4.V.)

Western Division semi-finals

Fort Wayne Pistons 2, Rochester Royals 1
Friday March 20: Rochester 77-84 Fort Wayne
Sunday March 22nd: Fort Wayne 71-83 Rochester
Tuesday March 24th: Rochester 65-67 Fort Wayne

Minneapolis Lakers 2, Indianapolis Indians 0
Sunday, March 22: Minneapolis 85-69 Indianapolis
Monday, March 23: Indianapolis 79-81 Minneapolis

Eastern Division Finals

New York Knickerbockers 3, Boston Celtics 1
Wednesday, March 25th: New York 95-91 Boston
Thursday, March 26th: Boston 86-70 New York
Saturday, March 28th: New York 101-82 Boston
Sunday, March 29th: Boston 75-82 New York

Western Division Finals

Minneapolis Lakers 3, Fort Wayne Pistons 2
Thursday March 26th: Minneapolis 83-73 Fort Wayne
Saturday March 28th: Minneapolis 82-75 Fort Wayne
Monday March 30th: Fort Wayne 98-95 Minneapolis
Wednesday 0April 1st: Fort Wayne 85-82 Minneapolis
Thursday 0April 2nd: Minneapolis 74-58 Fort Wayne

NBA finals

Minneapolis Lakers vs. New York Knickerbockers

The New York Knickerbockers missed the championship for the third time in a row. The Minneapolis Lakers repeated their coup last year and became champions for the second year in a row, although George Mikan committed the most personal fouls ever recorded in a final series at 27. In the first and last game, four players from the home team were disqualified. Never have more players been fouled out in a final series .

The final results:
Saturday April 4th: Minneapolis 88-96 New York
Sunday April 5th: Minneapolis 73-71 New York
Tuesday April 7th: New York 75-90 Minneapolis
Wednesday April 8th: New York 69-71 Minneapolis
Friday April 10th: New York 84-91 Minneapolis

The Minneapolis Lakers become NBA champions with 4-1 wins .

The Minneapolis Lakers championship team

Minneapolis Lakers
Jim Pollard , Frank Saul , George Mikan , Bob Harrison , Vern Mikkelsen , Lew Hitch , Slater Martin , Jim Holstein , Whitey Skoog , Howie Schultz

Head Coach John Kundla , Assistant Coach Dave McMillan

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