Rookie of the Year

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Rookie of the Year ( dt . Rookie of the Year to Rookie ) is a title for the best athletes of his first professional contest season review. The award is used in many North American professional leagues such as Major League Baseball (MLB - the MLB Rookie of the Year Award ), the National Basketball Association (NBA - the NBA Rookie of the Year Award ), the National Hockey League (NHL - the Calder Memorial Trophy ), Major League Soccer (MLS - the MLS Rookie of the Year Award ) and the National Football League (NFL - NFL Rookie of the Year ).

The NFL recognizes the best offensive and best defensive newcomers of the year each year. Until 1996 separate elections were also held in the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference .

Many motorsport classes, especially North American ones, award a rookie of the year title, such as the IndyCar Series and NASCAR in all their series with the NASCAR Rookie of the Year Award . This award is also given annually in MotoGP , the premier class of motorcycle racing


"Rookie of the Year" (dt. Rookie of the Year ) is the title of a feature film of American director Daniel Stern in 1993 with Thomas Ian Nicholas and Gary Busey and a 60-minute television film from 1973 by Larry Elikann with Jodie Foster .

"Rookie of the Year" is the name of a song by the post-hardcore / alternative rock band Funeral for a Friend .

"Rookie of the Year" is the name of an American indie rock band.

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