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NBA.svg National Basketball Association
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Duration October 28, 2008 - April 15, 2009
Season games per team 82
Number of teams 30th
Regular season
Best record United StatesUnited States Cleveland Cavaliers
Season MVP United StatesUnited States LeBron James
Top scorer United StatesUnited States Dwyane Wade
Eastern - Champion United StatesUnited States Orlando Magic
  Runner-up team      United StatesUnited States Cleveland Cavaliers
Western - Champion United StatesUnited States Los Angeles Lakers
  Runner-up team      United StatesUnited States Denver nuggets
NBA champions United StatesUnited States Los Angeles Lakers
   Runner-up      United StatesUnited States Orlando Magic
Finals MVP United StatesUnited States Kobe Bryant

The 2008-09 NBA season was the National Basketball Association's 63rd season . The regular season began on October 28, 2008 and ended on April 15, 2009. The NBA Playoffs started three days later and ended on June 14 with the 2009 NBA Finals . The NBA All-Star Game was played on February 15, 2009 at the US Airways Center in Phoenix . Since the 1966/67 season, this was the first season of the NBA in which no team from Seattle took part, as the Seattle SuperSonics had moved to Oklahoma City .

Season Notes


On 26 June 2008, the agreed Milwaukee Bucks to, Bobby Simmons and Yi Jianlian against Richard Jefferson of the New Jersey Nets to trade. Also on June 26th, Jermaine O'Neal and Nathan Jawai moved from the Indiana Pacers to the Toronto Raptors , who received TJ Ford , Rasho Nesterovič , Roy Hibbert and Maceo Baston in return . The Memphis Grizzlies traded Kevin Love , Mike Miller , Brian Cardinal and Jason Collins for OJ Mayo , Antoine Walker , Marko Jarić and Greg Buckner of the Minnesota Timberwolves .

On July 2nd, the city of Seattle reached an agreement with the Seattle SuperSonics , which allowed them to move their location from the "Emerald City" to Oklahoma City . In early September it was announced that the former Seattle SuperSonics were now renamed Oklahoma City Thunder .

On July 29th, Ron Artest moved from the Sacramento Kings to the Houston Rockets . In return, they received Bobby Jackson , Donté Greene and a 2009 First Round Pick . On the same day, Renaldo Balkman was traded by the New York Knicks against Taurean Green , forward Bobby Jones and a 2010 second-round draft pick for the Denver Nuggets .

After Shaun Livingston was sidelined on February 26, 2007 with a knee injury, he signed a two-year deal with Miami Heat on October 3, 2008 .

Like most of the top American leagues, two NBA teams each played for pre-season games in different cities in Europe. The games took place on October 14th in Berlin , Paris , London and Barcelona . The Berlin encounter was held in the O 2  World between the New Orleans Hornets and the Washington Wizards . New Orleans won with 96:80.

Regular season

The 2008-09 regular season began on October 28th. After the Boston Celtics started last season with a winning streak of 12: 0, they had to admit defeat this year after the third game of the season against the Indiana Pacers . In contrast, the reigning runner-up, the Los Angeles Lakers , remained undefeated until the eighth game against Detroit .

The first major player swap of the current season took place between the Denver Nuggets and the Detroit Pistons . Was traded Allen Iverson to guard Chauncey Billups and forward Antonio McDyess . However, McDyess returned to the Pistons in early December 2008. While the Nuggets made it to the playoffs in 2nd place with Billups, Iverson suffered injuries and the Pistons only reached 8th place.

The Boston Celtics achieved a team record with 19 wins in a row. This winning streak was then ended on Boxing Day by the Los Angeles Lakers .

On January 13, the Orlando Magic achieved an NBA record of 23 converted three-point throws in the 139: 107 away win against the Sacramento Kings . They only needed 37 attempts, which corresponds to a hit rate of 62 percent.

The best team of the regular season were the Cleveland Cavaliers with LeBron James with 66 wins , the Lakers with Kobe Bryant second best . Last year's champion Boston Celtics was the third strongest team with 62 wins, with Kevin Garnett having to pause 20 games due to injuries. In the West, as in the previous year, nine teams played for eight playoff spots, and in the end the Phoenix Suns missed the playoffs with 46 wins for the first time since 2004. In the east, the performance density was weaker, because 39 wins were enough for a playoff place. The dominant players of the season were LeBron James, Dwyane Wade , Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and Chris Paul .

Final results

S = wins, N = defeats, PCT = percentage of wins, P = deficit on division leaders

The placements in the seed lists of the respective conference playoffs are listed in brackets.

Eastern Conference
Atlantic Division
# team S. N PCT P
1 Boston Celtics (2) 62 20th .756 -
2 Philadelphia 76ers (6) 41 41 .500 21st
3 New Jersey Nets 34 48 .415 28
4th Toronto Raptors 33 49 .402 29
5 New York Knicks 32 50 .390 30th
Central Division
# team S. N PCT P
1 Cleveland Cavaliers (1) 66 16 .805 -
2 Chicago Bulls (7) 41 41 .500 25th
3 Detroit Pistons (8) 39 43 .476 27
4th Indiana Pacers 36 46 .439 30th
5 Milwaukee Bucks 34 48 .415 32
Southeast Division
# team S. N PCT P
1 Orlando Magic (3) 59 23 .720 -
2 Atlanta Hawks (4) 47 35 .573 12
3 Miami Heat (5) 43 39 .524 16
4th Charlotte Bobcats 35 47 .427 24
5 Washington Wizards 19th 63 .232 40
Western Conference
Northwest Division
# team S. N PCT P
1 Denver Nuggets (2) 54 28 .659 -
2 Portland Trail Blazers (4) 54 28 .659 -
3 Utah Jazz (8) 48 34 .585 6th
4th Minnesota Timberwolves 24 58 .293 30th
5 Oklahoma City Thunder 23 59 .280 31
Pacific Division
# team S. N PCT P
1 Los Angeles Lakers (1) 65 17th .793 -
2 Phoenix Suns 46 36 .561 19th
3 Golden State Warriors 29 53 .354 36
4th Los Angeles Clippers 19th 63 .232 46
5 Sacramento Kings 17th 65 .207 48
Southwest Division
# team S. N PCT P
1 San Antonio Spurs (3) 54 28 .659 -
2 Houston Rockets (5) 53 29 .646 1
3 Dallas Mavericks (6) 50 32 .610 4th
4th New Orleans Hornets (7) 49 33 .598 5
5 Memphis grizzlies 24 58 .284 30th

The winner of a division is guaranteed at least fourth place on the seeding list that is decisive for the play-offs , even if more than three teams have achieved a higher number of wins.



All play-off rounds were played in best-of-seven mode. After five years, the postseason started again for the first time with the Portland Trail Blazers .

  First round   Conference semifinals   Conference Finals   NBA finals
1 Cleveland 4th                  
8th Detroit 0  
1 Cleveland 4th
  4th Atlanta 0  
4th Atlanta 4th
5 Miami 3  
1 Cleveland 2
Eastern Conference
  3 Orlando 4th  
2 Boston 4th      
7th Chicago 3  
2 Boston 3
  3 Orlando 4th  
3 Orlando 4th
6th Philadelphia 2  
E 3 Orlando 1
  W 1 LA Lakers 4th
1 LA Lakers 4th            
8th Utah 1  
1 LA Lakers 4th
  5 Houston 3  
4th Portland 2
5 Houston 4th  
1 LA Lakers 4th
Western Conference
  2 Denver 2  
2 Denver 4th      
7th New Orleans 1  
2 Denver 4th
  6th Dallas 1  
3 San Antonio 1
6th Dallas 4th  

NBA Finals 2009

See main article: NBA Finals 2009

Television broadcast

In the German-speaking area, NASN presented a highlight show in two-day sections. After Premiere had broadcast the NBA live for almost ten years, the pay-TV broadcaster decided not to make an offer for the 2008/09 NBA season. As a result, no live broadcasts could be seen in Germany. However, the NBA International League Pass offered an alternative to TV broadcasting. In addition, the online video provider Maxdome had decided to broadcast parts of the playoffs.

In the US, ABC , TNT , ESPN and NBA TV share national rights to the games. The final was broadcast in cooperation with ABC and ESPN.

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