Pittsburgh Ironmen

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Pittsburgh Ironmen
founding 1946
resolution 1947
Stadion Duquesne Gardens
Location Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania
league BAA (1946-1947)
division Western Division (1946–1947)

Pittsburgh Ironmen was the name of an American basketball franchise from Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania , which played in the BAA , later the NBA , in the 1946-47 season.


The team was formed in Pittsburgh in 1946 and played at Duquesne Gardens . The Ironmen finished their only season in the BAA 1946-47 with a statistic of 15 wins and 45 losses. They finished fifth and last in the Western Division . They also had the worst statistics in the league. According to American statisticians Nate Silver and Reuben Fischer-Baum, who used an Elo rating system, this was the worst season ever for a basketball team.

Season statistics

season Victories: defeats percent Play-offs
1946/47 15:45 25.0 no participation
total 15:45 25.0 no playoff participation

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