St. Louis Bombers

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St. Louis Bombers
founding 1946
resolution 1950
Stadion St. Louis Arena
Location St. Louis , Missouri
Club colors Red White
league BAA (1946-1949)
NBA (1949-1950)
division Western Division (1946–1949)
Central Division (1949–1950)
Head coach Ken Loeffler (1946–1948)
Grady Lewis (1948–1950)

St. Louis Bombers was the name of a US basketball franchise in St. Louis , Missouri , which played in the BAA , later the NBA , from 1946 to 1950 .


The Bombers were a founding member of the BAA in 1946. During the three seasons in the BAA, the Bombers won the conference title once and always reached the play-offs. In the 1947-1948 season they lost in the semifinals only in the seventh game against the Philadelphia Warriors . In the first season under the name NBA, the Bombers played the first game of the season against the Tri-Cities Blackhawks and won 72-51. After this season, the club stopped playing.

Season after season

season Victories: defeats percent Play-offs
1946/47 38:23 62.3 (Defeat in the quarterfinals)
1947/48 29:19 60.4 (Defeat in the semifinals)
1948/49 29:31 48.3 (Defeat in the semifinals)
1949/50 26:42 38.2 (not in the play-offs)
total 122: 115 51.2 three playoff appearances

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