Dresden monarchs

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Dresden monarchs Flag of Germany.svg
Dresden monarchs
City: Dresden
Founded: 1992
Team colors: Gold and navy
Head coach: Ulrich Däuber
League (2019): GFL North
Greatest successes
Vice Master 2013
Promotion to the GFL, Champion 2nd GFL North 2002
Play-off semi-finals 2004, 2010, 2012–2016, 2018, 2019

Heinz Steyer Stadium

Address: Pieschener Allee 1a, 01067 Dresden-Friedrichstadt
Owner: State Capital Dresden
Capacity: 23,767
(officially approved approx. 4500)
Address: Dresden Monarchs e. V.
Bärnsdorfer Str. 2
01097 Dresden
Internet: dresden-monarchs.de
Data status
January 2020
Eternal GFL balance
year total home Selection TD ratio
S. N U S. N U S. N U
2003 6th 6th 0 3 3 0 3 3 0 269: 296
2004 7th 4th 1 5 0 1 2 4th 0 318: 254
2005 7th 5 0 4th 2 0 3 3 0 306: 290
2006 5 6th 1 3 3 0 2 3 1 200: 318
2007 1 11 0 1 5 0 0 6th 0 169: 440
2008 6th 6th 0 4th 2 0 2 4th 0 192: 272
2009 5 5 0 3 2 0 2 3 0 250: 258
2010 6th 6th 0 3 6th 0 6th 3 0 248: 253
2011 6th 8th 0 3 4th 0 3 4th 0 405: 237
2012 10 4th 0 5 2 0 5 2 0 481: 297
2013 11 3 0 6th 1 0 5 2 0 513: 254
2014 8th 4th 0 5 1 0 3 3 0 426: 269
2015 10 2 0 5 1 0 5 1 0 498: 170
2016 10 2 2 6th 0 1 4th 2 1 708: 345
2017 10 4th 0 5 2 0 5 2 0 585: 337
2018 11 2 1 6th 1 0 5 1 1 507: 287
2019 10 4th 0 6th 1 0 4th 3 0 418: 189
total 129 82 5 73 36 2 59 49 3 6393: 4766

The Dresden Monarchs (MNRX) are a German football team from Dresden who play in the German Football League (GFL). The name was based on the history of the monarchy in Saxony under Augustus the Strong . The logo was also inspired by him: It shows August's monogram, the intertwined letters A and R (Augustus Rex). The monarchs mascot is the lion "King Louie" and the team colors are gold and navy . The team's battle cry is Football is Sex, Baby! , which was shaped by the former head coach Bob Guice (1997-2000).



In January 1992 the association was founded as Saxonia Monarchs in Radeberg at the gates of Dresden. The trigger was a postseason friendship game between the then Bundesliga teams of the Stuttgart Scorpions and the Dortmund Giants in autumn 1991. Ulrich Kramer from Göttingen gathered some curious people in Radeberg on the grounds of the BSG robotron and began training in February 1992. In June 1992 the company moved to Weißer Hirsch and the team was renamed Dresden Monarchs . The first highlight was the visit of Denver Broncos linebacker Karl Mecklenburg in Dresden and the return visit to the NFL game Broncos – Dolphins in July 1992 in Berlin.

In 1993 the Monarchs played their first season in the Aufbauliga Ost and immediately made it to the Landesliga Ost. There in 1994 succeeded again in promotion to the association league. In 1996 the promotion to the Oberliga Ost was achieved, in which the Monarchs secured first place in 1997 and were promoted to the Regionalliga Ost. Just two years later they were promoted again, this time to the 2nd Bundesliga - as the first team from the new federal states. After a season without a defeat in 2002, the Dresden team won the relegation games against the last place in the GFL, the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes with 100 points (0:38 in Kiel, 62: 0 in Dresden), which made it possible for them to be promoted to the GFL .


Already in the first season they made it into the play-offs for the German Bowl , in which they failed in the quarter-finals due to the Rhein-Main Razorbacks . The following year ( 2004 season ) succeeded in returning to the play-offs as third-placed GFL Nord . After surviving the first play-off round by defeating the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns for the first time , the Monarchs lost in the semifinals with the score 20:34 against the Braunschweig Lions . In the 2005 season , the monarchs were able to defeat the seemingly overwhelming German champion Berlin Adler twice in a row for the first time . Nevertheless (after a second place in the meantime) only the third place of the GFL Nord was achieved. In the play-offs quarter-final game against the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns, the team lost 30:27 after taking the lead.


In the 2006 season, Dresden played their way up to first place in the GFL Nord in the first half of the season , but were then overtaken by the favorites of the league, Hamburg and Braunschweig. The season ended with a third place after many injuries. In the play-off quarter-finals, they lost against the "feared opponent" and interconference partner Stuttgart Scorpions .


The 2007 season was not successful. After eleven defeats and only one win, the Monarchs were only just able to secure relegation with the worst result of the season so far in the relegation against the champions of the 2nd Bundesliga, Hamburg Eagles (total relegation result 47:37). However, the Monarchs made their debut on the European stage in 2007 and played in the EFAF Cup , where they were eliminated in the first round against Graz.


In the 2008 season , the team reached the playoffs again in fourth place, where they eliminated in the quarterfinals 21:32 at the Marburg Mercenaries.


The 2009 season also ended for the Dresden Monarchs at the Marburg Mercenaries after the Elbstädter had achieved third place in the GFL Nord (5 wins, 5 losses) in the season. In the play-offs, the Mercenaries finally defeated the Monarchs almost 64:63 in the second overtime (extra time) when the Dresden Monarchs wanted to force the decision with a conversion, but did not get back into the end zone. (06:07, 28:14, 35:28, 49:49 in the four regular quarters, 57:57 after the first and 64:63 after the second extra time).


In the 2010 season , the Monarchs suffered until the summer break from a weak attack to quarterback Bryan Waggener, who was replaced after eight games against the new signing Jake Christensen. In the second half of the season, after further transfers (Timothy Hunt and Dominic Goodman (both USA)), the Dresden team succeeded in a winning streak through which they surprisingly made their way into the play-offs after the threatened relegation in the first half of the season made it through to the semi-finals of the GFL play-offs for the second time in their history. After the 56:45 victory in the quarter-finals against the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns , the Monarchs lost the semi-final on September 26, 2010, despite Michael Andrew returning as a surprise, in a literal mud fight on the flooded Moorteichwiese alternative sports field with 0:14 at the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes .


The following year was rather mixed: After seven match days you could only book one win on the credit side. The second half of the season brought 5 more victorious encounters (including 2 victories against Plattling with a total of 133: 6 points). Nevertheless, the ratio of 6 wins to 8 defeats was not enough to reach the playoffs for the fourth time in a row - you were in fifth place in the final table. This ended the season for the royal for the first time since promotion to the top division after the regular season.


On the occasion of their 20th anniversary, the Monarchs played a game on May 19, 2012 against the Obic Seagulls , the six-time champions of the Japanese X-League and Rice Bowl winner. This game was only the third (and the first at club level) between a German and a Japanese team. As expected, the German team lost (17:29), but sometimes played on an equal footing with the Asians.

The regular season, on the other hand, was extremely successful: a rather subdued start - two wins (with the promoted team in Lübeck and at home against Düsseldorf), but also two defeats against Kiel and one in Düsseldorf - the team had another excellent season. Only one defeat (21:39 against the Berlin Adler) and eight wins left the Dresden team to follow. So it was enough for third place in the table in the northern season with only two points behind the arch-rivals, the Berlin Adler. Thus they had qualified again for the playoffs and also played the most successful GFL season in the club's history. In the quarter-finals you had to go to Mannheim to the Rhein-Neckar Bandits . The Dresden team finally prevailed in a varied game with 31:19. In the subsequent semi-finals at the Baltic Hurricanes from Kiel you had to admit defeat once again. In the third meeting of the two teams in 2012, the hosts acted better and so the Monarchs had to say goodbye to the dream of their first German Bowl participation after a 35:14 defeat in the Kilia Kiel stadium .


After a sensational start to the 2013 season (173: 13 points in the first four games) with five wins in a row, there was the first defeat for the royal team on the sixth match day in Braunschweig, at the New York Lions (17:24) . Due to another defeat on the first day of play after the summer break at the Berlin Adlers, they apparently stumbled a little. The declared season goal of a playoff home game, which was only possible when reaching first or second place in the table, was seen to be partially jeopardized, as the supposed key games (2 times Kiel Baltic Hurricanes, New York Lions) were still pending. But for many, surprisingly, they won both in Kiel (24:14) and a week later at home against the Baltic Hurricanes (28:20), which meant that one match day before the end of the season they secured second place in the table prematurely. On the same day, the previously undefeated Braunschweiger lost surprisingly with the Berlin Adlers, which gave them a theoretical chance of topping the table and the associated title of "Northern Champion of the GFL". On the last game day of the Monarchs, "only" had to win against the Braunschweiger with a difference of 8 points in the Heinz Steyer Stadium at home. This did not succeed (29:37 defeat), which meant that the New York Lions ended the regular season as northern champions for the first time since 2007. Nevertheless, the season with 11 wins and 3 losses was even more successful than last year. The opponents in the quarterfinals were the Munich Cowboys, who reached fourth place in the final table in the southern season. For the first time, the Dresden team were allowed to host a playoff home game and clearly won it 59:14 (14: 7, 21: 0, 10: 0, 14: 7). On the following day, the Berlin Eagles won the reigning champions, the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns, which gave Dresden home rights for the upcoming semi-finals. In an exciting game in front of 2840 spectators, the Elbe townspeople achieved the next sensation. Both teams played at eye level and three extra point attempts by the Dresdeners also contributed to the tension. For the first time in the club's 21-year history, the 32:21 (6: 0, 13:14, 6: 0, 7: 7) made it into the German Bowl.

The Monarchs contested the final of the German Football Championship on October 12, 2013 against the New York Lions, to whom they lost twice during the season (17:24 in Braunschweig, 29:37 in Dresden). October with a 34:29 win against the Baltic Hurricanes from Kiel in the local Eintracht Stadium. In the German Bowl, the Dresden Monarchs were ultimately defeated by the New York Lions in an absolutely highly dramatic and balanced game with 34:35. Until 2:34 minutes before the end of the game, Los Blancos had every chance of winning the game. But it was not granted to them. Running back Trevar Deed lost the ball, which was slippery due to the persistent rain, Braunschweig secured it and was able to let the playing time run down. At the time of Deed's fumble , they were in a promising position to win the game with a field goal.


In the 2014 season he was able to move into the playoffs again and as second in the northern season with four defeats this time (in Kiel, in Berlin against the Adler and both games against Braunschweig) and eight wins (the season ended due to the withdrawal of the Hamburg Blue Devils two games shortened to twelve) for the second time in the club's history a quarter-finals in the local Heinz-Steyer-Stadion. There the Marburg Mercenaries were defeated with 42:22, with the top performers Trevar Deed and Jeff Welsh having already been substituted at 42: 7 at half time. Unlike in the previous season, however, southern champion Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns managed to clearly win his quarter-finals at home against Kiel, so that the semi-final took place on September 27, 2014 in Schwäbisch Hall as the last scheduled game of the Unicorns in the Hagenbach Stadium. There it was a 27:33 defeat, so that the dream of the first German Bowl victory did not come true again. In the newly founded Big6 , the Dresden team achieved a surprising but well-deserved away win at Raiffeisen Vikings Vienna after losing just under 10:17 in their home Glücksgas Stadium against the New York Lions . In the Hohe Warte stadium in Vienna, they beat the favored five-time Eurobowl winners with 35:41 and thus secured the second group place in Group A. Unfortunately, this was not enough to move into the Eurobowl (against the eventual winner Berlin Adler). For that you would have needed eight points more to push the group leader (New Yorker Lions) from first place in the table. Nevertheless, the victory against the highly-favored Vikings was paid tribute to in many places.


  • Dresden Monarchs (GFL, men's team)
  • Dresden Monarchs M2 (2nd team, Oberliga)
  • Dresden Monarchs Senior Flag (DFFL)
  • U19 A-Youth (GFL-Junior)
  • U17 B-Youth (Youth League East)
  • U13 flag team (youth flag league east)
  • U10 flag team


The home of the Dresden Monarchs has been the Heinz Steyer Stadium in Ostragehege since 2007 - after the Pittsburgh Steelers stadium, some fans call it Heinz Field , which is currently being modernized. For the first home game of the 2010 season against the Berlin Adler, they returned to the Dresden Stadium , which was rebuilt in previous years and is now used almost exclusively for the home games of SG Dynamo Dresden . In 2011, two of the first three home games - against Kiel and Düsseldorf - took place in this arena. During the season they played a game against Düsseldorf in this stadium, and the following year they defeated the Hamburg Blue Devils there with 43:30. The team previously played in the Bärnsdorfer Straße stadium (a former cycling track and current training ground with the first artificial turf football field in Germany), but eventually moved to the larger Rudolf Harbig Stadium due to the lack of grandstands and the increasing number of spectators, until it was due to its upcoming New building had to be cleared again. In 2003, the Ernst Grube Stadium in nearby Riesa was also used as an “alternative stadium” .

Günther Jagsch, who is well known in the league, commented on the home games up to and including 2009. The quality of the moderation convinced the Stuttgart Scorpions , host of the German Bowl 2007, to invite the monarchs regular speaker to Stuttgart as a commentator for the GFL final at the time. After Jagsch left for Münster, the former radio presenter and former football player (Kiel Baltic Hurricanes) Alexander von Perponcher-Sedlnitzky took over this task. The Dresden DJ Falk Lehmitz has been responsible for music and sound during the game since 1993, and DJ August has been responsible for the party atmosphere in the After Game Area since 2011.

GFL team

Several foreign players are part of the team every season. The majority of the team, however, are players from the region. In particular, new players can be recruited for the GFL team every year from their own junior teams (Monarchs Peewees, Flagfootball, Monarchs Juniors (contact football - GFL Juniors since 2013)).

The head coach of the 2005 season was Jochen Stobernack, who gave up his position in December of the same year for private reasons. In the 2006 season, the experienced American Harold A. Cox should take over the head coaching chair. For health reasons, however, Cox could not be flown to Germany until the start of the season, so the staffing of the provisional coaching team was increased and took over the full-time training of the royal team in the 2006 and 2007 seasons. At the end of 2007, the experienced NFL Europe coach Shuan Fatah was hired as the new head coach , after he had already acted as an advisor to the coaching staff in the 2006 season.

2008 to 2013

For the 2008 season, Shuan Fatah, now as head coach, brought the experienced British offense line coach Lee Rowland to Dresden as special teams coordinator, but had to set priorities due to the limited budget of the first division club: by buying coaches, he stayed for the 2008 season only money for three instead of four North American professional players. The crowd favorite Jag Bal could not be re-signed for the time being. For this reason, stadium announcer Günther Jagsch successfully launched a fan initiative in February 2008 and raised money for the commitment of Bal. The surplus from the fundraising campaign should benefit the Monarchs' offspring.

At the end of 2008 Fatah left the monarchs and took a long-term job with the Berlin Adlers . Six players and Lee Rowland followed his call to the capital. In total, the team recorded nineteen departures and ten additions in the 2009 preseason. With 48 players, the Monarchs had one of the smallest squads in the GFL. The most prominent commitments for the 2009 season were RB Michael Andrew (Braunschweig Lions - German Bowl MVP 2008), DB / QB Jared Dumm (Hamburg Blue Devils) and QB Kyle Israel (University of Central Florida).

As head coach was Gary Spielbuehler be obliged to at the 2008 Stuttgart Scorpions was under contract before the Braunschweig Lions German champion and since 1975 as a football coach is working. Under Spielbuehler, the team achieved the season goal in both 2009 and 2010 and got into the play-offs. In 2010, in addition to the all-rounder Jared Dumm, who has now moved to Dresden, QB Bryan Waggener (USA) and the brothers Jeffrey and Christopher Wollin (Canada) were imported. At the beginning of the second half of the season, the disappointing Waggener was replaced by Jake Christensen and the team strengthened by Timothy Hunt and Dominic Goodman. Just in time for the play-offs, RB Michael Andrew returned from the Graz Giants.

At the beginning of 2011 it was clear that Jared Dumm, who went back to the USA, the Wollin brothers (return to Canada) and Michael Andrew (change to league rivals Kiel) would not be available for the following season. The other import players could not be signed again; in contrast to Gary Spielbuehler, who extended his contract for two more years.

For the 2011 season, QB Tyler Graunke ( University of Hawaii at Mānoa ), RB Larry Croom (including Pittsburgh Steelers , Arizona Cardinals , Hamburg Sea Devils ) and the two linebackers Adrian McCovy ( University of Arizona ) and Patrick O'Neil (Berlin Adler) 4 US players with NFL and NFL Europe and GFL experience will be signed again. O'Neal left the team at the end of May for family reasons (his mother's illness). Unfortunately, you had to part with the quarterback at the end of July. In the further course of the season, Eric Seidel and Robert Sommer therefore appeared as playmakers. In addition, another American DB, Ryan Downard ( Eastern Michigan University ), was hired at the end of June to close the gaps in the team.

At the beginning of 2011, Dresden linebacker Burkhard Vogt received a special honor when he was voted Player of the Year 2010 by the AFVD .

The return of the American Larry Croom as running back and the signing of Nick Hardesty (QB) and Chris Evering (WR / DB) from Henderson State University (USA) and Lamar Myles ( University of Louisville ) were the additions from the motherland of football for the 2012 season. The latter had made it into the training squad of the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team in 2008 and 2009 . There was also the Finnish international Martti Välimaa (DL), as well as Josef Fuksa (OL) and Ladislav Jensik (DB) from the Czech Republic. After a very mixed season opener, they parted ways with Nick Hardesty one day after the 40:14 defeat in Düsseldorf after two competitive games and signed Warren G. Smith ( University of Maine ) as his successor. In the course of the season, WR Jamal Smith, who was previously under contract with league rivals Kiel Baltic Hurricanes, also joined the Elbe cities. After finishing the round of points, Croom was the most successful player in the GFL (1759 Yd) ahead of Trevar Deed (Kiel Baltic Hurricanes).

For the 2013 season Jeff Welsh could be hired as quarterback and Trevar Deed as running back (both USA). Both had played in the league competitor from Kiel in the previous year and stood with the team in the German Bowl. The other new signings were: Luke Laolagi (USA) as linebacker, Arttu Tenneberg (Finland) as offensive liner, Sebastien Sejean as Strong Safety and Anthony Couvin (both from France) as receiver. The two Czechs Josef Fuksa and Ladislav Jensik also played again for the Elbestädtern, and their compatriot David Hradecky (Guard) joined them in the current season. With Donnie Avant (US-American, with a German passport) a flexible player could be brought in, he played both Strong Safety and Receiver. The US-American Kirk Benson (Noseguard), who lives in Dresden, completed the package of "import players". Emmanuel Moody (USA) was signed as another running back for the playoff games. The "eternal monarch" and popular figure Michael Megel, who was the record player for Dresden with 400 games, ended his career after the season. And the contractual relationship with Gary Spielbühler as head coach, which had existed since 2009, was not extended after five years.

Since 2014

Game Scene (2014)

As a runner-up, you started the 2014 season with a lot of self-confidence and were able to sign some high-class players. Jeff Welsh decided to continue his engagement as a quarterback with the Monarchs. And Trevar Deed, for many the tragic hero of the final in 2013, decided to wear the Dresden jersey again. This despite the fact that after the lost German Bowl in the previous year he announced that he would retire from the active game and complete training as a firefighter in his American homeland. The undisputed best running back in the league in 2013 again had an outstanding season and was only stopped by an injury in the home game against Cologne, which meant that he could not be used in this and the two following games, and could not reach his previous year's records. Together with the new head coach John Leijten (Netherlands), who is also the coach of the Australian national football team, two Australian players came to the gold helmets. Both Conor Foley (RB) and Damien Donaldson (SS) could be won as real enrichments for the team. Donaldson also played in the position of punter that season. During the year it became clear that Guillaume Rioux (France) was one of the most powerful new signings. He not only played in the offense, but was also used very often in the special teams and in the ranks of the defense. At the end of the season he was the Monarchs' most successful receiver (with over 1000 yards on 11 TDs). His compatriot Sebastien Sejean also set a number of exclamation marks in defense in 2014. Sherman Vercher (USA) was hired as a further reinforcement in the defense, who, like the Pole Adam Lary, upgraded the defense backfield. Lary was one of (initially four) Polish players who played for Los Blancos for the first time. The others were Babatunde Aiyegbusi, Arek Soberski (both tackle) and Dominik Dabrowski, the latter falling victim to the rule that the number of foreign players in a GFL team is limited in the middle of the season. Josef Fuksa left Dresden before the season, while his compatriot Ladislav "LJ" Jensik appeared in 2014 in the Elbe city roster. Quade Chappuis (Switzerland) and Tyson Garnham (Great Britain) also left impressive statistics and were a real reinforcement of the monarchs. Both Emmanuel Moody (Raiffeisen Vikings Vienna) and Donnie Avant ( Cologne Falcons ) switched to other teams, but both were defeated by the Dresden team with their new teams (in the GFL and Big6) during the course of the year.

The wide receiver duo from Finland, Sebastien Sagne and Micky Kyei, has been playing in Dresden since 2016. Brandon Connette came as quarterback for the Dresden Monarchs in the 2016 season. Together with the German wide receivers Mike Schallo and Hendrik Hinrichs and the running back Joe Bergeron from the USA, the Dresden Monarchs offense was the best scoring offense in the league this season. Despite the foreign players like middle linebacker Jordan Glass (USA), Safety William James (Sweden), defensive tackle Alan Steinohrt (Australia), cornerback Isaac Summerfield (Australia) or German players like linebacker Daniel Stechbarth or defensive lineman Marcel Donner, the defense belonged to the Monarchs, on the other hand, are only at a good average compared to other German teams.

There was a similar picture in the following season 2017, the anniversary year of the Dresden Monarchs. Again the offense was one of the best in the league, but the defense was again only mediocre. The Monarchs' quarterback was in the season of the American Garrett Safron ( Sacramento State University ). Otherwise, the Dresden Monarchs' offense remained together with the wide receivers Sebastien Sagne and Micky Kyei and running back Joe Bergeron. The club brought in safety Kweishi Brown (USA), middle linebacker Marc Millan (USA), defensive linemen Botond Krizsai (HUN) and Niall Scott-Grant (GBR) and linebacker Marcos Delana (AUS) as reinforcements for the defense season. In the fourth game of the season against the New York Lions Braunschweig, Marcos Delana and Kweishi Brown were already injured, so they were canceled for the rest of the season. As a replacement, Safety Davyon McKinney (USA) was hired at short notice. In addition to these imports, like William James again, numerous Germans such as linebacker Tim Weidner and Daniel Stechbarth or cornerback Paul Krems also shone.

In the 2018 season , Head Coach Ulrich "Ulz" Däuber took over the Dresden Monarchs team. Quarterback Trenton Norvell came from Western Illinois University . This season, however, no US running back came to Dresden, but a wide receiver. They found this in Mitchell Paige of Indiana University . He already gained game practice in NFL preparation with the Los Angeles Chargers before he was removed from the squad by the California. Linebackers AJ Wentland from McKendree University and Jamarii Milliken from Furman University also came from the USA . In the GFL Nord they took second place behind the New York Lions in the regular season and thus had home rights for the quarter-finals. There you could clearly beat the Allgäu Comets. In the semifinals they met the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns again. The Dresden Monarchs lost this semi-final game against the eventual German champions.

In 2019 there were again many changes in key positions. Quarterback became Zack Greenlee came from the University of Texas at El Paso . Again, there was no running back from the USA for the Monarchs, but a wide receiver. This position was filled by KeVonn Mabon. Mabon came from Ball State University and was temporarily under contract with the Tennessee Titans and the Indianapolis Colts , but then did not make it into the permanent squad for the NFL season. As the new defensive back came Omari Williams from the USA, who was previously at Samford University. Middle linebacker remained AJ Wentland from the previous year. In the point round, the monarchs in the GFL-Nord came second. In the game against the New York Lions, quarterback Greenlee suffered a bruised rib and missed a few games. For this, Glen Cuillette was brought in from Texas Southern University . After Greenlee was healed, he initially took over again as starting quarterback. But after some changeable performances, Cuillette was used again until the end of the season. In the quarterfinals you could prevail against the Marburg Mercenaries with 39:22. But again the Dresden failed in the semifinals at the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns.

Squad season 2019
number Surname position origin
02 Yazan Nasser RB GermanyGermany
03 Robert Sommer WR GermanyGermany
04th Zack Greenlee QB United StatesUnited States
5 Glen Cuiellette QB United StatesUnited States
06th Tim Hagmann DB SwitzerlandSwitzerland
07th Omari Williams DB United StatesUnited States
08th Hans Plam LB GermanyGermany
09 Tim Weidner LB GermanyGermany
10 Maxime De Falcis DB FranceFrance
12 Ferras El-Hendi QB GermanyGermany
14th Jordan Bouah WR ItalyItaly
15th Martin Emos WR BelgiumBelgium
16 KeVonn Mabon WR United StatesUnited States
17th Maxim Neumann LB GermanyGermany
19th Jonas Gacek DB GermanyGermany
21st Florian Finke K GermanyGermany
22nd Franz Kammel K GermanyGermany
23 Maximilian Lau DB GermanyGermany
24 Glen Toonga RB United KingdomUnited Kingdom
26th Erwin Capricorn DB GermanyGermany
27 Leon Tobias DB GermanyGermany
29 Martin Jacob DB GermanyGermany
30th Antoni Omondi DB PolandPoland
31 Robert Gruner LB GermanyGermany
33 Ruven Pietsch LB GermanyGermany
35 Benjamin Jähnigen DB GermanyGermany
38 Florian to the low LB GermanyGermany
39 Walther Schönbrodt DB GermanyGermany
40 Rick Baunacke LB United KingdomUnited Kingdom
42 Felix Tasler LB GermanyGermany
43 Daniel Stechbarth LB GermanyGermany
44 Benjamin Poppitz LB GermanyGermany
45 Marc Nice LB GermanyGermany
46 Vincent Eifler DB GermanyGermany
49 AJ Wentland LB United StatesUnited States
50 Lars Liebig OIL GermanyGermany
51 Victor Shamshurko OIL GermanyGermany
53 Hermann Schramm OIL GermanyGermany
63 Robert Krejca OIL Czech RepublicCzech Republic
66 Marc Henning OIL GermanyGermany
69 Martin Hoffmann OIL GermanyGermany
75 Philipp Most OIL GermanyGermany
76 Aaron's choice OIL GermanyGermany
78 Yasir Raji OIL GermanyGermany
79 Christoph Richter OIL GermanyGermany
80 Chris Exactly WR GermanyGermany
81 Maximilian Lau WR GermanyGermany
82 Florian Rau WR GermanyGermany
83 Lukas Unterschütz WR GermanyGermany
84 Cheikhou Sow WR FranceFrance
87 Anton Doroshev WR GermanyGermany
88 Manuel Behrends WR GermanyGermany
89 Radko Zoller WR GermanyGermany
90 Alex Haldane DL United KingdomUnited Kingdom
92 Vincent Kanig DL GermanyGermany
93 Jannik Stanke DL GermanyGermany
95 Leonardo Matassini DL GermanyGermany
97 Paul Seemann DL GermanyGermany
98 Marcel Prince DL GermanyGermany
99 Pascal Schrader DL GermanyGermany

Playoff and relegation games

Playoff & relegation games
year game Home team Guest team Result comment
2002 Relegation 1 Kiel Baltic Hurricanes Dresden monarchs 00:38
2002 Relegation 2 Dresden monarchs Kiel Baltic Hurricanes 62:00 Promotion to the GFL
2003 Quarter finals Rhein-Main Razorbacks Dresden monarchs 28:20
2004 Quarter finals Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns Dresden monarchs 24:38
2004 Semifinals Braunschweig Lions Dresden monarchs 34:20
2005 Quarter finals Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns Dresden monarchs 30:27
2006 Quarter finals Stuttgart Scorpions Dresden monarchs 47:27
2007 Relegation 1 Dresden monarchs Hamburg Eagles 28:24
2007 Relegation 2 Hamburg Eagles Dresden monarchs 13:19 Remain in the GFL
2008 Quarter finals Marburg Mercenaries Dresden monarchs 32:21
2009 Quarter finals Marburg Mercenaries Dresden monarchs 64:63 OT
2010 Quarter finals Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns Dresden monarchs 45:56
2010 Semifinals Kiel Baltic Hurricanes Dresden monarchs 14:00
2011 / / / /
2012 Quarter finals Rhein-Neckar Bandits Dresden monarchs 19:31
2012 Semifinals Kiel Baltic Hurricanes Dresden monarchs 35:14
2013 Quarter finals Dresden monarchs Munich cowboys 59:14
2013 Semifinals Dresden monarchs Berlin eagle 32:21
2013 final Dresden monarchs New York Lions 34:35 Vice champion 2013
2014 Quarter finals Dresden monarchs Marburg Mercenaries 42:22
2014 Semifinals Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns Dresden monarchs 33:27
2015 Quarter finals Dresden monarchs Stuttgart Scorpions 55:14
2015 Semifinals Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns Dresden monarchs 41:34
2016 Quarter finals Dresden monarchs Saarland Hurricanes 43: 7
2016 Semifinals Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns Dresden monarchs 35:26
2017 Quarter finals Samsung Frankfurt Universe Dresden monarchs 26:16
2018 Quarter finals Dresden monarchs Allgäu Comets 51:19
2018 Semifinals Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns Dresden monarchs 23: 7
2019 Quarter finals Dresden monarchs Marburg Mercenaries 39:22
2019 Semifinals Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns Dresden monarchs 30:13


The Dresden Monarchs play in the Heinz-Steyer-Stadion , which is limited to a capacity of 4,500 seats due to the danger of collapsing grandstands.

season Total audience Home games cut
2012 11,024 7th 1,574
2013 19,981 9 2,220
2014 13,243 7th 1,892
2015 20,858 7th 2,979
2016 22,361 8th 2,795
2017 19,892 7th 2,841
2018 23,329 8th 2,916
2019 24,860 8th 3,108

Miscellaneous and worth knowing

  • A special rivalry connects the “royal” with the Berlin Adler team. This was not only due to the spatial proximity, but also to the sometimes very exciting duels in the GFL and GFL 2.
  • In 2000, the Dresden Diamonds, a women's football team, was founded. They competed in the women's Bundesliga (DBL) in 2003 and 2004. Due to several departures and failures in the following year, the squad was too small to play competitively. Then the game was not continued in the first division. After a one-year break, the team returned to the DBL from 2006 to 2010. In 2011, the Diamonds played in the second highest German division, the women's Bundesliga 2 group south. For some time now, the Dresden women have been playing in a syndicate with the Crailsheim Hurricanes.
  • The cheerleaders of the Dresden Monarchs are the Blue Pearls .
  • The official fan club is called Royal Friends . There is a very strong friendship with fans of the Vienna Vikings. Mutual visits by the supporters of both teams and loud support from the other team are a tradition that has become dear to Dresden.
  • A web radio team broadcasts the Elbestädter's games live on the Internet, and since the 2012 season also via video stream.
  • The team and their fans also support numerous public events, for example a blood donation campaign by the DRK in the summer of 2010 or the annual commemorative demonstrations on February 13 on the occasion of the bombing of Dresden in World War II.

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