German Football League 2005

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German Football League 2005
Logo of the German Football League
master Braunschweig Lions (4th title)
final German Bowl XXVII
Teams 11
Games 60 + 7 play-off games
GFL 2004
2nd Bundesliga - 2005 ↓

The German Football League 2005 was the 27th season of the top German division in American football . The champions were the Braunschweig Lions , who prevailed against the Hamburg Blue Devils in the final .

League division

Teams 2005 GFL North GFL South00Blue pog.svg00Red pog.svg

Overview of the participating teams and their all-time Bundesliga and GFL balance sheets.

Due to the voluntary withdrawal of the Franken Knights , only five teams took part in the southern group. As a result, the interconference games for the Hamburg Blue Devils were canceled.

team Years S. U N home Selection TD ratio
Berlin Adler (TV) 22nd 160 6th 85 81 2 41 79 4th 44 7479: 4341
Dusseldorf panther 22nd 172 10 71 89 7th 30th 83 3 41 7856: 3748
Braunschweig Lions 11 87 0 34 46 0 14th 41 0 20th 4125: 2392
Hamburg Blue Devils 10 77 4th 33 44 0 14th 33 4th 19th 3153: 1984
Dresden monarchs 2 13 1 10 8th 1 3 5 0 7th 587: 550
Cologne Falcons (N) New 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Munich Cowboys (N) 24 159 7th 103 90 1 44 69 6th 59 6716: 4911
Stuttgart Scorpions 13 67 5 83 31 4th 37 26th 1 46 3511: 4184
Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns 7th 28 4th 46 16 0 23 12 4th 23 1699: 2024
Saarland Hurricanes 4th 7th 4th 34 3 3 17th 4th 1 17th 753: 1546
Marburg Mercenaries 2 7th 1 14th 4th 0 7th 3 1 7th 509: 631
  • (N) - Newcomers
  • (TV) - defending champion

Season course

Regular season

In the GFL-Süd all teams started with one win and one loss. After that, however, they parted ways. The Marburg Mercenaries took off with a series of 15: 1 points. The Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns and the Saarland Hurricanes were able to keep up to some extent. But both teams had to give up on the last match days. For the unicorns it was still enough for second place in the final bill. The Hurricanes, on the other hand, even had to let the Stuttgart Scorpions pass. The Scorpions, which started badly with 2: 8 points, lost only once and ended the season with 10:10 points, as did the Hurricanes. But the Scorpions won the direct comparison of the two teams, including a memorable game, with the highest total score in GFL history of 143 points, 83:60. Two game days later, the Scorpions scored 83 points again in one game, against the bottom of the southern table, the Munich Cowboys, they scored 83:21. With that, the Scorpions had it in their own hands to come second. In the last game of the season against the Unicorns they led until six seconds before the end before the Unicorns could turn the game with a touchdown to a 29:26 victory. The Cowboys lost their last eight regular season games, finishing in fifth place with just one win.

The northern group saw a disastrous season for the record champions Düsseldorf Panther. The club, which had a say in the Bundesliga in the eighties and nineties, went out of the season without winning any points. You just lost three times, but overall it wasn't enough. The newcomer, the Cologne Falcons, on the other hand, started the season with three wins, but then had to realize that there is a rough wind in the GFL. The Hamburg Blue Devils (3:24) and the Braunschweig Lions (0:35 and 6:52) brought the Falcons back to the ground. And due to the final sprint of the reigning champions, the Berlin Adlers, the play-offs were even missed. This was achieved by the Braunschweig Lions, the Hamburg Blue Devils, the Dresden Monarchs, who had to leave a few fields after a very strong start, and the Adler, who started with 2: 8 points, but then only lost two games and, with an even position Points account, but still reached the play-offs.

Interconference Games

For the first time since the reintroduction of the Interconference Games in the 1998 season, the southern teams won more games than the northern teams. In the end it was 6: 4 for the south, but almost all games were very close. Five ended with a point difference of three or less points, only three games saw a point difference of more than one touchdown.

Closing tables

GFL North

society Sp S. U N Points TD Diff.
1. Braunschweig Lions 12 9 0 3 18: 6 410: 177 +233
2. Hamburg Blue Devils 10 7th 0 3 14: 6 224: 119 +105
3. Dresden monarchs 12 7th 0 5 14:10 306: 290 +16
4th Berlin eagle 12 6th 0 6th 12:12 376: 356 +20
5. Cologne Falcons 12 4th 0 7th 10:14 178: 324 −146
6th Dusseldorf panther 12 0 0 12 0:24 206: 418 −212

GFL South

society Sp S. U N Points TD Diff.
1. Marburg Mercenaries 10 8th 1 1 17: 3 350: 174 +176
2. Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns 10 6th 1 3 13: 7 292: 256 +36
3. Stuttgart Scorpions 10 5 0 5 10:10 353: 343 +10
4th Saarland Hurricanes 10 5 0 5 10:10 294: 298 −4
5. Munich cowboys 10 1 0 9 2:18 87: 321 −234
  • Tie breaker


Due to the withdrawal of the Franken Knights before the season, there was no relegation in the south, the GFL 2 -Südmeister, the Darmstadt Diamonds rose. In the north, the Düsseldorf Panthers were able to score their first victories and put the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes in their place. After a sure 33:14 home win, they could also win the second leg at the Baltic Sea with 10: 7 and thus keep the class.

league Home club Visiting club Result After quarters
North Dusseldorf panther Kiel Baltic Hurricanes 33:14 13: 0, 20: 0, 0: 7, 0: 7
North Kiel Baltic Hurricanes Dusseldorf panther 7:10 7: 0, 0: 7, 0: 3, 0: 0

The Düsseldorf Panthers remain in the GFL-Nord. In the south, the Darmstadt Diamonds rise without relegation.


In the quarter-finals, the home teams achieved home wins. However, some games were fiercely competitive, the Braunschweig Lions only gained a decisive advantage over the Saarland Hurricanes, who were able to reach the play-offs for the first time in their history, through an intermediate sprint in the third quarter. The Marburg Mercenaries were still behind in the third quarter, before they took the Berlin Adler, the reigning champions, from the throne with 21 fourth quarter points. The Mercenaries had already achieved this feat last year when they defeated the Hamburg Blue Devils in the quarter-finals. And Schwäbisch Hall also had to bend a lead of the Dresden Monarchs. After being 16:27 behind, playing with just a few minutes in the fourth quarter, it was 30:27 for Haller in the end. Only the Hamburg Blue Devils made it to the semi-finals without counterpoints, and that of all things against the explosive attack of the Stuttgart Scorpions, who were defeated 30: 0.

In the semifinals, the Blue Devils were also included in the tight games. In a highly dramatic game in Marburg, the Hanseatic townspeople won 42:41 in extra time and were able to take revenge for the previous year's defeat. The game was decided by an extra point missed by Marburg. The Braunschweig Lions, on the other hand, left nothing to be desired and reached their ninth final in a row with a 33: 8 against Schwäbisch Hall.

  Quarter finals Semifinals German Bowl XXVII - Hanover
  1N Braunschweig Lions 32        
4S Saarland Hurricanes 17th  
1N Braunschweig Lions 33
  2S Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns 8th  
2S Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns 30th
3N Dresden monarchs 27  
1N Braunschweig Lions 31
  2N Hamburg Blue Devils 28
1S Marburg Mercenaries 40    
4N Berlin eagle 21st  
1S Marburg Mercenaries 41
  2N Hamburg Blue Devils 42  
2N Hamburg Blue Devils 30th
  3S Stuttgart Scorpions 0  

German Bowl

In the German Bowl XXVII, the Hamburg Blue Devils met the Braunschweig Lions for the sixth time in the last eight years. In a close match in front of 19,512 spectators in the Hanoverian AWD-Arena , the Lions were able to present a touchdown each and the Blue Devils followed suit. This order of points was only interrupted in the third quarter, when the Braunschweiger were able to increase the score to 24:14 with a field goal . The Blue Devils came up to 24:21 in the third quarter. But Sascha Gerasimov restored the ten point gap in the fourth quarter. In the final minute Hamburg was able to shorten it again, but the 31:28 connection remained the end result. With this, the Braunschweig Lions celebrated their fourth German Bowl triumph after five defeats in the final.


German Bowl XXVII
team Points Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Braunschweig Lions 31 7th 14th 3 7th
Hamburg Blue Devils 28 0 14th 7th 7th
Braunschweig Hamburg player Move
7th 0 Marcel fragrance 11-meter pass by Adrian Rainbow (PAT Rothaar)
7th 7th Toni Meinhardt 5-meter pass from Dough Baughman (PAT Madsen)
14th 7th Marcel fragrance 23-meter pass by Adrian Rainbow (PAT Dölger)
14th 14th Maximilian von Garnier 4-meter pass from Dough Baughman (PAT Madsen)
21st 14th Marcel fragrance 40-meter pass by Adrian Rainbow (PAT Rothaar)
24 14th Marco Rothaar 23-meter field goal
24 21st David DeArmas 3-meter pass from Dough Baughman (PAT Madsen)
31 21st Sascha Gerasimov 10-meter run (PAT Rothaar)
31 28 Dough Baughman 1-meter run (PAT Madsen)

Individual evidence

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  2. Huddle 38/2005
  3. AFVD Stats for GB XXVII PDF

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