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Kiel Baltic Hurricanes Flag of Germany.svg
Kiel Baltic Hurricanes
City: Kiel
Founded: November 11, 1988
Team colors: green / white / orange
Head coach: Timo Zorn
League (2020): GFL North
Greatest successes
German champions 2010
German runner-up 2008/09/11/12
GFL North Champion 2008/10/11/12

Kilia Stadium

Address: Hasseldieksdammer Weg 165, 24114 Kiel
Owner: City of Kiel
Capacity: 5000
Address: Hasseldieksdammer Weg 165, 24114 Kiel
Data status
2nd July 2018
Hurricanes offensive tackle Nick Wieland against a defender of the Dresden Monarchs. (Photo: Stefan Stuhr)

The Kiel Baltic Hurricanes are an American football team from Kiel . The first team plays in the German Football League , the top German division in American football.

The first team was spun off from the American Sports Club Kiel eV in 2010 to the KFV - Kieler Football Marketing GmbH & Co. KG , whose main shareholder is Mario Lemke. In October 2018, KFV - Kieler Football Vermarktungs GmbH & Co. KG filed for bankruptcy.


GFL playing times
year total home Selection TD ratio
S. N U S. N U S. N U
1996 4th 7th 0 3 3 0 1 4th 0 284: 357
1997 4th 6th 0 3 2 0 1 4th 0 249: 247
1998 6th 6th 0 4th 2 0 2 4th 0 264: 288
1999 8th 4th 0 3 3 0 5 1 0 398: 285
2000 3 6th 1 3 2 0 0 4th 1 247: 250
2001 2 10 0 2 4th 0 0 6th 0 166: 434
2002 1 11 0 1 5 0 0 6th 0 093: 458
2007 7th 4th 1 4th 1 1 3 3 0 256: 159
2008 8th 3 1 5 1 0 3 2 1 294: 160
2009 9 1 0 5 0 0 4th 1 0 231: 178
2010 11 1 0 5 1 0 6th 0 0 289: 158
2011 12 2 0 6th 1 0 6th 1 0 444: 224
2012 13 1 0 7th 0 0 6th 1 0 593: 272
2013 10 4th 0 5 2 0 5 2 0 485: 249
2014 7th 5 0 4th 2 0 3 3 0 330: 280
2015 9 3 0 5 1 0 4th 2 0 469: 251
2016 10 3 1 6th 0 1 4th 3 0 483: 297
2017 10 4th 0 6th 1 0 4th 3 0 531: 323
2018 4th 9 1 2 4th 1 2 5 0 297: 394
2019 2 11 1 1 5 1 1 6th 0 210: 425
total 140 101 6th 80 40 4th 60 61 2 6613: 5689

The beginnings

After football fans met in Kiel in 1987, the American Sports Club Kiel eV was founded in 1988 , the first division of which was the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes . On April 9, 1989, the first game took place with the Norderstedt Chiefs and ended with a 0: 54 defeat.

The 1990s - 1st division for the first time

After the seasons in the regional league (1989, 1990), the association league (1991) and the Regionalliga Nord, he was promoted to the 2nd Bundesliga in 1992 . In their second year of membership in the league, the Canes were champions of the 2nd division north (1994), but missed promotion to the 1st Bundesliga, today's German Football League (GFL) in the relegation against the Berlin Rebels . After the renewed Northern Championship (1995), the Canes rose to the 1st Bundesliga. After a 5th place in 1996, the team took part in the play-offs between 1997 and 2000 .

Withdrawal and return

2000 to 2003 - retreat to the regional league

After economic adversity, the Baltic Hurricanes took 6th place in the GFL North in 2001 and 2002 . After losing the relegation against the Dresden Monarchs in 2002, the team from Kiel withdrew to the Regionalliga Nordost for the following season. At the end of the 2003 season, however, succeeded in direct promotion to the 2nd division.

2004 to 2006 - GFL 2

After the immediate promotion, the Canes took 2nd place in the 2nd North League in 2004. In 2005 they were before the Berlin Rebels and the Langenfeld Longhorns champions of the 2nd division north. In the relegation for promotion to the GFL, however, the Hurricanes could not assert themselves against the Düsseldorf Panthers . For the 2006 season they had strengthened themselves again. Among other things, the experienced wide receiver Estrus Crayton , who was part of the Berlin Adler squad in 2005 , was signed. After the championship of the 2nd Bundesliga North and another relegation against the Düsseldorf Panthers (first leg: 30: 0, second leg 27:30), the Hurricanes made it to the GFL North.

The new era

2007 - back in the upper house

With a new logo, the canes returned to the premier league. For the 2007 season , the successful coach Kent Anderson , who led the Braunschweig Lions to win the German Bowl in the 2006 season , was hired. Anderson took over the position of head coach. The previous Head Coach André Schleemann became Defense Coordinator. Furthermore, quarterback Adrian Rainbow and defensive end Robert Flickinger, both were active in the 2006 season for the Braunschweig Lions, the roster of the Hurricanes. The 2007 season ended with a 3rd place in the GFL Nord table. In the quarter-finals of the play-offs, however, the Canes lost to the Marburg Mercenaries .

In 2008 the Canes became North German champions and, through victories over the Weinheim Longhorns and the Berlin Adler, they made it into the final of the German championship for the first time, where they were defeated by the Braunschweig Lions at 14:20.

Also in 2009 the canes made it into the German Bowl . After the end of the regular season, they moved into the play-offs as runner-up in the GFL Nord. With 20: 6 they beat Stuttgart in the quarterfinals. The semi-finals in Schwäbisch Hall turned into a thriller. With a field goal in the last second, the Hurricanes were finally able to win 22:21 and move into the German Bowl XXXI. Here, however, they lost to the Berlin Adler with 21:28 and were runner-up again.

German championship

In 2010 , the Canes became German champions for the first time under their new head coach Patrick Esume . Esume took over the team at the end of 2009 and brought many young talents such as Julian Dohrendorf , Falk Horn and Jaques Huke to Kiel. As a defensive coordinator, he brought Super Bowl winner Bob Valesente to the fjord, with whom he had already worked during the NFL Europe times. From his previous coaching position in Paris, he also brought quarterback Jeff Welsh with him. After losing the opening game, the Hurricanes won their remaining eleven games of the season and were again Northern champions. In the quarterfinals they met the Stuttgart Scorpions again and won in the Holstein Stadium with 23:21. The Dresden Monarchs came to Kiel for the semi-finals . The Hurricanes prevail in a rain battle on the Moorteichwiese 14-0. In the German Bowl XXXII they beat the Berlin Eagles with 17:10 in the Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt and became German champions for the first time.

In the 2011 season , the Baltic Hurricanes won the GFL Nord and qualified for the fourth time in a row for the final with two play-offs home wins (45: 6 against the Munich Cowboys in the quarter-finals and 45:21 against the Düsseldorf Panthers in the semi-finals) . Opponents in the German Bowl XXXIII on October 8, 2011 in the Magdeburg MDCC Arena were the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns , who were in a German Bowl for the first time and won it 48:44.

The Hurricanes fans cheer on their team (Photo: Stefan Stuhr, 2014)

In the 2012 season , the Baltic Hurricanes were able to secure the northern championship again. The Stuttgart Scorpions traveled to the quarter-finals, for which a 22:70 Kiel was again the final destination. In the semifinals, the Dresden Monarchs wanted revenge for 2010, but the Hurricanes prevailed with 35:14. In the German Bowl XXXIV there was another duel with the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns. Despite leading the Hurricanes in the meantime, the Unicorns won with 56:53. In the offense, in addition to constant quarterback Jeff Welsh, running back Trevar Deed in particular was a horror for the opponents this year. In just one season, he scored 258 points and ran 2,373 yards. Welsh and Deed switched to the Dresden Monarchs after the season, where they made it back to the final.

The Baltic Hurricanes started in the 2013 season with the new quarterback Matt Johnson and a young team. With ten wins and four defeats they were in third place in the GFL Nord at the end of the regular season and thus had to travel to second place in the southern season, the Marburg Mercenaries, in the quarter-finals. Here they clearly won with 47: 9, but the semi-finals in Braunschweig were over. At the beginning of the fourth quarter they were already 7:34 behind. Although they were able to shorten to 29:34 with a strong catch-up in the final quarter, they could no longer win against the eventual German champions.

Hurricanes QB 2014 Nick Lamaison (Photo: Stefan Stuhr)

In 2014 the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes started the season with Nick Lamaison as playmaker . After a thumb injury that forced Lamaison to take a six-week break, the American was represented by his compatriot Kyle Israel. Running back Jermaine Allen also played for the Canes for the second time after 2010. With seven wins and five defeats, they ended up only in fourth place and thus secured their place in the play-offs. There they had to travel to the southern champions, the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns, in the quarter-finals. The canes lost at 24:50 and were eliminated for the first time since 2007 in the first round of the play-offs. At the European level, the Kielers were more successful this year. They qualified for entry into the EFL Bowl and received the Spanish champions, the Badalona Dracs, in their Kilia Stadium on July 19, 2014. The Canes beat the Spaniards 40-0 and won the first European title in the club's history. After the end of the season, the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes and head coach Patrick Esume split up after five years of working together. At the beginning of November 2014, American Stephen Parker was hired as the new head coach.

New ways

2015 - European Cup defended, out of the quarter-finals for the German championship

In the European Football League, the Hurricanes defeated the Dutch champions from Alphen and the Marburg Mercenaries and thus qualified for the EFL Bowl. After 2014, they were again given the opportunity to host the final in Kiel and received the Allgäu Comets on June 27, which they beat with 49:28 and thus defended their title. With nine wins and three defeats in the GFL season , the Canes saw third place and thus participation in the play-offs for the ninth year in a row. With a clear 52: 3 against the Hamburg Huskies, they said goodbye to their home crowd in the last home game. In the quarter-finals, the Baltic Hurricanes went to runner-up in the southern group of the German Football League - to the Allgäu Comets in Kempten. They won the second clash after the EFL Bowl with 39:27 and ended the Canes season early. The Canes' top scorer was Tyler Davis, who scored 150 points in 13 GFL games. Just a week after the play-offs, the Hurricanes split from head coach Stephen Parker because the philosophies about how to run a football team were too different. At the beginning of October, the Canes announced the engagement of Dan Disch as a new head coach. The 56-year-old American was already responsible for defense last season, previously worked at the University of North Carolina and brings decades of experience to the Kiel Fjord.

2016 - Ten years of the Bundesliga

At the start of the tenth Bundesliga season, the Hurricanes had to make some changes. Dan Disch went back to the USA and Marcus Herford, who was previously hired as offensive coordinator, took over the team. Disch's successor as defensive coordinator was initially Troy Shaffer, but after two months the Canes separated from him and completed the rest of the season with Neil Harrell. In the European Football League, Kiel did not reach the EFL Bowl this year due to a 24:31 overtime defeat against the Amsterdam Crusaders on April 9, despite the 61:33 win against the Hamburg Huskies two weeks later. Over the season, the team settled in and won ten of their 14 regular GFL games. At the end of the day they were in third place with 21: 7 behind the Dresden Monarchs (22: 6) and made it into the playoffs for the tenth year in a row. With 10: 3 they prevailed in a defense battle in the quarter-finals at Frankfurt Universe. In the semifinals they were defeated a week later by the defending champions, the New York Lions, with 21:38. The most successful points hunter of the season was running back Christopher McClendon, whom the Hurricanes signed in May. McClendon scored 152 points and in the home game on August 27, 2016 against the Hildesheim Invaders, with 339 rushing yards, a new team record for the most yards run in a game. Linebacker Thiadric Hansen played his strongest season to date in his fifth year with the Canes. With 134 tackles he was the most successful defender on his team this season and with a total of 358 tackles he is at the top of the all-time best of the Hurricanes.

Kiel Baltic Hurricanes Roster 2018

Surname First name number position
Abrahamsen Jan 20th CB
Adamec Lucas 94 DL
Albrecht Tim 6th WR
Amankwah Marvin 9 WR
Astahin Aleksandr 28 CB
baker Marian 29 CB
Baumann Christian 14th S.
Beeck Oliver 63 OIL
beers Lucas 32 LB
Birkner Florian 51 OIL
Boadu Aaron 4th DL
burner Stefan 90 DL
Dierks Jan-Paul 54 OIL
Egdmann Tim 93 DL
Englmann Benedict 87 WR
Footman Lenorris 17th QB
Francis Khristophur 1 RB
Geibel Andrei 45 DL
Gnon condes Junior 42 DL
Güzel Okan 5 DL
Hansen Thiadric 2 LB
Local mountain Moritz 31 S.
Heyduck Tammo 22nd CB
horn Falck 41 S.
Hunter Thies 96 OIL
Jiles Tyreece 21st CB
Katzenmeier Jannis 23 CB
Shop village Patrick 59 OIL
leather Matthias 8th QB
Lietz Dennis 67 OIL
Macha Michael 71 OIL
Madin Cerezo Jean-Claude 10 WR
Masnytzia Ron 72 OIL
Meininghaus Jan 37 LB
Meyer Florian 68 OIL
Ofori Kwame 81 WR
Panienka Marin 61 OIL
Check Gates 36 RB
Rehder Luke 89 WR
Reinhardt Daniel 34 RB
Judge Fridjof 24 RB
Rieck Kjell 77 OIL
Rofalski Domenik 82 WR
Sanchez Diego 80 WR
Saffro Jeremy 55 LB
Sloe David 74 OIL
mirror Ron Mac 65 OIL
Stuhr Philip 26th CB
Stump Michael 62 OIL
Terekuu Eldert 18th CB
Trekel Julien 83 WR
Gymnast Clayton 7th QB
Varol Paco 44 DL
from Kroge Kevin 64 OIL
Wilken Simon 56 DL

Successes and placements

year league space Points Remarks
1989 National League North 4th 8:10
1990 National League North A 4th 4: 8 Promotion to the Association League North
1991 Association League North 1. 10: 2 Promotion to the Regionalliga Nord
1992 Regionalliga North 2. 14: 6 Promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga North
1993 2nd Bundesliga North 3. 8: 8
1994 2nd Bundesliga North 1. 22: 2 Champion 2. Bundesliga North / relegation against the Berlin Rebels lost
1995 2nd Bundesliga North 1. 22: 2 Champion 2. Bundesliga North / promotion without relegation
1996 1. Bundesliga North 5. 8:14
1997 1. Bundesliga North 4th 8:12 DM quarter finals
1998 1. Bundesliga North 4th 12:12 DM quarter finals
1999 1. Bundesliga North 3. 16: 8 DM semi-finals
2000 GFL North 4th 7:13 DM quarter finals
2001 GFL North 6th 4:20 Won relegation against the Berlin Adler
2002 GFL North 6th 2:22 Relegation against the Dresden Monarchs lost / withdrawal to the Regionalliga Nordost
2003 Regionalliga Northeast 1. 24: 4 Promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga North
2004 2nd Bundesliga North 2. 24: 4
2005 2nd Bundesliga North 1. 24: 4 Champion 2. Bundesliga North / Relegation against the Düsseldorf Panthers lost
2006 2nd Bundesliga North 1. 20: 2 Champion 2. Bundesliga North / Relegation against the Düsseldorf Panther won / Promotion to the GFL North
2007 GFL North 3. 15: 9 DM quarter-final against the Marburg Mercenaries lost
2008 GFL North 1. 17: 7 German Bowl XXX (DM-finals) 14:20 against the Braunschweig Lions lost
2009 GFL North 2. 18: 2 German Bowl XXXI (DM final) 21:28 lost against the Berlin Adler
2010 GFL North 1. 22: 2 German Bowl XXXII (DM final) won 17:10 against the Berlin Adler
2011 GFL North 1. 24: 4 German Bowl XXXIII (DM-finals) 44:48 against the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns lost
2012 GFL North 1. 26: 2 German Bowl XXXIV (DM final) 56:53 lost against the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns
2013 GFL North 3. 20: 8 DM semi-final with 29:34 against York New Lions lost
2014 GFL North 4th 14:10 DM quarter-finals lost 24:50 against Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns
2014 EFL EFL Bowl Winner
2015 GFL North 3. 18: 6 DM-quarterfinals with 27:39 against the Allgäu Comets lost
2015 EFL EFL Bowl Winner
2016 GFL North 3. 21: 7 Semi-final lost 21:38 to the New York Lions
2017 GFL North 3. 20: 8 Semi-final lost 11:33 against the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns
2018 GFL North 6th 9:19
2019 GFL North 7th 5:23

Teams in the ASC Kiel

  • Kiel Baltic Hurricanes II (men's tackle) → 2015: Oberliga Nord
  • Baltic Hurricanes Ladies (women's tackle) → 1. Women's Bundesliga North
  • Flag Hurricanes (men's flag) → DFFL North
  • A-youth (U19)
  • B-youth (U16)
  • C-youth (U13)
  • KBH Cheerleaders (Cheerleading): women, youth and peewee
  • Canes Alumni (association of former players of the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes) → independent group outside the ASC Kiel e. V.


By the end of the 2009 season, the Baltic Hurricanes had worked with Malteser Hilfsdienst e. V. Kiel concluded a charity partner contract. The Maltese provide the voluntary medical service at the games in the Kiel Holstein Stadium and the Malteser Jugend Kiel promotes voluntary work in the framework program.

In return, the Canes advertise on 60 Malteser vehicles in Kiel. Several players have supported the drivers of the disabled vehicles in their work, and more and more wheelchair users are being given access to the games.

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