Elmshorn Fighting Pirates

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Elmshorn Fighting Pirates Flag of Germany.svg
Elmshorn Fighting Pirates
City: Elmshorn
Founded: 1991
Team colors: yellow blue
Head coach: Jörn Maier
League (2020): GFL


Address: To Krückaupark 1, 25335 Elmshorn
Play surface: Natural grass
Capacity: 3,000 seats
Internet: www.fighting-pirates.net
Data status
1st October 2018

The Elmshorn Fighting Pirates are an American football club from Elmshorn in Schleswig-Holstein . In the 2020 season the Pirates will play in the GFL Nord, Germany's top division.


The Elmshorn Fighting Pirates were founded in 1991 by the Elmshorn students Jörn Maier and Stefan Roth. The promotional activities at Elmshorn schools and youth facilities meant that the first practice units could be held in the Elmshorn rose garden from spring 1991. The team was added to the largest Elmshorn sports club, the Elmshorn MTV , as a division on January 15, 1992 . In 1992, regular game operations also started in the Landesliga Nord A in the State Association of American Football and Cheerleading Association Schleswig-Holstein .

The Pirates celebrated their greatest successes in the 1997 season, when they won the Oberliga Nord unbeaten (“ perfect season ”). In 2002 the team became champions of the Northern League League, in 2003 and 2011 champions of the Oberliga Nord and 2017 champions of the Regionalliga Nord with subsequent promotion to the GFL2 .

From the 2018 season, the team played in GFL2 North.

At the beginning of 2019, the 2nd men (Elmshorn Fighting Pirates II ") of Elmshorn Fighting Pirates was founded and will start playing in 2020. The team's head coach is Michael Schernick.

The first men became champions of the northern season of the GFL2 in 2019 under coach Jörn Maier, then prevailed in the relegation against the Düsseldorf Panthers (47:14 in the first leg, 34:21 in the second leg in front of 2726 spectators in the domestic Krückaustadion) and thus made it for the first time the promotion to the GFL1, the highest German league. With regard to the first first division season in the club's history, the team was strengthened, among other things, with the American James "Jimmy" Walker (quarterback), who should replace quarterback Ryan Sample. The English-born American Kolin Hill (Defensive End) also agreed on a contract with Elmshorn. Playoff participation was given as the goal for the first season in GFL1. Due to the spread of the COVID-19 disease , the GFL season was initially suspended. At the end of July 2020 (at this point it was not yet clear whether the season would take place late), the Elmshorners decided not to take part in the event that the game was resumed in 2020.


In Elmshorn, the so-called American Day is a sporty crowd puller. Every year, up to 2,500 spectators come to this football game in the Krückau Stadium.

The current squad includes 13 coaches and 60 players, most of whom were trained in their own youth.

Successes and placements


year league space Balance (S – N – U) Remarks
1992 National League North A 6th 1-11 Inaugural season
1993 National League North A 3. 3-4-1
1994 National League North A 5. 3-7
1995 Association League North 4th 6-6
1996 Association League North 3. 8-4
1997 Oberliga Nord 1. 13-0 Champion / unbeaten / promotion to the regional league
1998 Regionalliga North 3. 7-3 DM quarter finals
1999 Regionalliga North 4th 0-10 Relegation / all Pirates games 0:20 rated
2000 no league - - no game operation
2001 Association League North 3. 7-4-1
2002 Association League North 1. 9-0-1 Champion / promotion to the league
2003 Oberliga Nord 1. 9-1 Promotion to the regional league
2004 Regionalliga Northeast 2. 7-3
2005 Regionalliga North 2. 8-2
2006 Regionalliga North 2. 9-2
2007 Regionalliga North 3. 4-6
2008 Regionalliga North 7th 1-11 Relegation to the league
2009 Oberliga Nord 3. 4-4
2010 Oberliga Nord 3. 4-4
2011 Oberliga Nord 1. 4-1-1 Champion / promotion to the regional league
2012 Regionalliga North 2. 5-3
2013 Regionalliga North 3. 7-4 Promotion to the GFL2
2014 GFL2 north 8th. 1-13
2015 GFL2 north 8th. 2-12 Relegation to the regional league
2016 Regionalliga North 2. 6–2
2017 Regionalliga North 1. 11-1 Master / promotion to GFL2
2018 GFL2 north 3. 8-6
2019 GFL2 north 1 12-2 Champion GFL2, promotion to GFL1

Coaching staff


1. Gentlemen

Coaching staff 2019
position Surname
Head coach Jörn Maier
Offense coordinator Andreas Nommensen
Defense Coordinator Ivo Kolbe
Quarterback / Wide Receiver Coach Stefan Mau
Defensive backfield coach Joe Roman
Defensive Line Coach Patrick room
Linebacker Coach Fabian Adler
Linebacker Coach Matthias Ude
Wide Receiver Coach (Assistant) Philipp Schulz
Running back coach Soeren Hauff
Coaching staff 2020
position Surname
Head coach Jörn Maier
Offense coordinator Andreas Nommensen
Defense Coordinator Patrick Esume
Tight End / Wide Receiver Coach James Anderson
Defensive backfield coach Fabian Adler
Defensive Line Coach Patrick room
Linebacker Coach Matthias Ude
Wide Receiver Coach (Assistant) Philipp Schulz
Running back coach Soeren Hauff

2. Gentlemen

Coaching staff 2020
position Surname
Head Coach, Defense Coordinator, Special Teams Michael Schernick
Offense Coordinator, O-Line Volkert Vollmer
Assistant Defense Coordinator, Linebacker, Running Backs Kevin von Borstel
Wide receivers, tight ends Alexander Schmidt
Defensive backs Justin Hands


  • football
    • Fighting Pirates (1st men)
    • Fighting Pirates II (2nd men)
    • Junior Pirates (A-Youth)
    • Young Pirates (B-Youth)
    • Little Pirates (C-Youth)
  • cheerleader
    • Major Maniacs (Senior Allgirl)
    • Missy Maniacs (Junior Allgirl)
    • Magic Maniacs (Junior Allgirl U14)
    • Mini Maniacs (PeeWee Allgirl)
    • Grizzled Maniacs ("gray-haired maniacs")

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