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The German Football League 2 ( GFL2 ), formerly the 2nd Bundesliga , is the second highest division for American football in Germany. It is organized by the American Football Association Germany (AFVD) and forms the substructure for the German Football League (GFL) .

German Football League 2
Logo of the German Football League

Current season GFL2 2020
sport American football
abbreviation GFL2
Association American Football Association Germany
League foundation 1982 (renamed: 2008 )
Teams 16 in two groups (north, south)
TV partner GFL TV
^ German Football League

The regional leagues, which are run by the regional associations, form the substructure of the GFL2. In addition to the athletic qualification, certain license provisions must be met from GFL2 onwards, and the clubs must prove their profitability. This AFVD licensing procedure was introduced in the 2002 season.


The history of the second division goes back to 1982 when it was played in three groups. From the 1986 season onwards, four groups (south, center, west, north) were played. This division existed until the 1994 season. Until 1990 the whole thing operated under the name Regionalliga.

With the 1995 season, the four groups were reduced to just two groups. The middle and south groups were merged to form the south group, and west and north to north. This division still applies today. There are currently eight teams playing in one group, but there were always fewer teams in one season due to short-term withdrawals.

After the 2007 season, the 2nd Bundesliga was renamed German Football League 2.

Game mode

The game is played according to the German rules of the AFVD, which are based on the rules of college football of the NCAA .

Every group plays everyone against everyone. There are no interconference games between the north and south groups.

After the season, the first in the table will have the opportunity to move up to the GFL through two relegation games against the last GFL . The two bottom of the table in the GFL-2 groups are relegated directly to the regional leagues.

The promoted to the GFL 2 earn, each in a return game, in the following comparisons:

  • GFL 2 north
    • 1st RL west - 1st RL north
    • 1st RL East - 1st RL West
    • 1st RL North - 1st RL East
  • GFL 2 south
    • 1st RL middle - 1st RL south
    • 1. RL BaWü - 2. RL South

Clubs in GFL 2 of the 2020 season

Teams 2020 : GFL 2 North : GFL 2 South00Blue point00Red point

GFL 2 north

GFL 2 south

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