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City: Kirchdorf am Inn (Rottal-Inn district)
Founded: 1986
Head coach: Christoph Riener
League (2019): GFL South
Greatest successes
Champion 2nd Bundesliga South 1994
Master GFL 2 South 2001, 2014, 2017
Promotion in GFL Süd 2017

In (n) Energie Arena

Address: 84375 Kirchdorf am Inn
Play surface: Natural grass
Capacity: 2,500
Internet: kirchdorf-wildcats.de
Data status
January 12, 2020

The Kirchdorf Wildcats are an American football club from Kirchdorf am Inn .


The Kirchdorf Wildcats were founded as Simbach Wildcats in 1986. The Wildcats joined the league in 1988. In 1991 the championship in the Bayern League and promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga , today's GFL 2. In that season, the Wildcats won the championship title in the 2nd Bundesliga South. In the relegation games for promotion to the 1st Bundesliga they failed due to the Stuttgart Scorpions , the champions of the 2nd Bundesliga middle (6:52 and 12:24). After the Wildcats reached second place again in 1996, they had to withdraw from the 1998 season due to a player's blanket that was too thin.

There was a reconstruction in the Association League Bavaria, where they could become unbeaten champions and for the 2000 season returned to the Regionalliga and took third place. After a second place in the 2001 season, the Wildcats won the title in the Regionalliga one year later and rose again to GFL 2. There they immediately won the title as a climber in the 2003 season . However, they had to admit defeat again in the relegation. This time the bottom of the table of the GFL , the Marburg Mercenaries , was the opponent. The game in Marburg went to the home side with 50:21 (7: 0; 7: 0; 14:14; 22: 7). The Wildcats were able to win their home game, but the 21: 7 (0: 0; 7: 7; 7: 0; 7: 0) was not enough to win the direct comparison . Before the 2004 season, the Simbach Wildcats were renamed Kirchdorf Wildcats after moving to the neighboring village of Kirchdorf. That season it was enough for second place. In 2005 and 2006 they finished fifth and in the 2007 and 2008 seasons sixth.

After the 2008 season, the Wildcats announced that they would voluntarily withdraw from GFL 2 in order to tackle a rebuilding with young players. The following season 2009 the Wildcats were able to finish unbeaten as the first of the Regionalliga Süd. However, they had to admit defeat in the first relegation game at the Holzgerlingen Twister with 33:13 and could not make up this deficit in the following home game, which they won 31:20.

In the 2010 season, Todd Frakes, an American coach, was brought to Kirchdorf. Again the Wildcats won the championship in the Regionalliga Süd and only had to suffer one defeat. The subsequent relegation against the Frankfurt Pirates was successful and the Wildcats prevailed with 40:28 in Frankfurt and 62:34 at home. Although many players left the team after this season and the coaching staff was rebuilt, the Wildcats were still able to secure relegation in the German Football League 2 2011 and demanded everything from their opponents, especially at home games. Most of the games in Kirchdorf were won or lost with less than one touchdown difference.

After the 2011 season, which ended in 5th place, the Wildcats were able to sign Ben Hammer for 2012 and celebrated their 25th anniversary.

In the 2017 season, the Wildcats repeated their greatest success to date and secured the GFL2 championship for the third time. In the play-offs for relegation, the Wildcats won against the Saarland Hurricanes and were promoted to the GFL Süd . In their first first division season they were able to keep the class.

After relegation in 2019, international commitments were made to strengthen the team.


The club plays in the In (n) Energie Arena, a natural grass pitch with a capacity of 2,500. In 2017, 4,000 spectators came to the home games of the Kirchdorf Wildcats, the average was 571 spectators.

season Total audience Home games cut
2011 2,462 7th 352
2012 3,000 7th 429
2013 2,730 7th 390
2014 2,720 7th 389
2015 2,850 7th 407
2016 2,530 7th 361
2017 4,000 7th 571
2018 6,350 7th 907
2019 4,710 7th 673

Source: Official statistics page of GFL 1 & 2

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