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Fursty Razorbacks Flag of Germany.svg
City: Fürstenfeldbruck , Germany
Founded: 1986
League (2020): GFL2 (2nd Bundesliga)
Greatest successes
Men: 2nd place in the 2nd Bundesliga South 2002
U19: Promotion to the youth league (GFLJ) 2016
U15 flag: German champion 2014

On the land

Address: On der Lände 2, 82256 Fürstenfeldbruck
Owner: City of Fürstenfeldbruck / TuS
Capacity: 1000
Internet: http://www.fursty-razorbacks.de
Data status
January 1, 2020

The Fursty Razorbacks are an American football club in Fürstenfeldbruck . The club belongs to the American Football Association Bavaria .


The team

The American football department of the TUS Fürstenfeldbruck was founded in 1986, apart from a short interruption, participation in the league was always possible. In 2001, the men's team made it to the 2nd Bundesliga and stayed in the top field there for two years. In 2004, the club was almost on the verge of collapse, as hardly any young players followed, which resulted in the cancellation of the game and the associated rebuilding in the lowest division. From then on, emphasis was placed on promoting and training young players.

The concept is particularly characterized by the fact that the self-confidence and mobility of "XXL kids" are promoted. The youngest department of the Fursty Razorbacks, the flag football department (contactless version of American football, age up to 15 years) became German runner-up in 2004. The concept was retained, many Bavarian championship titles in the youth field followed, crowned in 2008 with the Bavarian champion in the youth performance league.

In 2014, the U15 team around coach Lukas Dohrmann became German champions in Hildesheim.

Since 2004, the men's team has always been in first place and has been promoted to the next higher league. This was not least due to the fact that more and more young players from the youth could be integrated into the men's team. In the 2010 season, the Razorbacks competed in the highest Bavarian league - the Regionalliga - against teams like Starnberg, Kempten and Kirchdorf. In 2012, the team, headed by then head coach Larry Dixon, was able to celebrate the championship, just ahead of local rivals from Starnberg. The possible promotion to GFL2 was waived because the young team would probably not have been up to the task. In addition, the economic framework conditions were not yet sufficient to cope with this task. The mixed season in 2013 confirmed the decision of those responsible. Thanks to more and more youth players and newcomers from outside, it was again possible to win the title in the Regionalliga Süd in 2016. Before the season, the successful quarterback from 2012, Joe Burkeland, had been brought back from Wisconsin to the Amper. In its second season, Burkeland won its second title with the team. Due to the waiver of the second-placed Holzgerlingen Twister from the Regionalliga Mitte, the Razorbacks were determined to be promoted to GFL2 without relegation games .

In the GFL2 it was only enough to win 3 times, twice against the Albershausen Crusaders and at home against the Gießen Golden Dragons , who faced 9 defeats. Thus, after the first season in the GFL2, the immediate relegation to the Regionalliga Süd was certain.

In the 2018 season in the Regionalliga Süd, the Razorbacks found their way back on the road to success and were crowned champions with a 36:20 home win against rivals Munich Rangers with a matchday to go . In the ascent playoffs to return to the GFL2 it goes against the master from Baden-Württemberg , the Biberach Beavers , and the master from Hesse , the Darmstadt Diamonds .

In the 2019 season in the Regionalliga, the championship title was won and the relegation games for promotion were won. The senior team of the Fursty Razorbacks will play in the GLF2 (2nd Bundesliga) in the 2020 season.

In 2016 the U19 youth team started in Germany's highest youth division, the GFL Juniors. In the premiere season, head coach Michael "Butch" Dohrmann's team managed to take second place in the southern group. Only the later German champion, the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns, was better . This made it into the playoffs. There, however, it was over in the first round against the strong Cologne Crocodiles team .

Also in 2017 they made it into the playoffs as runner-up behind the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns in the southern group. Here, however, it was over again in the first round, this time against the Wiesbaden Phantoms .


The cheerleaders , the Fursty Razorbacks cheerleaders , have also been an integral part of the club for years. The group was founded in 1988 and then consisted of eight members. The ladies are even seen on Bavarian television. But the cheerleaders are also very successful in terms of sport, with numerous Bavarian championship titles, a 3rd place in the German championship and participation in the European championship.


The stadium Auf der Lände was rebuilt with the help of TuS Fürstenfeldbruck and offers space for around 1000 spectators. Since the 2016 season there has been an electronic scoreboard for the score display.

Successes - championships


  • 1989: Champion Regionalliga Süd
  • 2001: Champion Regionalliga Süd, promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga South
  • 2002: Participation in the 2nd Bundesliga South
  • 2003: Participation in 2nd Bundesliga South
  • 2007: Master of the advanced league
  • 2008: Champion of the Association League
  • 2009: Champion of the regional league
  • 2012: Champion of the Regionalliga Süd
  • 2016: Champion of the Regionalliga Süd, promotion to GFL 2 Süd
  • 2018: Champion of the Regionalliga Süd
  • 2019: Champion of the Regionalliga Süd, promotion to GFL 2 Süd


  • 1994: Master of the advanced league
  • 1996: Bavarian Cup winner
  • 2004: Bavarian Champion 9 vs. 9
  • 2008: Bavarian champion
  • 2012: Bavarian champion
  • 2014: Bavarian champion
  • 2015: Bavarian champion
  • 2016: Vice-Champion of the GFLJ Süd
  • 2017: Vice-Champion of the GFLJ Süd
  • 2018: Champion of the Association League South 1 (2nd team)
  • 2019: Vice-Champion of the GFLJ Süd
  • 2019: Champion of the Association League West (2nd team)

U19 flag

  • 2015 Bavarian runner-up
  • 2017 Bavarian runner-up
  • 2018 Bavarian champion
  • 2019 Bavarian champion

U15 flag

  • 2003: Bavarian champion
  • 2004: Bavarian champion
  • 2004: 2nd place German championship
  • 2012: Bavarian champion
  • 2013: Bavarian champion
  • 2013: 3rd place German championship
  • 2013: Bavarian Champion, Halle
  • 2014: Bavarian champion
  • 2014: German champion
  • 2015: German runner-up
  • 2016: Bavarian Champion, Halle
  • 2016: Bavarian champion
  • 2018: Bavarian champion
  • 2019: Bavarian Champion, Halle
  • 2019: Bavarian champion

U15 tackle

  • 2005: Bavarian champion
  • 2006: Bavarian champion
  • 2007: Bavarian champion
  • 2010: Bavarian champion
  • 2013: Bavarian champion
  • 2014: Bavarian champion
  • 2015: Bavarian champion
  • 2016: Bavarian champion
  • 2019: Bavarian champion


  • 2012: Bavarian champion, tackle
  • 2013: Bavarian champion, field
  • 2013: Bavarian champion, tackle
  • 2017: Bavarian Champion, Halle
  • 2019: Bavarian Champion, Halle
  • 2019: Bavarian champion, field


  • 2010: Bavarian champion
  • 2018: Bavarian champion

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