Darmstadt Diamonds

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Darmstadt Diamonds Flag of Germany.svg
City: Darmstadt
Founded: 1985
Team colors: Royal blue and silver
Head coach: Simon Daum
League (2020): GFL 2 south
Current uniforms
left arm body right arm
left arm body right arm
Greatest successes
Play-offs 1990, 2006
Promotion GFL 1989, 2005
Junior Bowl Winner 1995, 2001


Address: Alsfelder Strasse 33
64287 Darmstadt
Owner: City of Darmstadt
Play surface: Natural grass
Capacity: 6,000
Internet: darmstadt-diamonds.de
Data status
Eternal GFL balance
year total home Selection TD ratio
S. N U S. N U S. N U
1990 9 3 0 5 1 0 4th 2 0 204: 106
1991 6th 8th 0 5 2 0 1 6th 0 177: 285
1992 4th 10 0 4th 3 0 0 7th 0 171: 357
2006 3 8th 1 3 3 0 0 5 1 237: 329
2007 1 11 0 1 5 0 0 6th 0 102: 356
2008 0 11 1 0 5 1 0 6th 0 121: 443
total 23 51 2 18th 19th 1 5 32 1 1012: 1886
Promotion game to GFL 2: Darmstadt Diamonds against Fursty Razorbacks
Darmstadt Diamonds during a game against the Mainz Golden Eagles 2017

The Darmstadt Diamonds are a Darmstadt club for American football .


The Diamonds were founded in September 1985, making them one of the first American football teams in Hessen . From 1990 to 1992 the Südhessen played in the highest German league, which is now called the German Football League .

From 2000 to 2005 the Diamonds played in the 2nd Bundesliga South, and since the 2006 season the Darmstadt-based team have been playing in the 1st Bundesliga ( German Football League ) South. The Diamonds finished the first season in 4th place, but were eliminated in the quarter-finals by the later German champions Braunschweig Lions . They ended the 2007 season with a single win, with the direct comparison against the Saarland Hurricanes being won, so that the Darmstadt Diamonds finished the season in 5th place and did not have to go into relegation . However, this scenario became reality in the 2008 season . After you only reached a draw in the point round, you had to compete in the relegation against the Plattling Black Hawks . The Diamonds lost both games and were relegated to the GFL2.

From 1985 to 2002 the Diamonds were an independent association. From 2003 to 2004 they were then a department of SV Blau-Gelb Darmstadt before they joined TSG 1846 Darmstadt on January 1, 2005 .

Successes men's team

  • 1987: Unbeaten champion of the Middle Regionalliga
  • 1988: Unbeaten champion of the Hessen Association League
  • 1989: Bundesliga 2 champions with only one defeat (the first in three years)
  • 1990: Reaching the play-offs for the German championship, narrowly 7-0 defeat against Noris Rams
  • 1999: Unbeaten champion of the Regionalliga Mitte, promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga
  • 2005: Champion of the 2nd Bundesliga South, promotion to the 1st Bundesliga (GFL)
  • 2006: Reaching the play-offs quarter-finals for the German championship
  • 2013: Champion of the Regionalliga Mitte and renewed promotion to GFL 2
  • 2018: Champion of the Regionalliga Mitte with ten out of ten games won and renewed promotion to the GFL 2

History of the youth team

The Diamonds-Jugend was founded in 1988 and is one of the most successful junior teams in the republic. From 1995 to 2000, the “Young Diamonds” were able to achieve the title of Hesse Champion six times in a row. In 1995, the Junior Diamonds succeeded - as the first team from southern Germany - to win the Junior Bowl .

From 2000 to 2003 the Darmstadt Diamonds were in the final of the Junior Bowl every year. In 2001, the trophy was brought to southern Hesse for the second time after a win against the Stuttgart Scorpions . The Darmstadt youth team has already won the German runner-up title five times.

In 2006 the youth team had to say goodbye to the GFL-Juniors. Because of the fourth place in the table, the Diamonds youth had to go into the relegation round, in which they drew the short straw against the Assindia Cardinals .

The Diamonds youth has played in the Hesse youth performance league since 2007. The young diamonds have been playing in the GFL Juniors again since 2010. In 2014, the Diamonds youth team was relegated from the German Youth League (GFL-J), but in the 2015 season they were able to celebrate their promotion back to the GFL-J by taking first place in the Middle Regional League. In 2018, the U19 GFL Juniors team of Darmstadt Diamonds came in as runner-up in the Middle Group among the top eight teams and qualified for the playoffs for the 2018 Junior Bowl.

Currently, there are at the Darmstadt Diamonds U19 a GFL Juniors team under the direction of head coach Daniel Fischer-Wenz, a U16 team under the direction of HC Elia Böhmann, and U13 junior team flag.

Successes youth team

  • 1989: Winning the Hessen Cup for youth teams
  • 1990: Hessen Champion in the first year of the Hessen League
  • 1991: German runner-up after defeat in the final against the Düsseldorf Panthers
  • 1992: Hessian runner-up
  • 1993: Hessen master
  • 1994: Hessian runner-up
  • 1995: German champion
  • 1996: South German runner-up
  • 1997: South German runner-up
  • 1998: German runner-up after a narrow defeat against Düsseldorf Panther
  • 1999: South German runner-up
  • 2000: German runner-up
  • 2001: German champion
  • 2002: German runner-up
  • 2003: German runner-up
  • 2004: Reaching the quarter-finals for the German championship
  • 2011: Hessian runner-up
  • 2013: Hessian runner-up
  • 2014: Hessen Champion
  • 2016: Hessen Champion U17 after the final in Giessen
  • 2018: Runner-up group middle of the GFL Juniors and participants in the play-offs for the Junior Bowl 2018
  • 2019: Hessian runner-up

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