German Football League 2006

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German Football League 2006
Logo of the German Football League
master Braunschweig Lions (5th title)
final German Bowl XXVIII
Relegated Düsseldorf Panther , Munich Cowboys
Teams 12
Games 72 + 7 play-off games
GFL 2005

The German Football League 2006 was the 28th season of the top German league in American football . The Braunschweig Lions became champions .

League division

Teams 2006 GFL North GFL South00Blue pog.svg00Red pog.svg

Overview of the participating teams and their all-time Bundesliga and GFL balance sheets.

team Years S. U N home Selection TD ratio
Berlin eagle 23 166 6th 91 85 2 43 81 4th 48 7855: 4697
Dusseldorf panther 23 172 10 83 89 7th 36 83 3 47 8062: 4166
Braunschweig Lions (TV) 12 96 0 37 51 0 15th 45 0 22nd 4535: 2569
Hamburg Blue Devils 11 84 4th 36 48 0 15th 36 4th 21st 3377: 2103
Dresden monarchs 3 20th 1 15th 12 1 5 8th 0 10 893: 840
Cologne Falcons 1 5 0 7th 3 0 3 2 0 4th 178: 324
Munich cowboys 25th 160 7th 112 90 1 49 70 6th 63 6803: 5232
Stuttgart Scorpions 14th 62 5 88 33 4th 40 29 1 48 3864: 4527
Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns 8th 34 5 49 19th 0 25th 15th 5 24 1991: 2280
Saarland Hurricanes 5 12 4th 39 6th 3 19th 6th 1 20th 1047: 1844
Darmstadt Diamonds (N) 3 19th 0 21st 14th 0 6th 5 0 15th 552: 748
Marburg Mercenaries 3 15th 2 17th 8th 1 7th 7th 1 8th 859: 805
  • (N) - Newcomers
  • (TV) - defending champion

Season course

Regular season

After two years in which only five teams competed in the south due to withdrawals, the contingent was replenished this time. The Darmstadt Diamonds completed the field with their resurgence. They last appeared in the top German league in 1992.

In the north, the Braunschweig Lions played everything against the wall, no opponent of their own conference could even score a point for themselves. The Hamburg Blue Devils landed in second place. After a mixed start, they were temporarily only in fourth place until the middle of the season. But while the Blue Devils were able to win their last four games, the direct competition from Dresden and Cologne weakened. Initially started with 8: 2 points each, both teams collapsed a little towards the end of the season and ended the regular season with 11:13 points. But that was enough for the play-offs, because the end of the table was adorned by two teams who together have achieved eleven German Bowl successes so far . The Berlin Adler got off to a miserable start, after five defeats in the first five games, with only 20 self-scored TD points, the goal was to limit the damage as the season progressed. This could be operated. In the end, the eagles pushed past the Düsseldorf Panther, thanks to the direct comparison . The panthers started almost as badly. Although the first team points were already scored in the second game, and thus more than in the 2005 horror season as a whole, it should remain the only points from the first five games. Towards the end, points could then be scored more continuously, but overall, the 2006 season was also forgotten. The low point was the 73: 3 bankruptcy in Braunschweig. And after losing a direct comparison against the eagles, only the last place remained for the panthers.

In the south, the teams all started with 2: 2 points, but then parted ways, three teams Marburg, Stuttgart and Schwäbisch Hall played for the title, Darmstadt, the Saarland Hurricanes and the Munich Cowboys for the last play-off place and against relegation. Both races remained exciting until the end of the season. At the top of the table, the Stuttgart Scorpions initially had the best cards, with an intermediate sprint with six wins in a row they were on the pitch in the sun until three game days before the end. But then the Scorpions first had to admit defeat to the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns and then to the Marburg Mercenaries. Due to the lost direct comparison against the Unicorns, the Scorpions, one game day before the end, were suddenly only third. In the meantime, the Marburgers had moved into first place. After starting with 4: 4 points, the Mercenaries won their last eight games, including 38:28 against the Braunschweig Lions. In order to stay in second place, the Unicorns had to win the last game against the Marburgs, who already had first place, but the victory went to Marburg and Schwäbisch Hall had to be satisfied with third place, the Scorpions came second.

At the end of the table it was just as exciting, the Darmstadt Diamonds started the season with three wins from five games, but then only recorded one point in the remaining seven games. Nevertheless they reached the last play-off place with 7:17 points. The last place was played between Saarbrücken and Munich. The two teams had washed into the table cellar seven games in a row without winning points. In their last game, the Saarlanders met Munich at home. The starting point was simple, whoever wins the game stays in the league, the other team has to go into relegation. Munich had won the home game, but only 3-0, it was also the first game of the season and the only double point win of the season for the Cowboys. In Saarbrücken, the home side then got the upper hand and sent the traditional club from Bavaria, with a 30:14, in the relegation.

Interconference Games

The interconference comparison went to the north with eight to four, but the Marburg Mercenaries managed to defeat the Braunschweig Lions once with 38:28. The Lions only loss in the regular season. And the other game of the two teams was also close, Braunschweig won at home 26:23.


With the Munich Cowboys in the south and the Düsseldorf Panthers in the north, two absolute traditional teams and former German Bowl winners had to go into relegation . The cowboys had to deal with the up-and-coming team of the Weinheim Longhorns , the panthers had to deal with the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes . The Kielers, who relegated from the GFL in 2002 and even went back to the regional league by withdrawing, were given the chance to return the favor for the relegation defeat against the Panthers from the previous year.

Like a hurricane, the Kielers moved through Düsseldorf, with a 30-0 away win they set the course for promotion and did not let the butter be taken from their bread in the home game. The Panthers were able to win 30:27 in Kiel, but they couldn't make up for the thirty point deficit.

And in the south, too, there were signs of a change in the first leg in Munich. The Longhorns were able to land a safe 20: 0 win and go into the second leg calmly. And in their home game, too, the Weinheimers didn't let anything burn and also won at home, this time with 27:14.


Three of the eight teams reached the play-offs with a negative score. The duel between the Unicorns and the Blue Devils, who also faced each other in the interconference games, promised the most excitement. But it became a clear matter, the Hamburgers won with 34:13. The Stuttgart Scorpions and the Dresden Monarchs also met in the regular season, and like there the Scorpions left the field as winners, this time with 47:27. The two strongest teams of the season, Marburg and Braunschweig, played their outstanding offensive strengths in their quarter-finals. The Lions clearly showed the Darmstadt Diamonds their limits with 79: 0. Marburg sent the Cologne Falcons 62-0 home.

And the Marburg Mercenaries also triumphed in the semifinals, at home against the Hamburg Blue Devils the home side showed a strong performance and pulled away after three quarters with 31: 7, before the Hanseatic townspeople were able to make cosmetic results in the last quarter and reduced the result to 33:20 . For the first time since 1993, when the Munich Cowboys were even able to win the German Bowl, there was again a southern team in the final. The Braunschweig Lions, who threw the Stuttgart Scorpions out of the race with 36:17, also moved into this. In front of 6,750 spectators, the Lions pulled away to 29: 3 in the third quarter, before the Scorpions were able to bring two touchdowns on the scoreboard. In the end there was a 36:17 victory and thus the tenth consecutive finals for the Lions.

German Bowl

In the regular season, the two teams met each other and were able to achieve a victory each. The final promised excitement and points, as the most powerful teams also met. In front of 15,897 spectators in the stadium on Hamburger Strasse in Braunschweig, the game could not quite meet expectations. The Lions gained an 18: 6 lead by half time, which they did not give up. In the end the score was 31:13 and the Lions won their fifth championship.


German Bowl XXVIII
team Points Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Braunschweig Lions 31 3 15th 7th 6th
Marburg Mercenaries 13 6th 0 7th 0
Braunschweig Marburg player Move
3 0 Steffen Dölger 38-yard field goal
3 6th Marcel fragrance 22-yd pass from Joachim Ullrich (PAT awarded)
10 6th Kelvin Love 4-yd run (PAT Steffen Dölger)
18th 6th Bruce Molock 13-yd barrel (conv.Kelvin Love)
18th 13 Gerome Castleberry 8-yd run (PAT Patrick Wolff)
25th 13 Jörg Heckenbach 40-yd pass from Adrian Rainbow (PAT Steffen Dölger)
28 13 Steffen Doelger 26-yard field goal
31 13 Steffen Doelger 23-yard field goal


Closing tables

GFL North

society Sp S. U N Points TD Diff.
1. Braunschweig Lions 12 11 0 1 22: 2 483: 165 +318
2. Hamburg Blue Devils 12 8th 0 4th 16: 8 356: 215 +141
3. Dresden monarchs 12 5 1 6th 11:13 200: 318 −118
4th Cologne Falcons 12 5 1 6th 11:13 248: 333 −85
5. Berlin eagle 12 4th 0 8th 8:16 196: 234 −38
6th Dusseldorf panther 12 4th 0 8th 8:16 153: 364 −211
  • Tie breaker
    • Dresden Monarchs ahead of Cologne Falcons due to the direct comparison gained (21:17 and 24:24)
    • Berlin Adler ahead of Düsseldorf Panther due to the direct comparison won (41:21 and 0: 3)

GFL South

society Sp S. U N Points TD Diff.
1. Marburg Mercenaries 12 10 0 2 20: 4 471: 214 +257
2. Stuttgart Scorpions 12 8th 1 3 17: 7 407: 190 +217
3. Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns 12 7th 1 4th 15: 9 383: 271 +112
4th Darmstadt Diamonds 12 3 1 8th 7:17 237: 329 −92
5. Saarland Hurricanes 12 3 0 9 6:18 154: 333 −179
6th Munich cowboys 12 1 1 10 3:21 154: 476 −322


league Home club Visiting club Result After quarters
North Dusseldorf panther Kiel Baltic Hurricanes 0:30 0:10; 0:13; 0: 0; 0: 7
North Kiel Baltic Hurricanes Dusseldorf panther 27:30 7: 0; 7:14; 7: 8; 6: 8
south Munich cowboys Weinheim Longhorns 0:20 0: 7; 0: 6; 0: 0; 0: 7
south Weinheim Longhorns Munich cowboys 27:14 14: 0; 0:14; 13: 0; 0-0

Weinheim and Kiel rise, Munich and Düsseldorf fall.


  Quarter finals Semifinals German Bowl XXVIII - Braunschweig
  1N Braunschweig Lions 79        
4S Darmstadt Diamonds 0  
1N Braunschweig Lions 36
  2S Stuttgart Scorpions 17th  
2S Stuttgart Scorpions 47
3N Dresden monarchs 27  
1N Braunschweig Lions 31
  1S Marburg Mercenaries 13
1S Marburg Mercenaries 62    
4N Cologne Falcons 0  
1S Marburg Mercenaries 33
  2N Hamburg Blue Devils 20th  
2N Hamburg Blue Devils 34
  3S Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns 13  

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  3. a b Huddle 39/2006
  4. Huddle 40/2006

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