German Football League 2020

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German Football League 2020
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final German Bowl XLII
Teams 16
Games 112 + 7 play-off games
GFL 2019

The German Football League 2020 should be the 42nd season of the German Football League (GFL), the top division of American football in Germany.

The first game was originally supposed to take place on April 25th between the reigning champions New Yorker Lions and the Cologne Crocodiles . The first full day of the season should be on 2/3. May be carried out. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic , the start of the season by the American Football Association Germany (AFVD) on March 17th was initially postponed to the weekend of Pentecost and the summer break during the European Football Championship was canceled. On April 16, the AFVD announced that this start date will "hardly be tenable". On May 8th, the AFVD announced that all competitions would be postponed until the end of the year. The GFL games are to be played between September and November 2020. At the end of July 2020, after several teams had been canceled, it was announced that the 2020 season would be canceled without replacement.


A total of 16 teams will compete in two separate conferences (eight each in the GFL North and eight in the GFL South). Each conference holds a round-robin tournament in which two teams meet twice, with each team enjoying one home right. After each game, the winning team receives two points and the defeated team receives zero. In the event of a tie, each team receives one point. After the end of the round-robin tournament, a ranking list is determined, in which the coefficient of points achieved and possible points is decisive. In the event of a tie, the direct comparison decides.

After the round-robin tournaments, the best four teams compete in a play-off round for the German championship.

The play-offs for the championship are played crosswise. That is, the first in the group plays against the fourth in the other group in a quarter-finals. Accordingly, the second in the group plays against the third in the other group. The group first and second enjoy home rights. The winning teams compete against each other in the semi-finals in such a way that the winner from group A or fourth from group B meets the second from group B or the third from group A. The team that is better placed in the round-robin tournament enjoys home rights. The winners of the two semi-finals compete against each other in the German Bowl XLII .

A relegation for the league does not take place in the season 2020th Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no relegation from the GFL. The two champions of GFL2 can choose for the 2021 season whether they want to be promoted.


Teams 2020 GFL North GFL South00Blue pog.svg00Red pog.svg

In the group north, the following teams took part in the league:

In the 2019 relegation, the Düsseldorf Panthers were defeated by the Elmshorn Fighting Pirates and were relegated again after just one season.

In the group south, the following teams took part in the league:

The Kirchdorf Wildcats could not assert themselves in the relegation against the Ravensburg Razorbacks in 2019 . After the Ravensburg Razorbacks failed in relegation in 2018, they were able to secure promotion this time.

Season course

Group north

Games north

GFL North 2020 Lions Dresden monarchs HI BR CC PR Kiel Baltic Hurricanes EFP
New York Lions Logo.svg New Yorker Lions Braunschweig
Dresden Monarchs logo 3D.svg Dresden monarchs
Hildesheim Invaders
Berlin Rebels
Cologne crocodiles
Potsdam Royals
Kiel Baltic Hurricanes logo.svg Kiel Baltic Hurricanes
Elmshorn Fighting Pirates

Group south

Games south

GFL South 2020 SH Frankfurt Universe Marburg Mercenaries StS Ingolstadt Dukes Allgäu Comets Munich cowboys RR
Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns
Frankfurt Universe Logo.jpg Frankfurt Universe
Marburg Mercenaries logo.jpg Marburg Mercenaries
Stuttgart Scorpions
Ingolstadtdukes.png Ingolstadt Dukes
Allgaeu Comets Logo.png Allgäu Comets
MC-Logo.png Munich cowboys
Ravensburg Razorbacks

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