German Football League 2000

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German Football League 2000
Logo of the German Football League
master Cologne crocodiles
final German Bowl XXII
Relegated Landsberg Express
Teams 11
Games 60 + 7 play-off games
GFL 1999
2. Bundesliga - 2000 ↓

German Football League 2000 gives an overview of the 2000 season of the American Football Bundesliga, which was the 22nd season of the 1st Bundesliga / GFL.

League division

Teams 2000 GFL North GFL South00Blue pog.svg00Red pog.svg

Overview of the participating teams and their all-time Bundesliga and GFL balance sheets. Shortly before the season, the Bremen Bravehearts withdrew their report due to acute financial problems. That is why there were only five teams playing in the North group and there were no inter- conference games for the Franken Knights .

team Years S. U N home Selection TD ratio
Cologne crocodiles 19th 163 4th 50 83 2 22nd 80 2 28 6699: 3273
Dusseldorf panther 19th 153 9 57 79 6th 24 74 3 33 7012: 3164
Braunschweig Lions (TV) 6th 40 0 25th 21st 0 11 19th 0 14th 2100: 1500
Hamburg Blue Devils 5 42 2 14th 25th 0 5 17th 2 9 1535: 936
Kiel Baltic Hurricanes 4th 20th 0 23 12 0 10 8th 0 13 1155: 1177
Munich cowboys 21st 135 6th 2 78 1 38 57 5 54 5460: 3997
Stuttgart Scorpions 8th 25th 2 60 15th 2 26th 10 0 34 1752: 2604
Franken Knights (N) 4 (5) 12 2 31 7th 0 15th 5 2 16 677: 1634
Rüsselsheim Razorbacks 4th 19th 1 22nd 11 0 10 8th 0 12 1025: 1063
Landsberg Express 3 8th 1 25th 4th 0 13 4th 1 12 637: 1104
Aschaffenburg Stallions 1 8th 0 4th 4th 0 2 4th 0 2 446: 195
  • (N) - Newcomers
  • (TV) - defending champion

Season course

Regular season

In the northern group, the Cologne Crocodiles prevailed as first in the table with only one defeat. The defeat set it against the Düsseldorf Panthers, who had not been victorious until then, but then took off and ended up in third place at the end of the regular season. The Braunschweig Lions scored one point more than the Panthers and thus secured home rights in the first play-off round. The fourth play-off place was achieved by the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes, who made it into the play-offs for the fourth time in a row. With just one win out of 12 games, the Hamburg Blue Devils, who were runner-up in the previous year, ended up in fifth place in the table.

In the southern group, the Munich Cowboys were the dominant team. And the only team that was able to finish the season with a positive point relationship. The Rüsselsheim Razorbacks, who won the southern group last year, landed in second place with an even point ratio. Third place went to the newly promoted Franken Knights, ahead of the Stuttgart Scorpions and the Aschaffenburg Stallions, who missed the play-offs. While these three teams were only separated by one point, the Landsberg Express dropped early and ended up in last place in the table.

Closing tables

GFL North

society Sp S. U N TD Diff. Points Average audience
1. Cologne crocodiles 10 9 0 1 346: 186 +160 18: 2 1,884
2. Braunschweig Lions 10 7th 0 3 360: 160 +200 14: 6 11,360
3. Dusseldorf panther 10 6th 1 3 232: 161 +71 13: 7 1,800
4th Kiel Baltic Hurricanes 10 3 1 6th 247: 250 −3 7:13 3.210
5. Hamburg Blue Devils 10 1 0 9 148: 315 −167 2:18 9,500

GFL South

society Sp S. U N TD Diff. Points Average audience
1. Munich cowboys 12 12 0 0 510: 175 +335 24: 0 2,660
2. Rüsselsheim Razorbacks 12 6th 0 6th 207: 304 −97 12:12 1,683
3. Franken Knights 10 4th 1 5 284: 326 −42 9:11 1,200
4th Stuttgart Scorpions 12 4th 1 7th 341: 413 −72 9:15 1,333
5. Aschaffenburg Stallions 12 3 2 7th 194: 320 −126 8:16 1,237
6th Landsberg Express 12 2 0 10 166: 425 −259 4:20 430


Due to the withdrawal of Bremen, before the season, there were no relegation games in the north, the Assindia Cardinals rose directly.

In the south, the Landsberg Express had to deal with the Saarland Hurricanes . The first leg in Landsberg was almost a debacle for the home team. The Hurricanes were already leading 34-0 at halftime and even increased to 40-0 before the home side got points. In the end it was 40:22 for the second division champions. The Express then stopped playing for the second leg. The personnel situation no longer allowed a playable squad. The Saarlanders won 20-0 without a fight and celebrated their first promotion to the top German division.

league Home club Visiting club Result After quarters
south Landsberg Express Saarland Hurricanes 22:40 0:13, 0:21, 8: 6, 14: 0
south Saarland Hurricanes Landsberg Express 20: 0 *

* Rating

In the north there was no relegation, there the Assindia Cardinals rose directly, in the south the Saarland Hurricanes rose, the Landsberg Express from.


In the quarterfinals, the Cologne Crocodiles had more trouble with the Stuttgart Scorpions than expected after the Interconverence Games. Only in the third quarter could the 21:14 half-time lead be extended to 42:14. In the end it was 49:33 for the crocodiles. The Munich Cowboys and Braunschweig Lions made their home games more confident. In Munich 2300 spectators saw a 40: 7 against Kiel, in Braunschweig 9200 spectators followed the 49: 6 of the home side against the Franken Knights. The only away win in the quarter-finals was celebrated by the Düsseldorf Panthers, who flashed their class at Rüsselsheimer Sommerdamm and gave the local Razorbacks 63-0 down.

The viewers of the semifinals were offered very exciting football food. In Munich, 4,200 spectators, more than 1,000 of whom came from Braunschweig, saw a game on a knife edge in which the leadership changed several times. At halftime the Lions were leading 10: 7, but in the third quarter the Cowboys turned the tide with a touchdown to 14:10. Then it was the Lions' turn again and took the lead again in the fourth quarter, 17:14. Two minutes before the end of the game, the Lions were already very close to their next touchdown, but the Cowboysdefense only allowed one field goal and came back into possession at 14:20. QB Ken Suhl tried everything, but on the 25-meter line of the Lions, after a failed fourth attempt, it was over and the Lions celebrated their fourth German Bowl entry in a row. For the Munich Cowboys it was the first defeat of the season and also the last.

4500 spectators gathered in Cologne to watch the 43rd traditional duel between the Crocodiles and their arch-rival from the Altbierstadt, the Düsseldorf Panthers. And they saw two lines of defense that didn’t allow too much, even if the Crocodiles' outstanding running back, Calvin Arrington, gained 145 meters of space. Nevertheless, it was only 14: 3 for Cologne when the Panthers made the touchdown two minutes before the end. After a successful two-point conversion it was suddenly only 14:11 and the Panthers saw their chance again. But the following onside kick from kicker Ralf Kleinmann found itself in the arms of Cologne's WR David Drane and the crocodiles were able to celebrate their finals a little later.

  Quarter finals Semifinals German Bowl XXII - Braunschweig
  1N Cologne crocodiles 49        
4S Stuttgart Scorpions 33  
1N Cologne crocodiles 14th
  3N Dusseldorf panther 11  
2S Rüsselsheim Razorbacks 0
3N Dusseldorf panther 63  
1N Cologne crocodiles 31
  2N Braunschweig Lions 29
1S Munich cowboys 40    
4N Kiel Baltic Hurricanes 7th  
1S Munich cowboys 14th
  2N Braunschweig Lions 20th  
2N Braunschweig Lions 49
  3S Franken Knights 6th  

German Bowl

The German Bowl XXII took place on October 7th in front of 20,312 spectators in the Eintracht Stadium in Braunschweig . For the Braunschweig Lions it was the fourth participation in the final, for the Cologne Crocodiles it was even the sixth. Nevertheless, the contrasts could not be clearer, because while the Lions, so far always left the field as winners, the Crocodiles had always lost. Often they failed extremely narrowly, in 1997 against the Lions 23:26, in 1993 against the Munich Cowboys with 36:42 a.d. or in 1991 against the Berlin Adler 20:21.

In a lively exchange of blows, the Crocodiles took over the reins after the 14:17 connection of the Lions in the third quarter. With eight moves they bridged 86 meters in just under four minutes and increased to 24:14. After only six attempts, the Lions had to give Cologne the right to attack again and this time 68 meters were bridged with six Spilzzug, to the touchdown in the fourth quarter and the score of 31:14. The Lions now had just under 10 minutes to correct the result. This almost succeeded, the Lions only needed 45 seconds to shorten it to 21:31. Then the Crocodiles took seven minutes off the clock, but failed with their field goal. The Lions then bridged 80 meters in one minute and made it 29:31. But the onside kick captured by Pascal Ritzheim in favor of the Crocodiles ensured the end result for the Cologne team 45 seconds before the end of the game.


German Bowl XXII - Braunschweig
team Points Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Cologne crocodiles 31 7th 7th 10 7th
Braunschweig Lions 29 0 7th 7th 15th
Cologne Braunschweig player Move
7th 0 Calvin Arrington 4 yard run (PAT Alexander strand)
7th 7th Matt Riazzi 4 yard run (PAT Steffen Dölger)
14th 7th Michael Davis 1 yard run (PAT Alexander strand)
17th 7th Alexander Strand 35 yard field goal
17th 14th Estrus Crayton 7 yard run (PAT Steffen Dölger)
24 14th Michael Davis 5 yard run (PAT Alexander Strand)
31 14th David Drane 9 yard pass by Michael Davis (PAT Alexander Strang)
31 21st Matt Riazzi 8 yard run (PAT Steffen Dölger)
31 29 Jörg Heckenbach 53 yard pass from Adrian Rainbow (conv.Jörg Heckenbach)

Individual evidence

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