Murder on the Mississippi

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Murder on the Mississippi: The Adventures of Sir Charles Foxworth
Studio Activision
Publisher Activision
Senior Developer Adam Bellin
composer Ed Bogas
platform Apple II , Commodore 64 , MSX2 , NES
genre Point-and-click adventure
Game mode Single player
control joystick
language English

Murder on the Mississippi: The Adventures of Sir Charles Foxworth is a point-and-click adventure game from 1986 published by Activision for the Commodore 64 and Apple II home computers .


You take on the role of detective Sir Charles Foxworth. His servant Regis is at his side. On a boat trip with a paddle steamer , the two discover a corpse whose murderer must be found and who must be among the eight fellow travelers. The task is to solve the murder in three days before the steamer arrives in New Orleans . The plot of the game is strongly reminiscent of the novel Death on the Nile by crime novelist Agatha Christie .

Game principle and technology

It is a point-and-click adventure in the crime genre. As usual with adventures of this generation, the game is followed from the 3rd person and could already be played without a keyboard; Movement through the location of the game is done by joystick , commands are selected by joystick. The search for clues is carried out by searching the cabins of the ship as well as menu-controlled conversations with fellow travelers.

Production notes

Ports translated into Japanese were published by the publisher Jaleco for the NES (1986) and MSX2 (1987) platforms . The game was also released in a version with German screen texts. The translation was done by Boris Schneider-Johne on his own initiative without access to the source text via the hex editor ; Schneider-Johne then sent the finished version to the publisher Activision.


publication Rating
ASM 7/12
Power play 88

The German magazine Power Play praised the controls, graphics and the German translation. The game's lack of complexity was criticized. In the review, editor Boris Schneider-Johne judged that the translation was "quite well done, apart from a few small spelling errors", while not saying that he had done the translation himself. The ASM felt reminded of the protagonist of the game of the fictional character Lord Peter Wimsey . Editor Manfred Kleimann highlighted the innovative game concept, which represents a "new adventure type".

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