Regional League (American Football)

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Regional league

sport American football
Association American Football Association Germany
League foundation 1985
Teams 47
Country countries Germany

The Regionalliga is the third highest German league for American Football , behind the GFL and the GFL 2 . It is divided into 6 divisions: North, East, West, Middle, Southwest and South.


The Regionalliga was founded in 1985 as an association league, where it was divided into two divisions, Middle and West. In 1991 it was divided into seven divisions, North, Middle 1, Middle 2, Bavaria 1, Bavaria 2, West 1 and West 2, and renamed the Regionalliga. In 1995 it was reduced to four divisions, South, West, Middle and Northeast. In 2004 the north-east was divided into north and east, which then resulted in five divisions. For the 2017 season, the Regionalliga Mitte was split into the Regionalliga He./RP/Saar and the Regionalliga BW. These were renamed Regionalliga Mitte and Südwest in the 2018 season. For the 2019 season, the regional leagues east and south were split into two seasons.


The following 47 teams are currently playing in the regional league (as of the 2020 season):

North east west
North south
center southwest south
North south

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